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People can still say the nicest things: –

These days people don’t appear to express complimentary thoughts as much as they used to. They may tend to be more reserved or come up with nothing but complaints and inane whinges. – This is a symptom of the negative conditioning of our modern society. Despite this I have managed to trawl up a number of ‘positivitudes’ to feature here: –

In an effort to find anything nice that anyone has said, I’m going to scour social media and use testimonials from Facebook; the first written on 22nd May 2015 – with the granted permission of the person involved – just to convey testimonials with a little extra in the way of social proof. I’m not going to give you an endlessly-scrolling page full of every compliment ever written about this site. Rather I’m going to just stick with a couple of such examples for the time being: –


Facebook Testimonial 1


Another source of praise I’ve decided to feature – again with the permission of the person concerned – almost a year or so later, also came from a comment on Facebook: –


Facebook Testimonial 2


‘See people love this site if they can be bothered to read it; indeed if they can read even.

Don’t just look at the pretty pictures and scour the site for obvious mistakes: Instead partake of the content with its air of both literary refinement and vocabulary-sophistication.

This site was made to be read as well as looked at. The main thing, though, is that it is designed to not only stimulate on an intellectual level, but also to stir the reader emotionally. – You too can be stirred!

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