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Promotion has been lacking in my career to date. – That has to change if I want to go anywhere other than total obscurity.

Idol Experience (2014)In my music and entertainments career from 2013 to date, I’ve created well over 100 commercially-available tracks – which you can find on my Apple iTunes or my CD Baby account. (Other online music retailers do exist, and many of them also stock my tracks.)

For the first couple of years I focused on creating tracks pretty much exclusively. In 2015 I spent some time promoting, but again most of my efforts went into production.

In 2016 I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing or where I was going. I was on the verge of burnout, and I had to take a month or two’s break that year. Despite that setback, I continued producing, but I feel quality suffered to an extent.

I recaptured myself and got back on the rails in early 2017. I produced some good tracks, partially instrumental, in a new style which seemed to emerge along with my re-emergence… But although I tried to promote a lot more I still wasn’t getting it right and promotion was falling by the wayside in favour of creation.

Five Years of Production; Yet I’m Still Relatively Little-Known

PromoI’m an unsigned artist; so you might say that that is some excuse for not being a household name, or for not being more widely-known. – ‘Fair comment. But rather than making excuses I’m going to take responsibility, face up to reality, and accept the fact that I’m not very well known because I haven’t been promoting enough. – Again, as has been the case throughout my career thus far; it’s been all making music but very little marketing music, as well as marketing my associated brand. I wanted to avoid that; I railed against it on my website… Yet, despite being an internet marketer, I failed to market correctly.

In 2018 I’ll be spending much less time creating and much more time promoting

pap sharronI’m not only going to be promoting my music though: I’m also going to be promoting my website, and I’m going to be engaging in internet marketing as usual.

I’ll still have a presence and be active on Facebook & Twitter, and I’ll still be fully active on both, as well as this website. – But I’m going to continue to update and tidy some of the articles on this site, as I have been doing already in 2018. You’ll also see a few instances of new material if you’re lucky.

The mode in general this year, though, is – unless I have a huge flash of inspiration / a massive brainwave – I’ll be creating little and promoting big in 2018.

As I’ve already said; that doesn’t mean that you won’t see or hear anything from me.

KolageI’ve already released an EP in January 2018, and I’m not saying that I won’t be releasing something else before the year ends. – The thing is that it’s fairly pointless releasing these albums and whatever if no-one gets to listen to it because they don’t know about it.

There are 2 main ways that I can think of for promoting my material: The first is to promote my website, and promote my music and entertainments on my website, and the second is to promote my music and entertainments directly. – I’ll probably do both; but Facebook organic promotion alone isn’t going to be enough: I’ll be needing paid promotion via channels other than but including Facebook… The finances aren’t looking as healthy as I’d like currently; so it’ll be a juggling act no doubt for a while.

So anyway that’s how things stand. – I didn’t want you to think I’d given up or died or something, just because I don’t keep releasing tracks like a machine gun.

I hope that this year works out well for everyone reading this, self included obviously, but I wish you all a great year for the remainder of 2018.

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