The Windows 7 Control Panel in Windows 10 – Rewritten November 2019( 'Takes about 2 minutes to read. )

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If you need to change your computer’s settings in Windows 10 you have to click on “Settings” and follow a series of sequential menus, like a paper-trail, in order to find what you want. –  But it doesn’t have to be like that. I’m going to take you back in time to 2009, when things were simpler, and give you the Windows 7 Control Panel in Windows 10.

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“OK Professor Tech-Head Idol: ‘Nice idea; but this site is aimed at entertainments-people.”  You interject.

“ I’m an entertainments-person. – Why would I want to be able to easily access my computer’s settings?” You continue.

Because you need to at some point, that’s why.
– Everybody needs to adjust their settings in some way at some point at some time.

‘Remember the old Windows 7 Control Panel?

It was fairly straightforward, and it sent you off in the right general direction; it wasn’t such a maze as Windows 10’s default settings puzzle is.

The Windows 7 Control Panel - in Windows 10

The good news is that you can have the original old-style Windows 7 control panel in Windows 10, and it’s no major programming challenge or piece of hi-tech geekery.

(How did I get the time & date displayed on the Control Panel?
I used
DS Clock.)


All you need to do to use the Windows 7 style Control Panel in Windows 10, is download a small zip file and unzip it to your desktop. No you don’t have to install anything. – Just place the contents of the zip file as an icon on your desktop. – Everything is already connected. – It just “works”.

– Yes I know that there’s still an active Control Panel icon buried somewhere within Windows 10. – It’s much easier to download an extra one than to navigate to the original one. – They’re perfectly identical in appearance and function anyway.


The Control Panel icon - on a Winows 10 DesktopYou see all the code for the Windows 7 – style Control Panel still exists in Windows 10. ‘Install this icon and you have a fully functional Control Panel, accessible from your Desktop, again.

Where do you get the icon from Windows 7 to insert onto the Windows 10 desktop? – Well it just happens that I have a few spares. I had to zip them to avoid problems; but you just simply download your icon, scan it with security software – because you should scan everything that goes onto your computer from the internet – no matter what it is or who it’s from – unzip it, and place it on your Windows 10 Desktop.


Download your Windows 7 style Control Panel icon zip
from this link.


That was incredibly easy, and has proved to be of great future use and benefit; I’m sure you’d agree. Check out your new Control Panel icon. – You’ll find navigating around your computer’s settings much easier as a result of having it handy on your desktop.


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