UK 2017 General Election will be Accompanied by Remixed Music( 'Takes about 6 minutes to read. )

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At least the Conservative Campaign for the UK 2017 General Election will be musical – as far as I’m concerned anyway. My single * True-Blue Remixed  * is to be released next.


True Blue CD 250^2I already released a single in support of Theresa May; although, due to having to stick to a deadline, plus encountering an unusual number of snags and gremlins, the production of the work wasn’t as good in terms of quality as I’d intended it to turn out. Notwithstanding the less-than-favourable result on my first production this year; I intend to produce a remixed version of that piece only a week later; with just under 2 weeks still to go before polling day.

I had high hopes for the original *  True Blue * track that I released on Friday 19th May 2017; however there were too many things going wrong, and it seemed that the piece of work was doomed from the start. Even the night prior to release, as I posted up a preview video –  the Labour left instantly started showing their displeasure by disliking, making unwholesome comments before they’d even read any of the documentation that I published that day. – Plus a Labour-supporting friend who I’ve known and been friends with for a number of years unnecessarily marked a dislike almost as soon as I’d posted the video.

I found that a rather strange thing to do – for someone who claims to be one of my biggest fans, and who probably knows me better than most people. Why she did it I don’t know. It may have been something to do with an incident on Facebook where I was trying to politically debate with her girlfriend. Her girlfriend was becoming rather aggressive and wound up as the debate progressed. Her spelling left a lot to be desired, and it was at times hard to read her argument correctly because of that fact. I mentioned the matter, albeit in a rather untactful manner, and she went totally apeshit – shortly afterwards unfriending me and blocking me. She then turned up on my YouTube channel criticising my track, again without even bothering to read my website first – despite knowing about it – and sniping at me. I wrote a reply asking her to go away as she had made it very clear that she didn’t want to be my friend or fan, and she tried to start a petty argument via You Tube comments. I removed the entire video, and reposted it later on.

However – not to be outdone by Lefties – I press on; and having been duly chastised for producing a work of a lower standard than I would normally allow to be published in my name, due to having to meet a deadline, I got stuck in to creating a remixed version. –


I am now on course to release a much better version of what amounts to the same piece in the form of a remixed version.


The remixed version – titled * True Blue Remixed * –  is of similar length to the original. – A few seconds longer in fact – and has enhanced instrumentals and much better vocal production.


True Blue Remixed Album Art SmallAlthough I’m not expecting Jeremy Corbyn’s thugs to come round and smash up my office, as happened to Angela Eagle when she dared defy him. – I will no doubt again experience some kind of stick from those who are my intellectual subordinates in the Labour supporters’ union, just due to the mere fact that I’m a Conservative supporter. – Because they think that I must be “better than them”. – Although I hardly think jealousy is in fact called for here. If they lived my life for a day they’d realise how easy and cushy they’ve got it. Just like a number of other openly self-declared Tory supporters I’ve had my fair share of stick from the Left. – But to be perfectly honest they can go fuck themselves. There appear to be a number of people in this world who think they can change the core beliefs of someone with a different world-view to them through a display of aggression and ignorance. Usually these morons are either ignored by their targeted victims or beaten up. – Neither course of action prevents them from further displays of their ignorance and lack of etiquette though; so a course of action tending to ignorance of their behaviour is easiest.


I’m publishing this second single – which I intend to be the second one in a series of three; my “Election Trilogy” of singles, if you like.

True Blue Remixed Poster 315^2I’ve budgeted for this. The good thing is that I now appear to have at last secured funding. It’s not yet set in stone; but it appears to be good for now; for the time being. The fact that I’ve been almost 5 months without any funding has depleted resources: Although my balance sheet is still healthily in the black; there has developed a credit bill which needs to be repaid; so I’ll be paying that off for at  least the rest of this year in dribs and drabs. – And that’s going to limit how much music I can produce in the second half of this year to some degree – despite the welcome increase in income.

‘All swings and bloody roundabouts. I’m thinking of asking Theresa May – after she’s got her new cabinet established in their various roles (A ‘remixed cabinet’.) – if I can have a position of “Minister of Music” within a Government-funded QANGO (Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation.) – Yes I did commerce lessons as a part of my education. Although I never actually took the exam I still remember a fair bit of it.

– So that’s all for now. – Keep your eyes on the music charts, and if you see my name there it’ll be a bloody miracle.

Do stream and download my remixified release when you witness its birth from the muzzle of the music-machine-gun that spits bullets of tuneful attempts at hit singles; and remember that there’s even more Conservative tunetasticism yet on its way before polling day.

Lastly; do check out my previous article on the original of * True Blue * – if you have time.



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