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Why Is Sharron-Idol Not Singing or Posting?

The truth is that Sharron-Idol has realised that the only way to make it in the singing and entertainments industry these days is to be young and signed. – That or have a bloody good agent and a strong background with years of experience combined with oodles of talent.

10007018_675826692458844_450485850_nSharron’s not young any more; she’s 55 this year (2019) in fact. She just doesn’t have the energy and the staying-power she once had. She also thinks that singing / entertainments is currently not exactly the best business to be in right now.
Here below she takes up the commentary: –

“When I was young I was bounding with energy. I didn’t just feel fully alive, it was as if I was the source of life; as if there was a spring of the elixir of life inside of me that just kept me refreshed and renewed. Although I knew that I wasn’t immortal; it felt as close to immortal as it was possible to get. I didn’t believe in never: Everything seemed possible and within my grasp if I chose to reach out and make it happen. No life wasn’t all sunshine and roses – I had as many problems as the next person but I kept on top of them and ahead of the game.

I remember in one of my first jobs – at a factory – I sometimes chose to work the day shift, the night shift, and the day shift the following day. – Then I’d go home and go to bed, sleep for up to 12 hours, take a day off, and maybe do it again. My bosses were with me on this: It was the 1980s so there were less regulations, I was more productive than most, and they let me clock on and clock off following lengthy work periods and lengthy breaks as well, as long as I agreed it with them in advance.

Even after my RTA (Road Traffic Accident) in which I became disabled, I still felt the buzz of the eternal rhythm of life inside of me. Even as late as my early 40’s I went back to college to gain extra qualifications in IT and administration, as well as to study industrial electronics. In my late 40s – in 2012 to be more precise – after reconsideration of my situation, I embarked upon a career in singing, music and entertainments – which seemed to start well – but then the rot unexpectedly set in: –

I’d noticed that I had mild arthritis from my mid-forties. It didn’t really bother me at the time; just that my joints were no longer 100% ache-free. I put it down to the fact that I was getting older and otherwise ignored it. – But in my 50’s the arthritis started acting up in a big way – particularly in my knee – and it wasn’t as if I had a second real knee to compensate either.

I still had my voice though; and having at last permanently given up smoking in 2015, it was getting better and Why_Don't_You..? Black Sun.better the more I used it. The thing was that the music industry was getting biased against performers and towards the big-wigs running it. Suddenly I was making less from the sales of my singing and music than ever before. – And then streaming killed it totally; I found that rather than making $1.00 or more per sale, I was making around $0.001 per sale – over a thousand times less: Suddenly my new career was no longer profitable.

I persevered, until in January 2018 I decided that my release that month would be my last until I found a business model which would make the career profitable again. – That didn’t happen.
I can’t go on ad infinitum in a profession that is no longer profitable. – I don’t have unlimited financial resources behind me, and paying to go to work is against all logic and reason.

All the bullshit on the websites I was reading throughout this new career that claimed to do great things had never made anybody famous or rich. – Except for the person who’d created the hypey material and worthless courses that accompanied it. I found myself at a point at which I was working too hard to make not enough money in a dead-end singing and entertainments career that existed only to serve the media-moguls with new content that they might sell and profit from. – This with an ageing body that was giving me pain and was also losing that eternal spark – Fuck that for a game of soldiers! If I was going to start getting old I’d do it profitably, rather than chasing a carrot held out on the end of a billionaire’s stick in the hope of making a crust.

I was getting somewhere with my tech-geekery and internet marketing when I decided on this change of tack that led me to indulge in singing and create music… And I have some talent, so I created a business model and began performing. This started to make me some money… But then I noticed that the goalposts had moved, so I adjusted the business model accordingly – and the goalposts moved again. I couldn’t keep changing the business model as fast as the industry was changing. The speed of change became pretty much fluid, and when everybody totally dropped downloads in  favour of streaming my income plummeted far below a level that I could live on.

So January 2018 was my last release. Will I be making any more releases? I honestly don’t know: I refuse to pay to go to work; which is what I ended up doing. There seems to be no money to be made by releasing music any more. I want to entertain you; but I can’t live on giving you entertainment that costs me money to produce. I have to eat as well as sing.

I was going to spend 2018 geeking out and hopefully entertaining you by doing so while I built new studio equipment and came up with a new business model. – Well I built new equipment, and at the same time re-equipped the studio as a computer-building lab as well as a place for music production and study… In short in 2019 I’ve gone back to what I do best: Geeking-out and building the occasional computer for people. Also internet marketing: I’m currently running a few projects on an affiliate level, and maybe I might start another business? – Don’t hold your breath on that one; but it’s possible.

I feel that I should be writing more blog posts and website pages than I do lately; but there are only 24 hours in a day; and it’s not as if I’m being paid to do so. – Maybe I could start a membership site, if I had the available time for creating content. Maybe you might like to try to beat me to it? You might succeed too; particularly if you follow the guidance from BlogMarketing Academy. – Yes it’s an affiliate link.

– Oh did you think I’d waste an opportunity to market to you? Smile with tongue out  I’ll tell you what though, if it hadn’t been for BMA and its training I’d be a lot further behind than I find myself at this point. – It’s well worth looking into.”

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