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Make Your Site Faster & Safer with SiteGround’s Black Friday Deal( 'Takes about 4 minutes to read. )

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These opportunities only come along every so often, and this Black Friday is one of those times: It really is a great time to take advantage of this offer and make your site faster & safer with SiteGround’s Black Friday Deal.


SiteGround Black Friday & Cyber Monday Savings

What SiteGround are offering & why I recommend SiteGround

Why SiteGround?

Why SiteGround?

Who can benefit from SiteGround’s hosting services?

Everyone can benefit...

  • Yes that’s the expected and easy answer – “everyone”. – Be more specific…

SiteGround's services benefit people starting a website

  • So yes it’s a great deal for anyone just starting their site:

Rather than using the host’s Page Builder I prefer to hand-code my theme personally. Many others prefer a done-for-you theme such as Genesis – or even Optimize Press, for commercial dexterity.

Each to their own though: Someone just starting out may well find the Page Builder most useful to start with. Installing WordPress or whichever CMS you choose to use is a doddle. – Just go into CPanel and click your choice.

Between you and me there are really loads of little useful bits scattered here and there throughout SiteGround’s website. They’re not all free – even to start with; but many of them can be very useful. I won’t list them all here for the sake of space.

That last point is true by the way: SiteGround are extremely attentive to detail. They always have your back. – If you do have any problems, though, just ask, and they’ll respond speedily, efficiently, and courteously to resolve the issue. As a customer I can vouch for this.

Who else are SiteGround’s services advantageous to?

SiteGround; the best choice for people hosted elsewhere

I love that word “affordability”; and in SiteGround’s case it’s most apt.

With SiteGrounds’ high standards and great service you’d think it would cost you an arm and a leg. – In fact I know of at least one other company that charges a huge tariff for its great services. At SiteGround it’s a little more on the affordable side, despite the service being top-rated. – Heck they even give away freebies too!

WordPress users get a great deal from SiteGround

This is a subject I know a lot about: I’m a WordPress user hosted by SiteGround.

Yes I’m a WP’er; the site that you’re reading this on is a WordPress-powered site which is hosted by SiteGround.

My previous experiences with other hosting companies in the past haven’t been all roses, and made me rather cynical. – So when I joined SiteGround to have them host my site I was wary.

The first thing I noticed was that they were very polite and courteous. If I ever had a problem that I couldn’t fix myself they’ be onto it and have it sorted or tell me how to sort it myself, straight away. It was quickly obvious that I was in serious danger of being out-geeked, and it showed. It’s a comforting thought that I am certain that qualified technically-astute people are running my server that my website is hosted on.

It’s great to know that I made the right choice of provider: Everywhere I look online these days I see everyone else recommending SiteGround too – so I’m not alone.

Web geeks feel at home and experience 'heaven' with SiteGround.

Web geeks are ‘in Heaven’ with SiteGround.

– In fact a number of them actually join SiteGround, as if it were some sort of geeks’ paradise… And it is. I’m a tech geek – different to a web geek – but I’d feel right at home… In fact I do feel right at home: With a hosting provider that has many years of web and tech experience; plus knows their stuff and do their job well.


Yep – SiteGround hosting is advantageous for just about everyone.

If you’re an e-commerce provider; whether you’re selling Amazon’s products via a Woo-Commerce powered site on WordPress, or if you’re selling your own products from a large site and generating a six or more figure income. – Even if you’re just intending to get into e-commerce; SiteGround have you covered and are your best choice for hosting your online business.

…And just a reminder, after all that colossal amount of info, that SiteGround are giving you extra discount and making the best cost less this weekend. I suggest that you take this opportunity and take up the offer; because, like I said at the very beginning of this article: –

these opportunities only come along every so often

– and they’re not exactly frequent enough to be missable.

Click on any illustration or pre-edited text block on this page; they’re all linked to carry you right to SiteGround’s website in order to continue your quest for the best in hosting.


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