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In Two Minds About Multiple Sub-Domains( 'Takes about 7 minutes to read. )

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I’m seriously in two minds, if the truth be known, about which way to proceed with the documented online part of my career. – This is due to the following: –

This last week I asked for some advice. – I now wish I hadn’t asked; because the answer has left me in two minds about my tactics; even though it’s really too late to change tack and do it differently.

You see; I’ve been running my new website that took me 16 months to fully build, tweak, and optimise for not that long in the grand scheme of things. – Not that long even in terms of internet time; when you consider that some sites, such as have been around for about ten or so years in various guises.


A Fat Lot of Site

In that relatively short amount of time that my new website at buggerallon dot tv has been running, that is officially since its official launch on January 1st 2016, it has, in short, become fairly bloated; it blimped.

When I was designing the site I planned for it to be able to contain a large number of articles that could be relatively easily found by looking in places such as the tags index, the HTML sitemap, or where the individual posts and pages were advertised on social media, and even on Google itself. – But the site is nevertheless becoming big and not everything in terms of finding articles is as easy as I’d intended it to be.


Perfect Camouflage

Added to the above is the matter that I keep releasing new albums, or EPs, singles even, whatever. – If I write reviews of them, copy the album notes in rich text, do a pre-promotional, promotional, and post-promotional piece for each release, and post them on the website, along with other unrelated articles, they’re going to vanish into the sea of oblivion consisting of the total mass of my website’s content, and, as a result, take on the perfect camouflage.

qsite[5]It was to avoid this very same situation with respect to vanishing into the sea of noise of the internet after each release that I’d already decided on and begun experimenting with creating a separate website on a sub-domain of my main website to feature each of my future releases on. ( My next release at time of writing; the release of my EP titled * Q *, will feature on one of such said sub-domain websites.)


An Answer I Didn’t Want to Get

Anyway; since I had the chance in the last week, I thought I’d ask internet marketing expert David Risley about his opinion of this method of doing things. I didn’t explain any of the above to him: I assume that he already knew some or most of it in terms of what I was doing and the reason why I’m doing it. – He is one of my Facebook friends, and I’ve posted about the matter in hand a number of times on FB. I just asked him if it was best to feature a new product from a line of multiple products (Recordings of musical releases in my case.) on a separate website, or is it better to feature everything on one main website? His answer wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear: He said in essence that unless each website stood for a separate main-brand then it was best to feature everything under a single branded banner on a main website.

I Listen to the Voice of Experience

Now that’s probably good advice for the market sector that he deals with – and it may well also be good advice for me and the market sector that I deal with; at least in terms of brand consistency. David obviously knows what he’s talking about: He’s naturally gifted and he has a lot of experience as well. – He created and ran, then sold, a six-figure business ( ) , and he’s created and is currently running another six-figure business in blogmarketingacademy dot com… But my position is that I’m creating a sub-brand with each release, under the heading of my main brand of Sharron-Idol. Added to that I’m filing each sub-brand in the form of a new release on a sub-domain of my main site which is branded with Sharron-Idol.

I don’t want to confuse the market, my market; that’s the last thing I want to do. – Doing so would possibly be a step toward career-suicide. – But my dilemma is that I’d hate to always be wondering what would have happened if I’d have gone with my gut and set out each campaign on its own sub-domain site?

I Should be in Politics: I Give This Matter a Degree of Spin

David didn’t say or even indicate that it would harm me in any way to do so; he just said that I may be committing to extra unnecessary work… And it isn’t easy; he’s right: I am making a lot of extra work for myself, and I don’t know if the gamble will pay off and give me anything better in terms of results than if I’d kept it all to the main website… But it might, and I’d hate to discover that things could have been so much better if I’d have followed my gut. I’d also hate to find out, conversely, that things would have been so much better if I hadn’t followed my gut… But I’m in two minds here; and I feel like I’m in a way choosing between a rock and a hard place anyway.  –  I honestly don’t know. – and getting exert advice hasn’t made it any easier either.

Possibly I’m being too stubborn and have no real reason to be in two minds? Maybe I’m just stealing cake to eat the moon? ( Ask Gary Kemp what that means. ) Maybe I’m setting myself up for a crash, or maybe I’m following my inner intuition and the universe is guiding me toward some subliminal Nirvana?

There’s one way to find out…

I’ve started; so I’ll finish.

Plans were made, prior to the above occurrences, and things have been set in motion. Work is ongoing, and there’s no point in abandoning it now. Also; I’m happy with the website-per-release system: It doesn’t vanish into the mass of noise on either my main site or on the internet. I see it as laying claim to a piece of internet real-estate that I’ve built up, and marking it by placing a flag on it in the form of giving it its own sub-domain… It’s like in physical real-estate, when the contractors have built a new housing development, they don’t just walk away and let it fade into the background, unnoticed. – Rather; they erect a plinth stating that the new development is called X and was built by Y developers.

My releases aren’t brands in themselves: I, Sharron-Idol, am the brand: The releases are sub-brands of Sharron-Idol, and just as departments of the government are allocated their own offices for example; so sub-brands of Sharron-Idol are allocated their own sub-domains.

I’m still torn in half over this, and I’m still in two minds – But I’m nevertheless sure of the way that I’m going to proceed.

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