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Sharron Field

– aka singer/songwriter/producer Sharron-Idol –

as well as entertaining, can build hand-crafted computers that are tailored to your needs.

Yes, Sharron is more than an entertainer: Sharron is a technician with experience.

Sharron will build you your own, unique, hand-built, quality computer. – Whilst it’s true that you can go to a store and buy a factory-built PC that “works well”; that factory-built machine wasn’t built for you. – It was built for the manufacturer because it was the easiest and cheapest design that the manufacturer could mass-produce using proprietary low-cost components, and then sell via a retail outlet at up to 100% mark-up.

‘You thought the off-the-shelf computer’s manufacturer had the customers’ interests at heart? ‘You thought the retailer wanted to give you the best service and sell you the best product possible? – You’re so wrong.

The manufacturer built the machine as cheaply as possible; designing in a ‘lifetime’ period during which the proprietary components used would function: ‘Usually around 5 years. The manufacturer had very little concern for the end customer, other than making sure that the machine would look acceptable and would work as specified at point of sale to the end customer.

The manufacturer probably used proprietary parts in the retail-build that you bought from the store wherever it was possible to use proprietary parts; so that when something went wrong, only their company-trained engineers could repair it to anything more than the standard of a botch-job. Another reason for using proprietary components is that once the machine needs upgrading, it’s very difficult to perform the upgrade when only specially-made components are able to be fitted in place of the old ones. – It’s much easier to go on out and buy a new machine off-the-shelf from the same retailer, made by the same manufacturer. – That way the retailer is quids-in, and the manufacturer can keep producing proprietary junk and keep selling it.

The retailer has only one concern; and it’s not the customers’ best interests.

The retailers’ main concern is to make as much money out of each customer as possible.

The retailer may or may not use any and every tactic – ethical or not – in order to accomplish this.

They’ll tell you that gold contacts on plugs make a better connection… Just so that they can sell you a more expensive product with gold in it. They’ll tell you that they do have nothing but your best interests at heart… Which begs the question: If they actually do have your best interests at heart; why are they telling you lies and trying to fleece you?

IdolSharron’s breaking the mould. Sharron will build you something of better quality that is upgradeable and that will last.

Your Idol-machine won’t last forever, it wont be eternally upgradeable, and it will one day fail; Sharron is Human, not superhuman… But it will give you better service for longer than a factory-built device that you buy from a retail-outlet. – It’ll also be made specially for you, and better suited to your particular needs.

Check out Sharron’s ‘Idol Computers’ website.

Remember the URL:


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