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Today I had a day off being a producer;
the first one in a long while.

sharron_readingTo say that we producer s rarely have a day off might well be a great inaccuracy; so I won’t. Many of us have families and take the weekends and evenings off; particularly those of us with thriving businesses. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to time management; and with no immediate family as such I like to get stuck in to my career and work that I love doing; be it artistic or scientific/technical, even to the exclusion of a social life. – I know that makes me sound somewhat sociopathic; but that’s just how I am lol.

Anyway today ( Sunday 3rd September ) I didn’t produce anything other than the payment for the meal I ordered on just-eat dot com. (…Who I don’t endorse as such; but they can be OK.)

Of course when I describe myself as a “producer” I’m not referring to being someone in charge of making a radio or television programme. I’m not necessarily referring to myself or others being a producer of music  either. I’m talking about people who produce more than they consume.

In today’s Western society, for the purposes of this example, there are two major types of people: –


There are people who love to be entertained, who consume their fill of the many types of entertainment that they prefer. These are the majority, and they are the consumers.


There are also a smaller class of people who love to entertain and/or educate others. These people also consume a percentage of the entertainment that’s on offer, and maybe appreciate it a lot as a result of being in the business: These people are the producers. We know who we are: From mega-rich and talented entertainers such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé’… Even talented academics, some of whom dabble in entertainments, such as Professor Brian Cox; the late Sir Patrick Moore, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Professor Chris Lintott… And yes – Professor Green is in this group; even though he’s not a real professor. (English rapper & entertainer using the title as part of his stage name.)… All the way down to the much-less-famous people such as myself. (I have a  certain degree of fame; but not to anywhere near the same extent as many of the big names in entertainment and other fields.) We are the producers. I obviously didn’t have the gargantuan amount of space necessary to list the many millions of people who make up all of us.


There is nothing wrong with either group of people – producer or consumer; the members of one group aren’t any ‘better’ than the other, nor are the population of one group necessarily physically, mentally, or intellectually, different in any way. – It is an example, not a class-war or an exercise in prejudice.


Moving on; and this last week I’ve been web-creating at a hell-for-leather pace: You see on Monday I suddenly had this idea of creating and dedicating an entire individual website to each of my releases.

What gave me the idea was something that I saw on CD Baby: They’ve joined up with HostBaby – who may be just a spin-off of CD Baby, like Book Baby and the others – to provide artists with a website that promotes their latest release.

The website that HostBaby provide consists of an index page. – That’s all; just an index page. I think it’s in Flash too; an aging technology which some browsers no longer support and which many search engines still have great difficulty reading due to the way it’s coded. It also costs $20. It does, however, get included for a limited amount of time, in the mainstream American music press publications. – Though that’s maybe a waste of time. – I don’t know.


My thinking was as follows: –

What if I were to create a website from a WordPress installation on a sub-domain of my main site, one for each release of mine (Not necessarily backdated too far; but certainly for my latest and future releases.)?

Cosmic Site

That actually sounds like a good idea; because I can create the website exactly as I want it to look, and have it present in a way that I wish it to do so.

It could have any number of pages, and posts and further pages could be added to it over time and at any time of my choosing. I could also advertise, endorse, and promote, any product I liked in tandem with it.

It wouldn’t cost me cash for a short duration; though it would probably cost me time and money nevertheless – But I’m a producer: I see financial cost as an occupational hazard. It wouldn’t look similar to all the other websites of the same type which are created almost identical – well at least on the same template – for other artists of other genre’s even. Most of all it wouldn’t use Flash and would have at least a minor listing with search engines including Google and Bing. – And greatest of all it would be MINE MINE MINE: My creation, my brainchild, my project, my design, reflecting my personality, my values, my preferences. – Totally a work of me-ism; just like my releases themselves.


Yes I am an egotistical biatch; you’re dead right, and cantankerous to the core too. – I’ve been pushed, dragged, and pulled, through all types of shit. I haven’t come up smelling of roses as such. – I’m battered and bruised and I’m proud of every mark; because in every bruise, every cut, every strain, there’s a lesson learned.


Best of all I’ve learned to take a positive experience from every negative situation; and it’s easily done: Every negative situation happens for a reason:


Shit only hits the fan when somebody or some thing throws it at the fan. –So every time the shit hits the fan for you; take it as a lesson. – Work out, by means of a full analysis of the situation and the facts pertaining to it, why and how the shit got thrown fanward in the first place. Having understood that; work out how to avoid the shit getting thrown at the fan next time a similar situation arises.


It’s called forward thinking; and that’s all it takes to avoid a lot of shit in life. It’s also a part of the first part of taking responsibility for your life, for your actions, and for your words.

But we’re not going there today: Oh no by jiminy we’re not. – Not in this article. – Because:

This article is to announce, first and foremost, my new website dedicated to and exclusively dealing with, my latest release; my EP * Cosmic *.

I like to call it an eye-worm: Like a cross between eye-candy and an ear-worm; in visual as well as audio form of course. Not only can you sample every track, but there are pages and posts dealing with the website itself and also its subject matter. There is even a little video; which even Firefox should be able to play, even if it still has issues with .mp4 files… Don’t ask me: I gave up using Firefox years ago when it became so bloated that it crashed my 3-core desktop.

Anyway; this eye-worm should edify you no end, as it leads you toward my recent release with undertones of commerciality, mixed with the sweet harmonics of musical delight.

I could rabbit on endlessly as a producer, producing reams of text; but there really is very little to say that doesn’t appear on the website. Also, the proof of the pudding is in the eating: So without further ado I will link you to my new sub-domain site concerning my 2017 EP release; * Cosmic *: –



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