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Sharron-Idol’s EP * Something New *: Album Notes( 'Takes about 9 minutes to read. )

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The creation of the
* Something New * EP wasn’t exactly straightforward; in fact it’s in essence the result of work spanning years rather than weeks.


* Something New * Album Cover


After I released * Afterglare * in July 2015 I decided to take my first holiday in years. – But I didn’t plan any destination or book any flights, because rather than a holiday of relaxation and enjoyment, I instead embarked upon a holiday of discovery: I’d already studied Kate Bush, and I took a look at the careers of the members of the group Wham! – As well as the career of Boy George – who, although I had no idea at the time, was to appear as a celebrity judge on the 2016 series of The Voice (UK).

I’m not seeking to emulate these artists as such, nor to copy their style. As you’ll hear from the recordings in this release; I’m still very much an individual and unique artist. – But that’s not to say that those who have gone before me haven’t influenced me in any way: In fact quite the opposite.

I was born in the days of Neil Sedaka, Neil Diamond, Val Doonican, Sandy Shaw – the heyday of Petula Clark; The era of Joanie Mitchell. I heard the Beatles at No.1 throughout much of my early life: Then came Slade, Mud, and the whole glam-rock scene featuring David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Noddy Holder… A decade later came groups such as Spandau Ballet, The Teardrop Explodes, Depeche Mode, Visage, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and solo-acts such as Toyah Wilcox. – Yes I’ve only got as far as the Eighties so far, and to save space I’ll stop there.

They all had some influence; they can’t not have.

So enough of the pre-ramble; let’s get straight into what delectable morsels I have packed into this release for you: –

Track #1 – the good ol’ Title track: * Something New *.

I created the first draft of * Something New * back in August/September 2013, during the end of my ‘holiday of discovery’. I wanted to do something new, and so I created a song about creating something new with someone new. At the end of the day, though, there really is nothing new under the sun, and being Human endows us with Human nature: – ‘Same old…

Here’s a lyric sheet for you to follow along: –

Something New – Lyrics by Sharron-Idol.

Verse1: –
Let’s think of some-thing new;
A-ny-thing you can do.
I can do an-y-thing, do it with you.
Let’s think of mu-sic now.
Let’s make a beat some-how.
Let’s form a co-llab. Let’s do it with you.

Verse2: –
Let’s form a beat with a
Rhy-thm u-nique, and lets
Make mu-sic chique. – Let me do it with you.
Let’s make it climb to a
Mel-o-dic time; make a
Tune that’s sub-lime. Let’s make noise me & you.

Verse 3:-
Let’s play some in-stru-ments;
Let’s make a-ccomp’ni-ment.
We’ll write a song – sing a-long me and you.
We’ll move our feet as we
Grind to the beat for the
Beat is so sweet when it’s just me & you.

Verse4: –
Let’s dance the night cos we’re
Fee-ling all right and I’m
Hol-ding you tight and the night is a-light.
The flash of the strobe and the
Lights and the globe, watch the
Night o-ver-load as I do it with you.

Verse5: –
We have got so-me-thing new: –
Here is what we can do.
We do it all if I do it with you.
We can make mu-sic and
Beat if we choose it and
We will co-llab-or-ate: Just me and you.

– End.

– And on to track 2: Love [Extra Version] :-

Yes, a cut-down version of this track did appear on my EP * Afterglare*; but I did a little better this time round.
– Lyrics follow: –

Do you think your love – oh do you think your love is like a dove?
Spreading out your wings – and things – and flying on the wings of love.
Oh do you think your love – oh do you think your love is like a dove?
Like a bird of peace – don’t cease, cos I can’t – I can’t get enough.

La – la la, la – la la la.
La – la la la. Lo-ove.

Do you think your hair, so fair, is there to make me want to care?
In the lofty heights – at nights. – You’re flying, up where eagles dare.
Warm me with your love – cos I just can’t get enough.
Burn me in your love – like a dove.

La – la la, la – la la la.
La – la la la. Lo-ove.

