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WTF – Lyrics

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The heat is on; the arrow’s gone, the dart flies.
A cupid strike has missed me by a mile.
The reign of the domain in which the heart lies;
Should be lead by the head in thoughtful style.
I’m sympathetic to the broken hearted:
To people who, at rather heavy cost;
Have come together partnered up, and parted.
They took the gamble; lived and loved and lost.

Say “I love you.”. Say “This sucks!”.

Say “I’m hap-py”. What the fuck?



The day is hot; the wind is not, the sun shines.
CDs and garments strewn across the floor.
The party was an overdose in motion;
That night was something like the night before.
An eagle lands on rubber bands in silence.
Fever, fever eats the ragged rock.
The rat-race runs on; running on in cycles.
The pace of life will give you such a shock!

Say “I love you.”. Say “This sucks!”.

Say “I’m hap-py”. What the fuck?



The wind is up the wind-up weather-maker.
A gale drives dark clouds across the scene.
The indigestions jesting starts to fester.
The air is full of flatulence and beans.
The studio is rocked by a rip-snorter;
Hum-dinging and a-minging from the source.
The shockwave blows the hat off the producer.
A juicer makes it juicier of course.

Say “I love you.”. Say “This sucks!”.

Say “I’m hap-py”. What the fuck?

Say “I love you.”. Say “This sucks!”.

Say “I’m hap-py”. What the fuck?


These are the lyrics of the track WTF by Sharron-Idol.

WTF is one of the tracks on Sharron-Idols November 2017
EP release titled * Q *. – Which has its own website.
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