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When I’m considering mounting an advertising campaign – for either my own products, or for a third-party affiliate product – I always consider what would be the best way of going about it; both before I start and also when I’ve got going.


This was the case with my latest affiliate promotion: Promoting David Risley’s * Blog Marketing Academy * with its * Blog Monetization Lab *.


I’d been nagging David for quite a while about getting an affiliate campaign going. Back in the days when it was Blog Masters Club and the only product in question was the Blog Masters course, there used to be an affiliate campaign or promotion running… This was back in 2009-ish. I was in on that too; along with some big names in marketing even back then, most of whom are still about today although some are taking more of a back seat. As a result, although I was the No.#1 affiliate with the highest sales value in Week 1, the big hitters took the title off me fairly quickly, and by Week 4 my results total had been more than doubled by the leading player and I was beaten back into 6th place. ( Those were the days eh? Smile )

Since then nothing on the affiliate front: David got fed up with parting with 50% of his income; and since he’d recently got married and his wife had even more recently given birth to his daughter Elyana, he stopped the affiliate campaign and took over recruitment himself: Maybe there were less recruits; but since his income doubled he and his family were better off. – ‘End of.

And so it wasn’t until November 2016 that an affiliate campaign started up on David’s product – this time the renamed * Blog Marketing Academy * – again: But this time there were no big hitters involved. The only people invited to the campaign are members of the Blog Marketing Academy, and participants don’t earn 50%… I mean fair enough: 50% commission per sale of someone else’s product that they put their all into over the years is maybe a bit too much to ask perhaps? – Anyway; becoming an affiliate of the BMA with its’ affiliate campaign isn’t a compulsory requirement of membership, though it’s useful to me. (The way I see it is in terms of 2 sales a month and the membership fee is covered, with change to spare. – Practice marketing skills while you learn while you earn: What could be better than an on-the-job affiliate campaign? )


I’m a  musician by trade: A former long-time technology-geek


Music Writtenwho adopted music as a career and then watched as her income shrank by a factor of 100 as streaming took over from downloads and the number of artists and therefore noise exploded exponentially. Well I need an income which I can live on somehow; and since, although I’m in showbiz and music ‘til I die, I’m having trouble making a living from it, and I therefore have to diversify into other forms of income generation. Online marketing being one of the main alternatives.

So as I learn about the the way to go about building a business online I also build that business online – and I have a great and obvious product to promote as I build that business. It’s true that BMA actually encourages its students to create and sell their own products, but again that’s not a requirement. – it’s not compulsory. Having said that in fact I’m selling my music too; but I’m not making a fortune from it by any means, which is one reason I sell BMA as well. Don’t get me wrong here: I’m not just selling it because I have to. – If I thought it was a lousy product I’d sell you something better. As it happens it’s a good product and I’m still trying to find anything better. When I do I’ll start using it and selling it too if I can. I might start selling a new product in addition to BMA if it’s a good one too. – I’ll see what happens in the future.


So having signed up for the affiliate campaign I’m thinking that I need to carefully choose my options.


Thinking ahead; when I set the campaign running I’m going to need traffic: There are two types of traffic I can get: –


  1. Paid-for traffic. (Bought – with money.).
  2. Organic traffic (‘Free – in a manner of speaking.).


* See  my article: * Why You’re Wasting Time Focusing On SEO and Social To Get More Traffic *.


I’ll probably get some organic traffic coming in, no doubt, and the amount of that organic traffic will possibly increase over time. – But only if I get the word out; and there’s one way to do that: Advertise. – And the best place to advertise? There are a few; but I’m going to stick to Facebook: It’s probably as good as Google in terms of yield; though due to its partially/semi-educated audience I’ll have to choose my intended audience’s demographics for targeting with greater care. – You see what I’m looking for here is product/market fit.


* Blog Marketing Academy * with its * Blog Monetization Lab * will tell you loads about product/market fit and how to achieve it.
Tweet: * Blog Marketing Academy * will tell you loads about product/market fit and how to achieve it. #business #blog

There’s no point trying to sell sand to Arabs: It’s a bad product/market fit – ‘Just like selling ice to Eskimos.

The point is that unless there’s a demand for a product, that product won’t sell.


In this case there’s obviously a demand because the product has already sold hundreds of times. – But if I target the wrong type of audience then I’ll be paying Facebook to show adverts for ice to the Eskimos in effect, and I’ll waste my money – plus I’ll sell nothing: Result = 100% out-of-pocket.

So I’ll target people between age 21 and 70: Most people under 21 don’t have the necessary maturity for an affiliate campaign in my view. It’s true that some do; and there are teenage millionaire business people appearing from time to time even in the UK… But it’s rare. I’ll target Americans – because BMA is run by an American company and owned by an American. – It’s built for Americans. I’ll also target Australians; because Australia is fairly well-to-do and educationally advanced, as is the UK… Well it’s well-to-do so far at least. – And there are other countries I’ll target: I’m looking for where the money is, where the need is, where the interest is, and where the basic educational standards necessary to engage in the course are taught.


Men and women can do this: In fact for any male chauvinists out there; the top performing business belonging to a student of BMA – ever – belongs to a woman.


There are pretty much entire nations of tyre-kickers out there too: By “tyre-kickers” I mean like the people who go into a car showroom, kick the tyres of every car, and leave without buying anything. These people in the tyre-kicker countries will cost you next to nothing for each lead and traffic item that you send to the offer. You will have thousands of responses, a ton of traffic, and very few if any sales.


  • I’d rather pay $5 per lead, get 6 leads a day, and have every other lead sell – than pay 5 cents per lead, get 600 leads per day, but only one or two sales.


So now I’ve chosen my demographics that I’m targeting I want to try turning on the traffic so that I can analyse and split-test to refine product-market fit.

There are 2 things to consider here: –


  1. Facebook are pretty good at optimising the traffic flow and giving you exactly what you asked for; but it takes them a couple of days to optimise it totally. – So you’ll need to sample traffic over a period of around 4 days before turning off the traffic again and analysing your results.
  2. It’s not a good idea to blow too much of the budget at this stage: We’re optimising for better performance. When that is achieved it’s then that you start spending in earnest.


– And so now we analyse the results. It helps, to some degree, to drive paid traffic to the offer, then stop the paid traffic after a while, and just watch the organic traffic trickle in: The organic traffic you get is a rather loose indication of the impact of your overall sales campaign: The more organic traffic you get is indicative of the impact of the overall campaign.

Don’t expect to run a few days paid traffic and then to get a ton of organic traffic: It won’t happen. – In fact you’ll be lucky if you get any organic traffic at that point. As you go on split testing however, you’ll notice that the volume of organic traffic rises to a point. – The higher the point and the faster the rise = the more impactful your campaign. – To a certain extent anyway.

So that’s about it for this article.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it, and that you’ve learned something in the way of valuable information from it. You might even consider joining * Blog Marketing Academy * with its * Blog Monetization Lab *? It just so happens that I’ve prepared a short video for you to watch. – Now there’s a thing. Smile

Enjoy. – And you might also like to scroll down some more after the video and get your details on my emailing list and stay in touch. – It seems such a waste to let this meeting slip away without bearing any fruit.



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