Samples From Sharron-Idol’s EP * Up To Your Eyes *( 'Takes about 2 minutes to read. )

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Samples From Sharron-Idol’s EP
* Up To Your Eyes *

Here you’ll find links to 30-second samples of tracks from Sharron-Idol’s EP
* Up To Your Eyes *


It’s the 14th July 2016 at time of this article’s writing.

I’ve gone politics-crazy!

Theresa May has just yesterday become the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and indeed Brexit has been voted on and agreed since I composed the title track and wrote the lyrics. – Yes this track was all written pre-Brexit when David Cameron was in power and the UK Pound was worth something. It’ll be released post-referendum and a new PM in the form of Theresa May will be running the UK.

But this article is to accompany the publication of samples of my music; not politics.

The title track has absolutely nothing to do with Brexit though; nor do any of the others. The title track is about being in debt. I’ll let the music and the lyrics do the talking when it’s released.


As I said somewhere else; this EP was an experiment in bringing together Drum & Bass and Techno music. It worked to an extent I guess. Just as with computers and electronics, I like to try out new ideas. As I’ve said before; I refuse to be pigeonholed. – I don’t just produce music of one single particular genre’. – In fact I am whatever genre’ I’m singing, playing, or producing at the time. Like a quantum particle I’m never in a fixed-state and I have a wave/particle duality: I can be here and there in the musical spectrum at any point in time, indeed at both places simultaneously.


This isn’t a particularly wordy release overall. In fact tracks 4, 5, and 6 have few words in them at all. – A song that is all words is a poem. Yes I write poetry too; but I’m primarily a singer/songwriter/producer. – I just didn’t do as much songwriting this time around.

So here, below, for your entertainment, are linked 30-second sample pieces from each track. If you think the audio-quality is lousy then that’s because it is: The samples are 112-bit mp3s in order to reduce space used on my server; so don’t expect miracles.


The Track Samples


 Up To Your Eyes


 Acid Engineer


  Deejay (ReLived)

D&B Tech


 Random Noyz


‘Same Old

I do hope that you enjoy the tracks, maybe a lot better when you hear them in full.

Up To Your Eyes - Album_Art

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