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There are two main tracks written in tribute to the success of (Not as a tribute act of) two  fab artists who Sharron-Idol considers to be particularly unique in terms of both talent and
also potential:



Tributes - Album Art

The first of these two artists is Australian starlet Aria Taylor, who, while still in school, has produced two mainstream singles to date, – * Friday Feeling * and * I Really Want You * – and is already making great and successful endeavours towards becoming a part of the music industry from her home down-under.

Says Idol: “Aria is extremely talented, with a born-in gift for writing songs that fit right into the teen-scene and strike a natural chord with her generation. I see a potential superstar-in-the-making: She’s extremely career-minded even at her young age. She has the full support of her friends and family, and if you ask me she’ll go far. She has what it takes.”

The tribute track, * Aria *,
specially written in honour of and dedicated to Aria Taylor,
appears as track #1 on this

The other artist tributed in this mini-album is Becky Hill.

If you’re from the UK you’ll have heard of Becky Hill – unless you’ve been living under a rock.

Becky Hill, born Rebecca Claire Hill, could be likened an older version of Aria Taylor; not in terms of appearance or style, but in terms of career success. At age 16, as a young pub barmaid and member of the local Bewdley pop-group called “The Shakin’ trees”, Becky Hill auditioned for BBCs * The Voice 2012 *. Although she didn’t win the competition outright, and ended as a runner up; knocked out in the Semi-Finals; Becky was noticed by the music industry – including being noticed by Sharron-Idol – as a very talented artist with huge potential.


More About Becky…

Becky RageIndeed Becky’s career-mindedness, musical talent, and determination, spurred her on; despite the setback of losing out in the BBC’s talent competition to another artist. A number of other aspiring artists, artists, music industry professionals, and others, also noticed that Becky Hill was more than just a runner-up in regard to talent. A small army of a few thousand fans continued to spur Becky onwards to achieve her dream through her positive ambition, determination, and career-mindedness. By 2013, the year following the BBC talent competition, Becky had secured a manager from professional international talent management company Crown Talent & Media, who also cater for the management of stars such as Jessie J and others. Also that year Becky had collaborated with artists such as MNEK and London group Rudimental, and went on to secure a place vocalising on * Powerless *, a track of Rudimental’s No.1 album. She also co-wrote songs with MNEK and others, and, at time of writing, has just released her first solo-act in her song * Caution to the Wind * – in advance of her coming soon-to be-released album.



Twenty-Teen-QueenIdol’s track, * Twenty-Teen-Queen *, which she wrote in honour of Becky’s success, is in a style which is nothing like anything Becky Hill has ever attempted as yet. Sharron-Idol herself has christened this style as a new genre’ of “glam-punk”, and it has overtones of Siouxie and the Banshees running with currents akin to Black Sabbath and Sham 69’s style.

This album. as a whole. starts out light and breezy, and gets heavier as it proceeds. The reggae-like DnB-equivalent-type beat accompanied by synthesized notes of * Aria * descend, through the accompanying instrumental sound of * Twangmusic * and the light-hearted and in some way humourous-yet-brief * Server Song *, into the heavier electric-guitar section. Here we experience * Shazza’s Magic Guitar *, a little heavier as we * Point Don’t Sing *, and into the rock-steady heavies of * Twenty-Teen-Queen * with its screaming guitar riffs in C# and Am. (Just when you think the act is over, the band go wild and launch into a loop in A# to fade.)

Getting Heavy…

Following that we proceed into a track of synthesized rave music with a heavy thudding beat, accompanied by more electric guitar riffs. The beat disperses into a jingly tune, and then: “Ladies & gentlemen…” – The finale to this mini-album in the shape of * Gecko-Echo *: The only way to discover what this track is like is to listen to it yourself. It incorporates a repeated line akin to the introductory drumbeats of the track *Gecko* ( Becky Hill x Oliver Heldens ), and adds all sorts of effects and extra synthesized chords and bars.

Aria Art2.2.2-RGB.BTVThe album was originally intended to be released as a single with just the song *Aria* on it. Just as Sharron-Idol was about to submit the master and go to press; Becky Hill & Oliver Heldens went to No.1 in the UK charts; so Sharron-Idol decided to include another tribute. As she composed a tribute to Becky Hill she found herself “in the mood” so to speak and wrote new stuff + adapted some hitherto-unpublished tracks also.



Here are the lyrics sheets. [There are only 3 because the other tracks had so few lyrics that they weren’t worth mentioning.]: –

Track 1: *Aria* by Sharron-Idol. Lyrics Copyright Sharron-Idol April 2014



(Aria’s voice) “Hello beautiful people.”

More – More-ore-ore-ore

(Female voice) “Come sit by me – It’s still bright as daylight.”

More – More-ore-ore-ore

(Male Voice) “Player 1: Get ready.”

