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^ NEW (better) SITEMAP! ^

Sitemap representation. (This is actually a map of Avebury, Wiltshire, UK in negative.)

I wrote a template a few weeks after this sitemap was created, which acts as a second HTML sitemap. That sitemap is a non-plugin, because It’s a part of the theme: Check out the Article Inventory.


Yes that means exactly what you think it means; that being that the other page, the ‘Article Inventory’, is not a plugin, although you’d possibly expect it to be so.

However; rather than being a plugin – which uses database resources, it has been written into the theme and is a combination of a page-template and a page. – As a result it uses far less resources and neither strains the database nor pushes the CPU for more cycles either; therefore keeping the graphs a little more tamed at your hosting company.

As a result of my experimentation; this page will remain in beta for some time – maybe even longer than that; for which I apologise. – However one is better than none. – Or should I say ‘One is beta than none?

If you don’t want to read all my spiel then do find the HTML site map you’re looking for. – And no I’m not writing all this for the purpose of keyword-stuffing either.

(There is, of course, an XML sitemap too; just in case any bots and crawlers were feeling left out. 😉 )

Excuse me while I Ramble on
for SEO Purposes…

There’s a recommended minimum of 300 words that Google ask for on a page per article, in order to increase the SEO score and gain an extra drip of Google-juice. Although there is seemingly no logic to that; it is nevertheless the case.

Although you’ve got a rather large sitemap up above ^, Yoast SEO plugin doesn’t actually see that when it reads my site; and I can’t be sure that Google doesn’t read it the same way. What I do know is that Yoast reports to Google; and if Yoast sees X text yet Google reads x+y text then there will be an inconsistency, and I’ll end up losing some Google juice for having an error on my site.

November 2020 Note: Before I go off on one regarding SEO and all that: Writing the sitemap-non-plugin page appears to have been a waste of time..

– I mean I wrote it; but nobody used it or even developed it. – It’s just stuck in my theme as a virtually-unused page. It was never publicised as such – What a waste of time that was. 🙁

That’s a shame – because Google give you a tiny bit extra Google juice if you have an HTML sitemap. An XML sitemap is the big one out of the two; but every little helps.. So why not put an HTML sitemap on your site? I’ll share my code if you want to adapt the page to put into your theme – or you can use a plugin if you prefer. (I’ve just updated the plugin HTML sitemap. – It looks a bit better.) – I think I may have wasted my time on my non-plugin-HTML-sitemap page though.

Creating it did give me the chance to sharpen up my PHP a bit. Although it’s 5 or more years later now as I write this; and I’ve not created any more themes: Maintaining this one is a job in itself. – But I manage to keep it updated it seems. It serves me well; even though it’s bugger all use to anyone else. – Having said that I didn’t originally write it for anyone else – which was lucky, as nobody else wants it apparently.

So for the purposes of SEO that makes me happy because it can’t get penalised by Google; I’m going to assume that Yoast sees the page as it appears on the article template – which I think it does anyway – complete with the HTML – and that Google sees both the article template and the actual generated page, and that Google AI has the intelligence to work out what’s going on.

Further to the above I’ve decided to stick with the current plugin on this page. The ‘Article Inventory’ page will overlay any deficiencies in the plugin. – However the ‘Article Inventory’ page still, officially, remains in beta.

The reason for including the HTML sitemaps of whatever type is, again, partially for SEO purposes. – Google LOVE a sitemap; HTML and XML.(see next paragraph)
There is also the fact that a good HTML sitemap should give assistance to visitors in navigating the website.

There are 2 major types of site map in operation on this website: There is the HTML-type of sitemap, as on this page, which is Human-readable. There is also an XML sitemap: The definition of XML, according to Wikipedia, is “Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable.”

In reality, although XML is in a way Human-readable, it is nevertheless rather difficult to read. It is, in truth, a type of code, and it’s read more easily by a machine at the end of the day. – Speaking from personal experience it takes too long to decipher the message in the code – if you ask me.

The XML sitemap on this site is intended for machine-reading only, and is regularly read by search-spiders including Google’s crawler-spider. – This also adds to the overall SEO-score of this website, imparting to it yet more Google juice.

…And so something new is learned, and knowledge acquired, from second to second on this
blatantly shazz-a-mazing website!

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