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* ~ Welcome to the website where it's all good. ~ *

* This page is extremely dry and very very geeky.

Watch evolution in action as my website becomes better and better with time. Observe as new features appear; some that have appeared before elsewhere, others that are brand new and have been devised by myself.


I must say that I’m rather shocked to discover that some people, particularly in the United States, have chosen to go against verified evidence-backed scientific fact, in favour of the demented ramblings of some ancient long-dead guys who were probably on drugs and didn’t have a clue about science over and above what they could guess from using their five senses. Yes I’m referring to the Bible, and the Quran, and any other similar ancient ramblings which have been semi-mistranslated from a dead language, and make no sense unless you’re a psychopath on hallucinogenic substances.


Contrary to the Creationist argument we can even perceive cyber-evolution, both with regard to this website and with regard to the internet too.

It gets better and better over time: evolving new features and increasing in complexity.


You may be saying “That’s not genuine true evolution: You are directing the site’s evolution and regulating its progress in doing so.” 

– And you’re right. I don’t know how fast natural evolution happens in a cyber-environment, or indeed if such evolution is able to occur at all in such circumstances… But whatever the answer I don’t have billions of years to wait for my site to evolve naturally.



You may be saying “That proves that there has to have been an intelligence behind all evolution – particularly the universes’ evolution.”

Wrong! To assume that such a burden on proof exists you’d first have to quantify and categorise the perceived intelligence behind evolution; in terms of its structure, aspects, form, abilities, intelligence…

Yes it’s possible to do just that with me as the intelligence behind the evolution – as in the case of my website. – But it’s not possible to do so if you are inferring that a god or gods was the intelligence behind any evolution: We humans with our present technology have no way to prove that such a god even exists. – And yes we also have no way to prove that such a god doesn’t exist either – but the burden of proof is not upon those who disbelieve due to lack of evidence. Rather the burden of proof is upon those who are suggesting the proposition in the first place. If those people could come up with some solid, concrete, undeniable, evidence that this god exists; then the burden of proof would shift on to the disbelievers to refute the supported theory. Sadly though; despite the passage of many thousands of years, nobody has been able to establish any solid evidence for the existence of a god.


Anyway; that’s my stance on the overall theological viewpoint from a religiously-based standpoint.

– Yes I’m an Atheist, and have come to be so through a process of deduction over 50 years: I went from Christian to Pagan to Atheist in that period, and unless anybody can come up with well-substantiated and irrefutable evidence that a god or deity exists, then I will most likely remain an Atheist for the rest of my life.


And so to the evolving website:

The site started life, on the novelty domain of buggerallon dot tv, as a standard WordPress installation, without any extras, which was running the TwentyFifteen theme by the WordPress Team.


(For those not in the know, the phrase “bugger all on TV” is UK slang for ‘There is nothing at all on TV’.)

The first thing I tried when I finally decided to seriously develop the site in 2015 was installing the Optimize Press theme. At the time I was planning to run the site as a second site, parallel to my then-existing main-website (Now essentially discontinued.) which was originally my computer & tech-help site, at http://kkomp.com. As time went by and I assessed the problems that were arising from the way that I’d coded the old site: It was non-mobile-friendly and the theme that I’d chosen and adapted for use with the site – TwentyTen – needed replacing. The matter was that I’d hard-coded far too many features into that theme to be able to just simply change the theme and carry on regardless. (I’ve done much the same with the current theme on my new site, although I did try to avoid doing that this time around. I guess it’s just the way I enhance themes and that’s how it is. I might have to start anew yet again if I ever have a need to replace the theme.)


– So I decided to start again with a new site and allow the old site to fall into disuse in the fullness of time.

(I still get a good few visitors to it though, even though it’s clearly no longer a current site; so it still has legs yet.)

The Optimize Press theme is a great theme. It’s very versatile and is also extremely professional looking. I still have Optimize Press installed on the site as a plugin for the purpose of creating landing pages Etc., but as a theme throughout the site it appears too sterile and over-professionalised for my liking. – Remember that my website carries not only my business, but also represents me as a person: It carries my style and my persona. My style is forever developing and evolving, just like the site: Growing and spreading, blossoming and producing fruits. Optimize Press was so not me as a representation of me. I’m not a sterile and pure businessperson with a dedication to commerce only, although I do have that trait in part – and I have a reputation in places for being something of an ice-queen when it comes to business. But business is only a part of me, an asset if you like. Art and science are greater parts of me, and they represent who I am to a larger degree.


Yeah-ScienceBitchScience has been a big part of my life for a long time; particularly physics and the technological aspects of it,

but my whole life can’t be represented by a huge complex analogue/digital circuit-diagram either: My being has the sterility of business and the logic of technology and physics as large parts of it. If that were where it stopped I’d be some kind of automatic business machine, possibly very rich too, if I ever found the time and inclination to enjoy those riches. – But my essence goes further still, as that rock-solid efficiency and almost mechanical reliability are strongly tempered by an artistic side involving deep and powerful emotional undercurrents which are tempered with positivity for the benefit of all that they affect.


So I’m one Hell of a mix of the max and a minx.

If the BBC have a mix for that then I’ll be extremely surprised. I’m Fleabag Plus with extra gumption; a gloriously rude and overly-eccentric update on Bridget Jones with extremely well-designed edges that explode into life with a cascade of psychological colour which throws itself in all directions and rains retroactively down, travelling faster than light in scattering pieces.