(Female laugh)

Vocoder: “Au-to-ma-tic”

You know just what I want? I want to hear you sing:
I want to hear your voice – mo-ore than any-thing.
I’ll tell you what I want; and I am most sincere:
I wanna see you at the top and have a great career.
And I know what you want; mo-ore than a-ny-thing:
I know you wanna write the songs. – I know you wanna sing.
Al-though we’re distant; a world aw-ay and far a-part.
You write the songs you know that melt my soul and touch my heart.


Chorus: –
Oh Aria –a-a.
Tune warr-i-or.
You’re giving your best when you’re put to the test;
You’re vic-to-rious!
Oh Aria-a-a.
Mu-sic to my ears.
My heart falls a-part as I float on your notes.
It’s so glorious!


So I am ho-o-ping, as you sit in your stu-di-o:
I know you’re coping, writing songs that set- my- heart- a-glow.
What I am sa-a-ying; it’s prob’ly what-you-want-to-hear:
I’m sure you’ll rise-up-to-the-top: You’ll have a great career.
So I am saying – your artistry amazes me.
Your fan I’m staying; your music sets me free.
I wanna see you be the best and see you at your prime:
You could be better than the rest and have an awe-some time.


Oh Aria –a-a.
Tune warr-i-or.
You’re giving your best when you’re put to the test;
You’re vic-to-rious!
Oh Aria-a-a.
Mu-sic to my ears.
My heart falls a-part as I float on your notes.
It’s so glorious!


You’re an en-ter-tain-er; and you just wanna sing.
You want to tear-out-the-notes-from-your-throat as you twang on our hea-art-strings.
And with your ta-lent – you’ll make it shine like bling;
You are the girl at the end of the world and your mu-sic means ev-ry-thing!
And so I’m wri-ting; as I sit in my stu-dio.
And I am figh-ting – to find sui-ta-ble words you know.
Just like a tempo, sung out in a-nother time;
Your tunes are rife with the rhythm of life and the words are a perfect rhyme.


Oh Aria –a-a.
Tune warr-i-or.
You’re giving your best when you’re put to the test;
You’re vic-to-rious!
Oh Aria-a-a.
Mu-sic to my ears.
My heart falls a-part as I float on your notes.
It’s so glorious!


(Male voice) “Game Over .”

– I-in-in-in.

(Aria’s voice) “That’s good.”



Track 3: Ice Recordings
*Server Song* – Copyright 2009 Sharron-Idol.

Hire a server, use a server,
Load up and abuse a server,
Database upon a server,
Server, server, blog.

I was once in sales: Not much money yet.
Now I am a blogger and I use the in-ter-net.
I once shared a server. – ‘Gave it too much use.
I got put onto a scripting server by Abuse.

Here a server, there a server,
Steal a server, share a server,
Bash a server, crash a server;
Server, server, blog.

Use a server, eat a server,
Load up and delete a server,
Go to war; de-feat a server;
Server, server, blog.

I was once much faster; I’m not even slow.
Now I am a web-mas-ter my server really goes.
Now I have a download; Down-load-ing it up;
Store the data on my server without in-ter-rupt.

Save to server, gave to server,
‘Think that you’re too brave to serve her?
Go dis-co-ver, fave a server.
Server, server, blog.

See a server, show a server,
Load a server, blow a server,
Ping a server, ring a server;
DDOS, DDOS, crash!



Ice Recordings
Twenty-Teen-Queen Lyrics by Sharron-Idol
Dedicated to the awesomely talented Becky Hill
Copyright Ice Recordings June 2014

Verse 1.:-
Twenty-teen-queen with your talent, your dream.
Super-star of the team, oh ride on a laser beam.
Twenty-teen-queen, you’re more than you seem. –
You’re so cool; you’re no fool, and you know what I mean.

Verse 2.:-
You’re the light of the night and the queen of the tune;
Dancin’ holes in our soles in the beams of the moon.
The ace of the bass to the beat of the drum;
You’re the source of the sound-scene to which we all come.

Verse 3.:-
The style of the while with an ultimate beat. –
You’re the tempo, crescendo that is mo-ving our feet.
The heat of the party, the source of the fun.
In tune with the moon, number one in the sun.

Verse 4.:-
Pizzicato, allegretto, and crescendo entwined,
With a poco and a poco to the ultimate in time.
The musical-queen, with the ma-gi-cal shine.
Min-u-etto cab-a-letta with a con-cer-ti-na rhyme!


And you’re li-ving the dream on the mu-sical scene;
Let’s high-five, do the hand-jive, this par-ty’s a scream!

Twenty-teen-queen with a mu-si-cal scheme.
You’re the top-of the pops, you’re a shimmering gleam.
The ultimate star on the moonbeam you’re riding.
synchronise, synthesize, hypnotise, and surprise me.

– Well you know what I mean and you reign in the pop sce-e-ne.
– Well you know what I mean and you reign in the pop sce-e-ne.


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