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You might note that I’ve been fairly active on Facebook of late, and a little on Twitter too – but that seems to be about all. – And I’m mainly posting about technology too. I’m a geek-musician, something like a female white version of will-i-am; but maybe with less talent, and definitely with less money. – So…

Where’s the music?

Skip With The BirdsI haven’t released anything since July 2015 at this point in time, (This point in time; time of writing, is early October 2015) and to be perfectly honest I have nothing currently planned for release for the remainder of 2015. Why?

As I’ve tried to make clear on my Facebook Fan Page, and to my newsletter & bumf recipients who are on my emailing list , I’m working on a number of projects lately; the main two of which are a double-disc album, and also a second website. – The result of that is that there’s a lot going on, but nothing being actually produced as in published, released.

In the last few weeks I’ve been taking it easy – partially on vacation/holiday, and partially creating and tweaking my new website. I have a couple of finished songs and a few ideas towards the album too, but that’s been on hold to date since August 2015. You may ask why; since I already have a website at , I want a second website at Again I’ve partially explained it on Facebook, as well as to my emailing list subscribers. – But for the sake of clarity I’ll explain it all in full here and now: –

‘Ready to Get Your Geek On?

Have you ever looked at – the old site? It looks fairly good on a desktop computer or a Mac I think you’ll agree. Have you ever looked at it on a mobile device though? Yes it’s just about mobile-friendly, but many of the pages don’t look the same on a mobile device as they do on a desktop device or laptop, (and not many of them fit properly on the screen either). That’s because there are, in a number of cases, a mobile version of the page and a standard version of the page. When I edit that page (whichever) I have to edit both the mobile version as well as the standard version. I have to do this separately. The mobile version of the pages use a totally different theme to the standard version.

The standard version uses the theme that I custom-created for the site, based on the TwentyTen theme by the WordPress crew. –  That’s good, because all the pages were designed to fit that theme. In fact a lot of what you see is hard-coded into the theme. With the mobile version, however, the theme isn’t mine, and I’ve had to adapt some pages to fit it, hence the mobile-only versions of some of the pages.

Why didn’t I design my own mobile theme instead of using the one that I’m using? Because even if I did it would still mean that I had to edit each version of the pages separately, therefore costing me a lot of time.

Why didn’t I just use the same theme for both mobile & standard pages? The theme that I custom-designed, based upon the TwentyTen theme, uses the TwentyTen framework, and TwentyTen is not a mobile-friendly theme. My adaptation, which I named TwentyTenPlus, was also consequently not mobile-friendly.

Imagine it like building a scaffolding structure of a size and shape that completely fills a low-resolution  desktop screen: That’s the TwentyTen framework. You can add whatever props and decoration you like to the framework to change its cosmetic appearance; but the framework will always be the same size. If you try to get a picture of the entire framework on a mobile device such as a phone (cell phone) then you’ll have to stand back a long way from the structure in order to be able to get everything in the picture; and even then, if you can still make out all the detail, the structure won’t fit the screen properly.

The answer came in the form of the mobile-friendly TwentyFifteen theme – again from the WordPress crew; which I hacked-up as a mobile-friendly framework and decked out with my own props and decor.

What’s needed is a new theme, a new scaffold-structure, to put all the props and decor on. This new structure will have to be able to make the set look smaller and thinner on a mobile device, while still retaining something like a normal-sized display on a desktop device or laptop. The answer came in the form of the mobile-friendly TwentyFifteen theme – again from the WordPress crew; which I hacked-up as a mobile-friendly framework and decked out with my own props and decor.

Dance MoonThe problem was that to use that new theme on the existing site, to display every single post and page, I’d have to adapt every existing post & page individually to some extent – and there are nearly a thousand of them. In fact a number of the pages on the old site use the PHP theme file only, and incorporate a page that is either left blank, or that I make code-notations on, but is never displayed. With some other pages only a few paragraphs of text are the actual page itself, while everything else displayed is coded onto a custom-template for that particular page only, complete with its own built-in header, and finally in many cases calling a customised individual unique footer using <? php include… >. –  Adapting all that lot would be a never ending nightmare. The only proper answer was a second site with new posts on a mobile-friendly theme.

I had a domain name which I’d purchased a while back; I built the new site on that domain, and redirected to it. ( It had previously pointed to the old site at, as had, which still does to this day.)

So you’re looking at and reading this article from the new site. It took me a while to get used to working on it, as the theme is written quite differently from the old non-mobile-friendly-theme on the old site. The great thing about it is that I only have to edit a single copy of a page with regard to both mobile and desktop. No I couldn’t bring all the posts/pages on the old site over to the new site because it would have meant adapting/re-coding them all, hundreds of them. Instead I put a link to the old site in the menu bar on this new site and vice versa.

Again I ask: ‘Where’s the music?’

So that explains things in good detail as far as the new (second) website is concerned. – What about the new music?

It’s coming. Be patient: There’s only one of me with 2 arms and hands. I’m still an indie artist and am still fiercely stubborn and independent in many regards; coding and web-design being one of them, music creation being another.

If it comes to it I might release one of the new tracks from the album as a single in early 2016. I’m not expecting the album to be ready for release until Summer 2016; but all things come to those that wait: That is something that my mother taught me, and it’s true to an extent – It’s just the waiting game that is frustrating. I’ll be as quick as I can; but I’m not going to sacrifice quality for speed of delivery.

-So that’s about all for this post. I’ll post more in 2015 as and when I get time to do so. Have a great Winter if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere. If you’re south of the Equator enjoy the Summer. ‘ Back soon. Smile (I’ll post again before 2016 lol.)

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