As you’ve probably guessed; The TwentyFifteen theme wasn’t quite enough: It wasn’t by any means fully suited for purpose. – But it was a start, and for the want of a better start it was still the best start yet; so it’ll do for the time being: And at this point in time relative to the ongoing storyline we’re approaching May 2015.


Aria_in_London July 17th 2014 -2I’d recently been working on a remix of a single which was written and performed by a young singer from Australia

of whom I am a dedicated fan. That artist is Aria Taylor from Melbourne, and I eventually released the remixed single on Ice Recordings. I was creating the website at the same time however, and I was incredibly busy what with one thing and another. There was so much that needed to be done: The initial design was implemented, and was expected to evolve into something more sophisticated over time. I wanted to have a number of different classes of pages/posts – which would all be addressable via their individual templates

For instance I wanted to clearly separate the template sequence used for posts from that used for pages, and in doing so I wanted each to utilise a separate header. However I also wanted a similar distinction between different types of pages; such as the main site pillar pages to use a system which was differentiated from the standard pages in terms of templates. – Both of which were in turn totally separate from two other types of pages: the Welcome/Home page and also the template system for the non-Optimize Press squeeze-pages such as the main opt-in page, sub opt-in pages, and a number of future minor offers too.


Plus there was the fact that the Blog page was a mess:

Yes it was doing what WordPress does; it was sequentially chronologically listing posts in full, and it would go on to do so after there were more than 10 posts added to the site: Result = one Hell of a lot of scrolling + confusion and a pain-in-the-ass for visitors, combined with a tarnishing of the site’s professional image. The entire content.php (A sub-file category-hierarchy branch from single.php.) file needed a rewrite. and my PHP-creation-skills at the time were just about up to the point at which I could have created the original file, given time. – The rewrite required a much higher grade of writing than I was at the time capable of.


Fortunately the answer eventually appeared in a WordPress forum that I was reading one day.

I’d be searching for and attempting to track down some code that I could cannibalise and piece together in order to create an approximation of the revised content.php file that I was intending to create. I stumbled across the completed code – waiting there for me on a plate. I added it and tried it out. Its function wasn’t 100% as I’d planned and set out to achieve; but it was so nearly spot-on as to be usable anyway as was without any editing… And it was a rather large and complex PHP file anyway, so I decided to leave editing well alone and just use as is; melding everything else into it rather than adapting it for use with the existing architecture that I’d created.

Finding that was a large stroke of luck, and it saved me around 9 months of development and learning time. I tweeted a shoutout to the author on Twitter for an awesome piece of coding.


I still needed to create more templates:

I now had a good content.php template to handle everything to do with posts, including their breaking down into snippets and sequential listing – 5 to a page – on the Blog page. I had a single.php file from which the content.php file emanated in the template hierarchy – it was called from it in other words.

I also had a page.php template; so those were the default templates, along with header.php and footer.php. For functionality I was supplied by default with a functions.php file, a content-search.php sub-template, a content-page.php sub-template for displaying pages using the page.php file, a content-none.php sub-template for displaying the 404-page, and a content-link.php sub-template for displaying links I guess.

Further to these I’d need to create a content.alt sub-template as the sub-template responsible for displaying the alternative page or pages, a content.blank sub-template as the sub-template responsible for displaying the exclusive  page-deleted page, a content.inventory sub-template as the sub-template responsible for displaying the exclusive  inventory page; the non-plugin HTML sitemap I created and which has its own article on this site, a content.notic sub-template as the sub-template responsible for displaying the exclusive notice-board (Which is currently using the page-deleted template as it’s non-functional at time of writing.), a content.tpage sub-template as the sub-template responsible for displaying the content of the exclusive  index (Tags) page, and a content.wpage sub-template as the sub-template responsible for displaying the content of the exclusive Welcome (Home) page.


– Six sub-templates.


Supplemental to those I needed to create, up to this point, a tags template – to list the subject-tags used by search-engines so that the visitor can reference an interest tag and list all posts that contain that interest tag. I needed an alternative template – as a standby to build any further new templates upon. A deleted template – a template that displays a ‘page deleted’ notice as well as advertising the latest posts. – This template can be switched-in from the UI when the page is no longer required to be displayed. A Welcome template; exclusively to form the Welcome (Home) page. An inventory template: There’s a whole post on that on this website, showing you all the PHP I used in it. A maintenance template too: This is what you think it is. It’s a replacement for the notice that appears when the plugins are updating. There’s a noticeboard template – which I’m not currently using at time of publication. Also a page no menu no comment blank footer template for displaying minor squeeze-pages, a page no menu no comment template – for displaying the pillar-pages such as Start, About, Etc. Also a page no menu template, and a page no comment template; should I need either.


– Twelve page templates in total


You think I’m finished? Not yet I’m not; because there are a number of header and footer templates that I needed to create also: –

Headers: header.welc, header.orig, header.post, header.alt, among others.

Footers: footer.welc, footer.post, footer.blank, footer.alt, among others.

That’s over 26 theme-files in total I’ve created to date. – And I’ve tweaked them all and continue tweaking them all – changing the sites appearance slightly every now and again, and/or increasing the theme’s functionality to some extent. Improving and growing; ever onwards, ever upwards. Evolving as progress is made.


One day I may install an artificial intelligence on the site. It would be great to have a site that talks back; just like Siri but with more gusto. Smile


Thank you for visiting my evolving website. You never know; one day when you turn up here you may be assimilated.

As my classmate said in an electronics lecture at college:

Resistance is futile.”.


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