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There are two main subjects that I wanted to cover in this article. The first of these relates to someone blocking me on Twitter.

fuck it key“Why would someone want to block you on Twitter Sharron? – You’re a star!”
– Wrong; I’m just a musician; maybe a musician with star potential – but I haven’t realised the optimum effect of such potential as yet if such is the case.

So what happened; and why  would someone want to block me on Twitter? Well a teenage boy from the USA discovered that I was making music and maybe had celebrity-potential. Since this boy had ideas of making a career in  the entertainments industry as an actor/musician; I encouraged him, and shared my knowledge with him whenever he turned up asking questions.

The thing was that I learned that he wasn’t really cut out for it: He lacked dedication and attention to detail. I’d suggested a number of times that a good place to start was with his own self-hosted website. After about a year he tentatively tried my suggestion, discovered that I wasn’t going to do it all for him, and that it wasn’t a case of set it up and start counting the cash as it rolls in. – So he abandoned it and thought he was hiding that fact from me…

The thing was that I learned that he wasn’t really cut out for it

I don’t know what he was hanging around me for anyway: He never even listened to my music, let alone bought it or streamed it. He didn’t seem to be a fan. Perhaps he thought I’d eventually tell him some secret to making it in the entertainments industry without spending a dime? Maybe he thought I’d build his career for him? Neither is ever likely to happen in real life

I’d told this guy that at least half of it all was down to image: Squeaky-clean image = more and better opportunities in the entertainments industry. I’d reminded him countless times that his “I can’t be bothered” attitude was going to be a huge hurdle to his success. – Anything that you do should be done to your best effort, and every time that you achieve or try to achieve anything should be a learning experience, so that you do better next time.

Not that I cared what he did with it: I was only prepared to give him encouragement and ideas. His career was his, not mine. – But when I asked him directly what happened to the website he sounded extremely annoyed as he was forced to tell me that he’d given up on it as soon as he’d started. He then went directly in the face of everything I’d taught him over the last year or so, and told me that he was going to use a social media site as a website because one of his mates did it and it was free and a lot easier. All I said in reply was “Good luck with that”.

No sooner had he dispensed with the idea of a website altogether, having avoided me online for about a month – as if that was the extent of my memory ( In actual fact it’s only his loss if he ignores my suggestions; but that’s his problem, not mine. ) – he turned up again at around 3AM my time on Twitter asking me how to create electronic music. I told him that it was a very involved activity, and summarised 5 of the basic points to him. He didn’t reply for a while, and as I was just about to start doing something else online he replied in a style that showed that he clearly didn’t give two hoots about the image he was portraying; typing using spelling and grammar that was all wrong, like using the word “too” where the word “to” should have been used, and using “there” when he should have used “they’re”.

Since he obviously didn’t care about himself and his self-image, despite everything I’d said to him in the past, I commented that he should consider suing whoever was responsible for his “education”.

He got up on his high horse, accused me of being intensely rude, and told me that he was going to block me. I managed to type the words “No offence meant.” and send them before he blocked me.

Eventually he’ll be back again for more help – which I won’t bother giving as it’ll be a waste of time to do so. Maybe he can get a job in a garage? – What’s that line of the song * San Jose’? * : –

“…And all the stars – who never were – are washing cars and pumping gas.”


And guess what? He reappeared on Twitter, telling me that he was only joking – no apology or anything – and then started picking my brains again. I recorded the conversation on another page on this site.

So why am I posting about this? Well I actually would have helped him as much as I possibly could to start a career, and/or put him on to somebody who could do it better than me. – But he couldn’t be bothered to try; despite me being on his side. I gave him advice, I stayed up after my normal hours to do so due to the time difference. – But even though I went out of my way to help him he totally didn’t appreciate any of it. – But I stepped out of line and I maybe tarnished my image a bit with this incident.  It’s so easy to do the wrong thing – even with the best of intentions.


Another thing that’s on my mind that I’d like to post about is the question:

“Why have I got a sidebar on my Home (Welcome) Page?”.

This website's Home PageI have a bright new website that I’ve just built up and opened this year (2016). – But despite it being a new 21st Century design it still uses a sidebar on the front page. – Surely people don’t do that any more; not on WordPress sites that have been designed by geek or geeks anyway?

You see a lot of WordPress websites use the default WordPress styling because the site’s owners don’t know how to alter it and can’t be bothered to get anyone else to do it either; maybe because it costs money to hire someone else to do it but the website owners are freeloaders or they shy away from anything that has any degree of difficulty. – a bit like the teenage boy above perhaps?

Using the default set up on WordPress without any modification leads to the following: –

  • A long list of all the posts in chronological order, with the content of the posts displayed; which makes the Home Page a LOOONNGGGG super-scrolling thing?
  • Attached to the chronological scrolling of posts will probably be social media links, and a categories list, and a tags cloud…all that crap – listed underneath every single post. – Something a friend of mine described as ‘the land of a thousand buttons’.
  • There’s a sidebar, a sidebar on the Home Page. – Just like there is on my site. The dorky webmasters load their sidebar with third-party widgets and banners which lead to someone else’s offer on someone else’s’ site.

I’ve loaded my sidebar with some widgets and some links; leading to either to site information sources or my own products; on the same site or on other sites that sell my tracks, such as iTunes for instance. – I don’t have a long scrolling home page; the posts are displayed in part on the Blog Page which is broken up into numbered sections, and clicking on a partial entry takes the visitor to that post’s individual page.

There are social media links on my Home Page – they lead directly to MY social media pages only.

I chose to have a sidebar on every page. – When I was creating alpha and beta builds, hundreds of them, I did create a few builds in which there was no sidebar on the Home Page, and the Home Page was a full-screen-spread. I didn’t like it, and I put the sidebar back on the Home Page. The sidebar is useful on my Home Page. My site is made to have a sidebar on the Home Page. – And that’s how it is.

…And that’s the end of this article.

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