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Idol’s May 2016 EP * Something New * – The Prelogue( 'Takes about 7 minutes to read. )

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Shazza at the MicHere I am. I’m meant to be an artist not a writer, but fortunately I have some talent at both. This fact is useful at times such as now, when I find that I’m in need of writing some pre-release article pertaining to my latest endeavour.

–  Yes I love beautiful lengthy rich English words. I write with incredible diversity and articulation in my vocabulary. I frighten the illiterate. I constructively utilise the vernacular. I am the embodiment of eloquent verbosity.

I enjoyed that piece of complex rhetoric; so much so that just for the sake of doing so I’m also going to throw in a random occurrence of the word ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’ just for good measure… And now after having done so I’ve got to write about my forthcoming EP release.

I could copy the album notes: Nobody really reads the album notes. I write them, but I don’t think that many, if any, people read them. You’ll find the relevant album notes, and notes pertaining to all my other albums – and singles – on my CD Baby
account. – And unfortunately that’s all. CD Baby don’t send them to iTunes. Do iTunes want them? I don’t know? Don’t companies sometimes produce a booklet to go with their CDs?.. But nobody seems to buy CDs these days; even though I’ve made this EP available on CD from CD Baby, should any DJs or others want a copy. I did that with Afterglare too. I still don’t know if it made any difference…

“* Something New * is the title track to one of Sharron-Idol’s EPs. Download or stream it from iTunes.”
Tweet: * Something New * is the title track to one of Sharron-Idol's EPs.  Download or stream it from iTunes at

5 paragraphs in and I still haven’t even mentioned my forthcoming EP * Something New *; because I really don’t have a clue what to write. Time is money, and I hate sitting silently with writers block while the hours tick away. It’s not just productivity that suffers; that’s actually time that’s a part of my life that’s disappearing with every second. I’m an atheist and I don’t believe in an afterlife – although if there is one I won’t say no to it, having got over my intense surprise – so I want to make the most out of every little bit of time I’ve got.

‘Here goes then; and yes I’m basing the following on the album notes. – Well I’m at least going to be using them as a guide anyway…

After I released * Afterglare * in July 2015 I took a working holiday.

I’d already studied Kate Bush, and I took a look at the careers of the members of the group Wham! – As well as the career of Boy George – who, although I had no idea at the time, was to appear as a celebrity judge on the 2016 series of The Voice (UK).
I’m not seeking to emulate these artists as such, nor to copy their style. As you’ll hear from the recordings in this release; I’m still very much an individual and unique artist. – But that’s not to say that those who have gone before me haven’t influenced me in any way: In fact quite the opposite.

Mogs at MineAlthough it was a learning curve and was overall a success, it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped; but during that time I recorded * Powder or Granules * – You can blame Mogs for this, (Mogs wrote the lyrics and did the vocals for * Unseelie Rade * on my 2014 album * I’m A Person, Not A Genre’ *  ) because I told her about a song my mum and I made up when I was a kid, and she insisted that I recorded and published it.

Well I recorded it, and wasn’t happy with it, so I recorded it again. I still wasn’t happy so I enhanced it with extra harmonies. Then I put it in a back-folder on my hard-drive and forgot about it. Mogs turned up one day to help me blitz the studio. – Spring cleaning. : –

“Have you finished that recording of the mouselike-song-track”. She asked, as she sprawled her small-ish frame across the studio, allowing her coat to occupy the entire sofa, and neatly placing something she’d brought with her in every other available space. (When I was a kid I used to keep gerbils; which my mother referred to as “mouselikes”.)

I asked her to place her coat somewhere out of the way, and then lied “Oh I’d forgotten all about that.”; despite having listened to it not an hour before.

The usual bottles of unusual beer made an appearance  as we listened to the track, and Mogs topped herself up with her amber-breakfast in the early afternoon.

“People will pay to listen to that” she ventured; finishing off the first bottle of ‘Walpoles Dorset Table-Leg & Vineyard Ale’.

“I guess so.” I agreed. “But it’s a very cult-y sound.”…’As is a lot of my other music.’ I silently mused, as an afterthought.

It made it on to the EP, as you’ll hear when you get your copy. I was also saving up an extended version, which was in fact the uncut original version, of the track that I’d produced in the style of and as a tribute to Marc Bolan; and which I’d included on my previous EP, * Afterglare * , in shortened form.

“People will pay to listen to that” she ventured…

In 2015 I’d been intending to make an album in 2016. and had put that aside as a track for said album. The self-discovery working-vacation continued into October 2015 however; which kind of cocked things up on that front. – So rather than save the full track for an album I included it on the EP.

I started writing lyrics for * Something New * in 2015, and then took up the project and finished writing them again in January 2016. I did a draft recording, and then another with a touch of autotune. I still wasn’t happy; but Mogs said she liked what she heard, so rather than fiddle about with it and keep re-recording it ad-infinitum, I included it as the title track. Mogs plays the flute among other instruments, and I usually trust her intuition, at least to a point, when it comes to music.

I’m now going to quote directly from the album notes with regard to track 4: –

“Finally track 4 – * Summer Days *

Images of lazing in the sunshine; gazing up at the lofty skies above.

For some reason, when I replayed the completed recording, the tune and the orchestra combined to give me visions of doing so on a Scottish moorland, as I imagined the tune played on bagpipes while the flocks of foraging haggis grazed in the distance, and a bonnie wee lassie picked thistles by the loch shore, to cook for the family dinner.”

The great thing about being British and taking the piss out of the Scots is that nobody can accuse me of racism, as English and Scottish are both British, ( Despite them Jocks calling us English “Sassenachs”.), as are the good ol’ Irish and the Welsh too, aye they are to be sure – is it boyo.

The UK: probably one of the strangest places on the planet; with, at times, even stranger people.

I think that just about covers everything: I’ve been writing too long anyway and I’m hungry and in need of coffee. That’s it for this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it. The EP * Something New * will be released some time on Thursday 12th May 2016. I hope you enjoy listening to it; and if you buy it – as a download or a CD – it’ll be very helpful to me. There will be a great discount offer via CD Baby on release; so keep your eyes open for that.

“* Something New * is the title track to one of Sharron-Idol’s EPs. Download or stream it from iTunes.”
Tweet: * Something New * is the title track to one of Sharron-Idol's EPs.  Download or stream it from iTunes at

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