Do you think your song, so long, is sung to make me sing along?
With words that rhyme – to beat, so sweet. – A tune, unique, with lyrics strong.
The moon in the tune – on a Summer’s night in June.
Ev-er-y-bo-dy sing along.

Oh do you think your love – oh do you think your love is like a dove?
Spreading out your wings and things and flying on the wings of love.
Oh do you think your love – oh do you think your love is like a dove?
Like a bird of peace – increase, don’t cease, cos I can’t get enough.

La – la la, la – la la la.
La la la la. Lo-ove.
La – la la, la – la la la.
La la la la. Lo-ove.

+ supplementary vocals/lyrics.
– End.

You may have doubts regarding my sanity on first hearing track 3: Powder of Granules; so allow me to edify you a little: –

When I was a kid I used to keep gerbils; which my mother referred to as “mouselikes”. The mouselikes, usually 2 of them – unless they had a litter – were kept in a blue metal 1960s/1970s-style rodent-cage, with a grille of bars at the top as well as a clip-hatch that a hand could be inserted into to provide food and water. There was also a grille of bars at the front of the cage with no hatch in it.

The mouselikes’ nose and upper jaw was able to fit between the bars, providing that the lower bar was actually in the mouselike’s mouth. The mouselikes were cool with this as they’d nibble on the bars after they’d shredded everything nibble-able in their cage and probably used it for bedding. They particularly liked cardboard toilet-roll middles; with which they could play run-through and shred.

Being a kid at the time I became curious as to what would happen if I touched the protruding nose of the bar-nibbling mouselike. Eventually curiosity got the better of me and I touched the nose of the nibbler. – The cage rocked as the mouselike sprang backwards but its two front nibbling-teeth hooked onto the bar that it had been nibbling. Eventually it released itself and dived into the nest of nibbled-up sundries in the back-left corner of the cage, where its partner already was.

Later I told my mum what had happened, and I’m not sure who started it, but eventually the song “Mouselikes go nibble them bars – so I can touch your noses” came into being.

This is the first time I’ve actually put a proper musical score to it. I might have played a very raw version of it on the recorder, glockenspiel, or piano, but this is the final product.

[ SEO Keyword stuffing alert: This beat couldn’t be much more different than
* Something New * even if it tried.]

The reference to “Here we go in our UFO” dates back not so far: In the early 1990s a friend and I were in my car travelling towards Salisbury in Wiltshire, England, when I noticed something at the edge of a field next to a track, which led to the back of beyond, that looked suspiciously like what I’d expect a UFO to look like. In short it was a UFO and it was hovering about a metre or so above the ground and seemingly scanning something on the ground with a white beam.

It being the early 1990s; mobile phones didn’t yet have cameras on them – even though they’d evolved from a brick to something smaller. I did have a video camera in the back of the car, and I tried to make contact with the craft from a few yards away while I was setting the camera up. The crew, if there were indeed any crew on board, didn’t appear interested in me though; and after they’d finished scanning the piece of ground that they were scanning they turned the beam off, rose into the air, and made off at great speed. I was still trying to get the camera working and my friend wouldn’t leave the car. The UFO left no marks or other evidence that it was ever there, and no contact was made.

“I like the taste of mouselike fish-fingers, cos they overflow with flavour; powder or granules”

… is an amalgamation of television advertisments screened between programs in the 1970s in Southern England; back in the days of Southern Television on ITV, before Channel 4 even existed, and satellite TV was starting to be talked about by TV executives. – Well in fact it was originally ‘Bird’s Eye fish fingers’; but I think they taste better if they’re made from mouselikes rather than bird’s eyes.

( – The tails do tend to stick in your throat though.)

– …So now you know.

Finally [instrumental] track 4 – * Summer Days *

Images of lazing in the sunshine; gazing up at the lofty skies above.

For some reason, when I replayed the completed recording, the tune and the orchestra combined to give me visions of doing so on a Scottish moorland, as I imagined the tune played on bagpipes while the flocks of foraging haggis grazed in the distance, and a bonnie wee lassie picked thistles by the loch shore, to cook for the family dinner.

Well; there you have it: The latest from the Shazzalive.

Enjoy. 


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