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The Draw Is On Until Friday 29th December. – Register Now.

Allow me to remind you that you have only 4 days remaining
at time of writing
to register for the draw
for a continuous-play studio-mp3-recording
of Sharron-Idol’s January 2018 EP *The Show Goes On *.

You can either register at the following page : https://buggerallon.tv/theshowgoeson 
– or register here on this page: –

This is what’s happening – In More Detail

Enter To Win

Below I’m adding an inset asking for a name and email address. – This isn’t the usual lead-magnet type sign-up form though. The reason for asking you to give me your name and email isn’t so that I can add you to my emailing list in this case. – Instead you’ll be enrolling in the draw to receive a special studio-recorded continuous-play track of the full EP. – All 6 tracks in their entirety, free of charge, and before the official release date.

Here’s the form you’ll need to fill in to enrol: –

You can give me a nick-name, stage-name, or anything: It doesn’t even have to be your real name… But I do need a real email address, because 100 of the contestants, drawn at random, will be lucky, and I’ll email unique personal links to the studio recording to their respective email addresses

If 100 people or less apply then everyone will be a winner. If more than 100 people apply then some will win and some will be disappointed.

For a full copy of the rules, terms & conditions, see the website at the following link : – https://buggerallon.tv/theshowgoeson.

Applications are officially being taken in the week between Friday 22nd December and Friday 29th December. – So hurry!

Winners will be notified before the EPs official release on January 5th 2018.

‘It could be you’ – to borrow the UK National Lottery’s old catchphrase. Smile

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