A Review of Sharron-Idol’s Decade Past( 'Takes about 6 minutes to read. )

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spectacles - 2020 vision

* No this review has nothing to do with the Two Ronnies, or Denis Taylor. (‘Showing my age again.)

As we proceed into 2020 I guess I’d better cap-off the last year;
indeed the last decade.
It’s time for a review.
– Whoopee-doo!

Since the 1980’s I’ve wanted to be a singer, a performer, an entertainer. Since the 1980’s I’ve been a producer – as in: I’ve produced something – usually musical and/or technical.
– Let’s do-o-o this review: –

In the Twenty-Teens… Is that what we’re going to call the decade? It’s not all that imaginative… The Naughties was a fun name for a decade ( 2000 – 2010 ). Oh well; until someone comes up with something better; Twenty-Teens it is. – Which is in a sense quite fitting as well as in a sense flattering to anybody born in 2000.

In this last decade I became a singer/entertainer, in addition to being a producer – of music and tech.

That was hard work. – I had zero experience in music when I started back in 2011-2012. I threw myself in at the deep end and learned to swim as a matter of having to do so or go under. By year two I was breaking even. In year three (2015) I made a profit.

In 2016 the goal-posts moved significantly. They’d been slowly moving since 2012; but in that year they started shifting about with some rapidity: Suddenly my business model no longer worked as far as being in profit was concerned; and in 2017 I found myself paying to go to work. As a result of that my last major release was in January 2018 – under extreme pressure. Not only was I paying to go to work during 2017; but to cut a long story short I got clobbered by the Inland Revenue too, and found myself considerably in the red despite putting my case through my local MP and Government departments. It was no longer a viable position to be an entertainer in my case during 2018 – and so I set about building new audio and computer equipment while I attempted to come up with a better business model. I failed to come up with a new business model that worked even in theory; and so I spent 2019 building a few machines for other people to keep the limited finances ticking over.


Website Wind-up

In 2018 I closed my website known as kkomp dot com; which had become rather popular over the years since 2008. The problem was that it was constructed using the WordPress CMS from wordpress dot org, and the theme had in places been hard-coded into the very structure of the site; making a change of theme a rather difficult feat to accomplish without a heck of a lot of re-coding. Add to that the fact that the Twenty-Ten theme which I’d adapted for purpose had no mobile-friendliness whatsoever built into it, and after all was considered the only thing to do was to start again. Despite various plugins adding a degree of extra functionality; I realised that the site had to die at some point. It was with this in mind that I started experimenting with buggerallon dot tv in 2012. By 2016 I’d officially launched Bugger All On dot TV , which you’re looking at now following further revisions and improvements. I wanted to keep kkomp going past 2020; but I decided that kkomp dot com was no longer a sustainable website, and shut it down.

So here we are: December 2019; with a new year and a new decade looming. It’s time to use the twenty-twenty-vision and make the most of the next ten years…

I wonder how many more ‘ten years’s’ I’ll be able to say that for? When you’re over 50 and past the half way point to 60 it does start to cloud the sunlight on your dreams to some extent if you’re the ambitious type… But onwards and upwards: Where there’s life there’s hope, and if there’s hope then there’s still the chance to steer destiny in a prosperous direction. ‘Ever the optimist me; yet always mindful of the fact that despite life at times being a bed of roses, one always has to watch out for the pricks; of which there is always at least one in every scenario. – Life’s a bitch; so I just have to be the complete diva with a full compliment of well-throttled bottled-bitch-factor that I keep on a tight leash and let it go if needed.

What do I have planned for the future? Nothing solid to be honest; though I have some good ideas: I’m planning to take my time creating a release that will be more than a note amidst a cacophony of the sound of multiple levels of talented individuals which gets lost in the din. I’ll also keep building computers as time and finances allow – for myself and for others – because I’m a dedicated technician to the core, as well as a multi-talented entertainer. I need to make some money… Why is it difficult to make money all of a sudden? Did I miss something somewhere? I should go back and check.


Here’s to the future; and by means of this review may I wish you all a Merry Xmas – or Happy Holidays if you’re a snowflake – just to prove that I do have a bitch-streak.

Happy New Year for 2020; and let’s all put on the 20-20-vision goggles and make this coming decade the best ever. Remember you’re responsible for your own words and actions. – There is NO saviour, no redeemer. You stand alone against your sins. – So think before you act, and face the reality of the situation before you embark on a course of action. – If it’s good for you and it’s not detrimental to anyone else then go for it! – If it adversely affects another human being either directly or indirectly then pause, reformulate the proposition, implement changes, recalculate the effects, and keep doing so – rinse and repeat – until all is good. – By doing that; along with everybody else, you’ll make the world a much much much better place to live in.


You have been enlightened.
– Now go forth and live life to the full!



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