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Cyclists : RANT 101( 'Takes about 4 minutes to read. )

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In fact I’d put all cycle paths, as well as a few psychopaths, in there.


Cyclists are a scourge on the UK.

– Look I have to get this off my chest; OK…

They ride their flimsy lightweight pedal-propelled vehicles on the roads and then try to get decent proper transportation to make special allowance for them. They ride dangerously; their vehicles are barely roadworthy, and then they wonder why many of them get injured or killed on the roads.

In the light of the above what does our Government do?

Do they come down extra-hard on cyclists to ensure that they are properly roadworthy and safe to compete with other road traffic? No; instead, having allowed a huge part of Britain’s’ rail network that was the envy of the world – and which had the potential for full-electrification; therefore conveying billions of passengers while significantly reducing the nation’s carbon footprint in one fell swoop – to be torn up: they then, at taxpayers’ expense, tarmac a percentage of the former trackbeds and designate them “National Cycle Route XXX”.

That is abhorrent to me.

I’d much rather see trains back on them. – Electric trains, diesel trains, steam trains, any trains – rather than an empty resurfaced track which the occasional thug can escape from the Law on, and which otherwise gets the traffic of a few cycles per month, while the bulk of the cyclists continue to dice with death on the roads and put not only their lives, but also the lives of motorists, in danger.


Yes it was a Labour Government that allowed Dr Richard Beeching to ruin the UK’s railroads. If my historical knowledge is right I think Labour were in charge of the UK all through the Sixties, and yet they still didn’t quite manage to ruin the country totally. Having said that Edward Heath’s Conservative Government didn’t do much better; and it took Margaret Thatcher, a few years later, to sort out the mess that the UK had been left in.

I’m surprised that Labour didn’t pour money into the railways as if there were no tomorrow: That’s what they usually do when there’s any kind of economic crisis. – But no; instead they hired a halfwit from the chemical industry to shut down the Nation’s pride and joy. – And what have we got to show for it now? Not railway tracks but fucking cycle routes. – I ask you!

What has China got to boast about? Skyways and magnificent structures. What has the UAE got to boast about? The tallest building in the world is one of the things. What has Germany got to boast about? Its system of autobahns and its superb engineering skill. What has the UK got to boast about? Cycle routes. :O

Light at The End of The Tunnel?

Having said all that, now that the economy is out of danger, the Conservatives are reopening many of the stations and lines that were closed by Beeching under Labour, and it’s the Conservatives who are bringing the country back together again by building a decent National transport network. (Even if they do also make too many allowances for cyclists.)

I found a picture illustrating how much cyclists actually use designated cycle paths

…and how they put themselves in danger by not bothering.

In the light of this; why make old disused railway tracks into unused cycle routes? Remember it was the Labour Government who let Beeching loose on the railways in the 1960s. Many people lost their jobs, and many more lost their only good transport link. We the public didn’t want to lose our railways. – It was forced on us. Then the old trackbeds are left to go to nature for 50 years or so; and then someone decides to use them as cycle routes… Cycle routes that next to nobody uses; just like the cycleways on the roads, but even less than that.

Let’s be real: A cycle route helps maybe 100 people a week get some exercise if you’re lucky. A railway transports over 100 people a day, provides jobs, interests, and opportunity. It makes transport easier and boosts the economy. We need viable railways in the UK; not silly cycle routes.
Bin the bike. – Think again: Take a train.

Cyclists avoiding cycle lanes
Picture of Goodrington Sands, Devon. August 2018. From Google Earth. Note the cyclists ignoring the designated cycle lane and putting themselves out into the path of traffic.
(Incidentally; Goodrington Sands has its own full-time heritage railway station.)

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