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I backed a loser… Well in a way I did: Theresa May & The Conservatives didn’t win the UK General Election in June 2017 – despite my faith in and bigging up of Theresa May.

We Tories didn’t do that well: we lost a few seats, even though we took a couple or three off Labour, the Liberal Dems, and the SNP. We lost our overall parliamentary majority.


True Blue CD Pic (Not available on CD)Check out my track * True Blue (Extramix) * for a musical representation of what I hoped would happen. As it turned out Theresa May’s campaign was totally lacklustre, fairly lifeless, and certainly unimpressive. It appeared that Theresa has a phobia about public speaking: She finds it very difficult and is terribly nervous. – She’s been trained to hide the nerves well, and is always coached in      what to say before any interview – which she detests giving. – Other than a * True Blue (Extramix) *   Cover Arthuge problem with image projection she’s a fully competent politician. Yes I know she took a huge gamble and lost; but had she won she’d be praised as a political hero. Was it worth the gamble? Her predecessor David Cameron took a huge gamble too; but he fell on his own sword having lost. Theresa has more staying power; although her hand is badly weakened as a result of losing.

And now to that horrible little political garden gnome by the name of Jeremy Corbyn:  –

How did Labour do so well? The answer to that is they played on general ignorance. They promised a lot that they had no hope of delivering on.


We Tories don’t give you austerity just to piss you off you know. – Jeremy Corbyn wants you to think that we do because we’re just sadistic, but that’s not the case. – We do it to try to clear the massive debt that the country owes from borrowing huge amounts from the World Bank and from Europe. – When we’ve paid it back we can go back to normal.




Labour want to make you pay more tax, and they want – more than anything – to prop up the economy by spending what we have, and borrowing what we don’t have – which causes a necessity for austerity – which the Tories have to bring about to save the country from bankruptcy. 


In the June 2017 UK General Election, Jeremy Corbyn promised to tax, spend, and borrow, to give us a great economy.


Comrade_CorbynDoing that is bad for the country and its economy; but Corbyn was only thinking of power: He promised to give us more than was possible, given his figures. He promised to borrow far more than our country can afford. The voters in most cases don’t know how much the country can afford. Most of them have very little idea of economics, and Corbyn knows this. – So he appeals to their greed – he promises prosperity for the grabbing hands of the less-educated and the less experienced, such as those youngsters who have just become eligible to vote or are voting for the first time, whom he rallies as his campaign’s activists. – He provides a delicious-looking carrot on an attractive stick… And draws off those who like what they see and hear. What they see and hear is an illusion which will cause negative effects for a long time to come; but they like the look of it and follow Corbyn as a result. They loved the idea because there was more in it for them, regardless of the country and the future.


As I said earlier; Theresa May’s campaign was lacklustre and lifeless; so Corbyn’s campaign was like a flashing light in the darkness, a lure to the uninitiated, who still don’t realise that all that glitters is not gold.


Money Money MoneyA Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn with the manifesto promises of the June 2017 campaign would bankrupt the treasury and leave the UK in massive debt. – So forget about voting Labour to prevent fox hunting. – The UK’s foxes will end up having a better standard of living than the Human population if Corbyn had won a majority.


All that remains now is a weaker parliament, a Prime Minister with little cred, and my single * True Blue (Extramix) *. (You can stream/download the * True Blue (Extramix)*single track from iTunes.) Tories are normally happy, prosperous, charismatic people; and, despite Theresa’s ‘bad hair day’ of a campaign; I attempted to reflect this – as well as political purpose and achievement – in my music.

Play or stream the track: Even if you voted for Corbyn you might like it – ?


Lyrics [composed 12.05.2017]



Talks with Brussels to – sort out Brexit.

In our Euro-pean exit.

Guide our country, and – build the fu-ture, for

E-co-no-mic – growth and cul-ture.



Strong and sta-ble – lea-der-ship, in our –

Our great coun-try’s – best in-ter-ests.

Give us –

Strength of great lea-der-ship for to-day.

Give us true blue girl-pow’r; give us Ther-esa May.



In our ne-go-ti-a-tions we’ll keep to the dead-lines.

G.B. in the news as we hit the tall head-lines.

The sto-ry is To-ry. This is no va-ca-ti-on:

The UK will be a more pros-per-ous na-tion.



As the time passes by there’ll be growth in our nation.

Our in-dust-ry growth will bring great in-no-vat-ion.

New trade with the world’s gonna bring us more pro-fit;

At home we will deal with a shrin-king trade de-fi-cit.



Ther-e-sa’s a lea-der with great lea-der-ship.

She walks, talks, with pow’r and she shoots from the hip.

A Con-ser-va-tive girl with the ni-cest of ways:

With her true blue girl-power she is Ther-esa May.



Strong and sta-ble – lea-der-ship, in our –

Our great coun-try’s – best in-ter-ests.

Give us –

Strength of great lea-der-ship for to-day.

For Prime Min-is-ter please give us Ther-e-sa May.

– Ooo Theresa, Theresa, Theresa, Theresa Ma-a-ay.


– Ther-e-sa Mayy.



Strong and sta-ble – lea-der-ship, in our –

Our great coun-try’s – best in-ter-ests.

Give us –

Strength of great lea-der-ship for to-day.

For Prime Min-is-ter please give us Ther-e-sa May.

– Ooo Theresa, Theresa, Theresa, Theresa Ma-a-ay.

– (Male voice) “A very nice girl”.




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