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Wix have a really awesome advertising campaign.
– It must have cost them a fortune! –
If only their websites were anything like as good as their advertising. If only they’d spent all that money on making their product really good, rather than trying to convince everyone that it’s good.


There are several things about Wix websites that stand out: –

* They’re not that good,

* they’re not all that SEO-friendly,

* and they’re not yours.

They can be made to look lovely; but looks can be deceptive, and indeed are quite deceptive in this case.

What does a .wix.com URL say about a website, and, more importantly about the person that website belongs to?

The thing to remember is that you don’t own your .wix.com website.

Yes it’s your content, but it’s displayed on cyber real estate owned by wix dot com – and they can do anything and everything they like with the hosting that they’re providing for you.

WixfuxWix dot com can block your access to it at any time they choose. They can remove all of your content from their servers for any or no reason. They can post anything they feel like posting on your webspace, they can dictate exactly what you can and cannot post. – Basically they have full control and you have almost none.

Posting your content on a Wix website is akin to posting it on Facebook:
It should still be there tomorrow; depending on how Facebook or Wix feel that day.

Wix dot com want to make money from their website, as is their right. They’re allowing you to use a subdomain of their website, with various imposed restrictions, for the purpose of making them money. They don’t care about your content; provided that you’re not making more money from it than they’re making by displaying it, and provided that you abide by their rules and restrictions to the letter at all times.


On A Technical Note…

On a technical note; Google and other search engines find it difficult to read a wix website. Wix websites are a collection of iframes containing your content, held together by an HTML framework. The Google bot appears at the site and tries to crawl it, but it can only read the framework. When it comes to reading the iframes held by the framework, the crawler has to fetch the iframe’s content from another source. If this source is nofollowed in the HTML instruction in the framework,  or if it proves too difficult to navigate to – such as the case where it has a number of redirects for instance – the Google script will ignore the iframe and move on.

Google and others are getting better and better at reading the web with their various bots, but there’s still some way to go. If you have a website that gives them a hard time – such as a wix dot com domain – then it lessens the chance of your content being indexed.


I’ve Said A Lot About Wix; But What Does Wix Say About You?

Well the truth is that if you have a free website then the fact that it’s a free website will be well advertised, and one of two things is going to happen to the public’s perception of that website, and, indirectly, of you.

How would anyone know that you’re using a free website? Well the yoursite dot wix dot com domain kinda gives it away; as does the fact that Wix advertise to your readers that they can have a free website like yours on almost every page of your site.

– So the first thing anyone’s going to assume when they see the dot wix dot com domain name is “It’s a hobby-site”, or “This person doesn’t seem to be at all serious about whatever they’re trying to present.”.

If the observer should investigate further, and actually click on the link to the website just to confirm their suspicions; they’ll either click away from the free site, if the website doesn’t contain any valuable and pertinent content, or if they do see great content, they’ll note that the owner is either a freeloader who is too tight to pay a pittance to properly run a decent self-hosted website, or that the owner has financial issues stemming from poor financial management and is unable to afford a proper website.

Either way it appears very unprofessional and could easily ruin any image of professionalism, whilst conveying possibly negative social proof.


Career Suicide

Guess who the above is going to affect the most? Yep – you guessed it: Artists.

Any type of artist will be adversely affected by owning a free website. Imagine that you were a bookings manager for a top event, and an artist’s agent contacted you looking for a place in the event’s schedule:

The agent talked well, and gave some good references and previous. You are impressed, so you ask for the artist’s website so that you can discover more. The agent gives you a domain name ending in dot wix dot com…

Guess why the phone has just gone dead? Smile


Some Things Are Worth Paying For – Your Website Is One Of Them

‘Put that another way: Ask yourself why a Wix website is free? If it was as good as it says it would be too valuable to give away. – So why is it being ‘given away’? – Why does it cost you nothing? Bear in mind the old adage: “You get what you pay for.”. 

A proper website doesn’t cost a fortune to keep running. Even this website, with all the time spent on it and the extras utilised by it, costs me less than £1,000 GBP per year to run. Maybe it doesn’t give me any prestige as such; but it does give the impression that I mean business and that I’m serious about my career.

Does your blog or website give off that impression? If not then it’s time to do something about it.



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