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* The Importance of a Transformation in Your Audience( 'Takes about 2 minutes to read. )

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In the past I’ve written a fair bit about the subject of ‘music business’ and ‘entertainments business’. – Heck it’s one of the main topics of this site: You can’t be a music and/or entertainments personality of any level of fame without having a music business. – What I’ve done here is laid out a factual written schematic of the transformation that your music business as a performing
artist should offer to its customers.

When I talk of “a transformation in your audience”; I’m talking about the function of your business, and this applies to any business and its customers, or its audience as we prefer to call them in showbusiness.

‘See every business sets out to make a transformation of some kind in the lives of its customers; and it’s that transformation in their life that the customer pays for, allowing your business to profit from that transaction.

…And even in the entertainments industry we’re striving to produce a transformation in our audience – because if they leave our performance in much the same state as they were in when they arrived then you’ll never see those people again at your gig.

writingI’ve tailored the way that this article is written to be in line with the kind of transformation that the career of a performer and/or entertainer should bring about in their audience – in the hope that I can encourage such performers/entertainers – maybe even yourself – to view their career in a new light as well as to use that knowledge to help them to continue to grow as artists.

Performing Artist (Becky Hill)Unless you perform for a hobby your music is part of your music business. – Like any business there are ways in which to run your music business that will bring about better results than others.

Since you’re running a business – whether you like to think of your music career that way or not – you may as well treat it like a business; as that’s exactly what it is, and it would be disadvantageous to you to treat it any other way. The basic goal of any business is to bring about a transformation for its market-sector, by means of charging people money to partake of its products which are designed to bring about that transformation.

ChangesSo what is this Transformation? The word “transform” means to change something into something else. – And that is pretty much what your future customers are looking to do in whatever market you are in, not just the music business: In this case – in your case – they are looking to achieve some type of an outcome…


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