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Idol’s Album * I’m A Person, Not A Genre’ * – Album Notes( 'Takes about 35 minutes to read. )

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This is my second
mainstream album.
It’s titled
* I’m A Person, Not A Genre’ *


I'm A Person, Not A Genre' Album Art


 As its name suggests * I’m A Person, Not A Genre’ * is no particular genre – or rather a mixture of genres, all performed in the inimitable Idollyic-style. – That’s another personal-type word I’ve just created: “Idollyic”. I like the sound of that: “Idollyic”. – But before I start getting all Miranda Hart – y about it I really should write a proper introduction I guess; so here we go: –


This album is the result of months of effort and hard graft; but I’m an artist and I loved every minute of it. If you’re hoping to hear more of the “standard”-type sound; in other words if you want me to sound like the latest “in-thing” at the time – well I’m going to disappoint you: I don’t. – But that’s what makes me unique as an artist: I have my own sound in my own style. I’m a person, not a genre’, and as a unique individual I’m bringing you something unique. – My presentation to you of my work for your entertainment.

Now the last thing I’m doing is making an effort to sound “far out”. I listen to the current tunes – in the charts and in general – all the time… But although I’m quite capable of reproducing the sound of, say, Rihanna, or Beyoncé’ if I wanted to and really put my mind to it; the question is ‘would you want that from me’? No – because you’ve already got Rihanna and Beyoncé’; two extremely awesome and talented artists, producing their own sound in their own style; so if I do same then who you going to listen to? Them, or a virtual newcomer mimic? We both know the answer.



I’m not saying that I’m as good or otherwise as either of those artists. They are currently much more successful than I am and have a much greater career. I don’t expect it any other way; bearing in mind that they’ve been doing this far longer than me and they have so far shown much more talent. – But I’m me, not Rihanna or Beyoncé’. I’m an individualist. Yes I’d love to be as talented and as popular as they are, but I’m younger in my career even if I’m older in years – so I can’t expect to be as famous as they are even if I do have comparable talent.

But that aside; I have been trying to settle into a genre since the inception of my musical career. The thing is that I hate being pigeonholed; because if I say, or my fans say, that I’m a DnB artist for example, then everyone will expect me to produce DnB. If I start rapping, having been thus pigeonholed, then everyone will give me funny looks and go elsewhere for their entertainment.


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Classified Art

So do I call myself a variety artist then, as I do a variety of genres? Well no. – Again that’s a definite stereotype: Am I a cabaret variety artist? A tap and ballet variety artist? – ‘Variety’ – in this context – doesn’t actually mean doing a variety of genre’s… Ugh – classifications. I’m an artist: I make art. I create all types of songs; some instrumental pieces too. OK I admit I’m not too good at hip-hop, even though I like a lot of the hip-hop sounds that people produce. I can write Country/Country & Western, even though I don’t particularly like much Country & Western music.

If I feel in a DnB mood I’ll put together a DnB tune. The next time I feel in a DnB mood I might write some lyrics to the DnB tune I put together earlier… But if I decide I’d like to try my hand at rock then I write and create rock. – But what about you; the listener? You’re expecting what from me? I hope you’re expecting whatever you get to be in the Idollyic-style; because I write, produce and sing in that style; whether it’s DnB, rock, jazz, pop, whatever. ‘See that Idollyic-style is MY genre’: Everything I produce is Idolised. My trademark is Idolism. I occasionally might take a song and Idolise it by producing a cover-version of it – and you’ll know it’s my cover just by listening to it.

Naming Fans

– I can’t really call my fans “Idolaters” though lol. I’m going to have to think on that one for a while longer. 😐

So yeah – in a way I’m a music-cult leader I guess; if you want to look at it that way; but whichever way you choose to view it; I’m an individual: A person, not a genre’.


Spasticus Artisticus

Yes I’m disabled: I had my leg amputated a number of years ago following a road traffic accident.; but these things happen and I don’t market myself as a disabled artist. – Well not to my fans anyway, even though it may be blatantly obvious that I have a disability. Within the industry of course I have to add a note that I’m not 100% physically agile and able-bodied. – But that’s another story, perhaps for another time.

For now let’s get on with me telling you a little about this album; as I am supposed to do in this space. What better place to start than with Track #1, it being both the first track and the title-track:

I would describe Track #1; *I’m A Person, Not A Genre’*, as the ultimate fusion of contemporary rock with DnB & electronica. OK I jazzed it up a lot there and made it too colourful by using the word “ultimate”: What I mean is – putting away my massive egotistical bigheadedness for at least an instant – is something like ‘it’s what I consider to be a good effort for my first attempt at doing so, and I feel that it is good enough to publish as my work.’ It’s AWESOME! – Seriously though I do like it and so do a few others who’ve heard it. – Oh I do play sneak previews to friends and others in the industry – rarely, but it happens at times.


I’ll Tell You What I Want – What I Really Really Want…

What I’m hoping; what in Spice Girl style I want – what I really really want: I wanna – I wanna – I really really really wanna have you like it too. So if you wanna be my follower, first you gotta like my songs. – Be my fan forever: I hope it never ends. What d’you think about that? – Well I know how you feel: If I want you to like my mu-sic; I gotta make it re-al. – Or I’ll be was-ting, your pre-cious time: Listen to my mu-sic and you’ll feel just fine! (I hope I don’t get chased for royalties, having just written all that lol. I think I used Spice lyrics in another track description or album description a while back too: You can tell what music I’ve been into in the past just by reading between the lines at times.)

I’m taking the risk here of declaring, as I did earlier on Facebook, that this track is the albums ‘crowning glory’. With that I submit this musical work and associated lyrics to your discerning lug-holes in the hope and expectation that you’ll like it too. 🙂

Here is a copy of Track #1’s lyrics sheet: –

I’m a Person, Not a Genre’ Lyrics by Sharron-Idol Copyright Ice Recordings March 2014

Well I’m a per-son, not a gen-re’; yeah I’m a hu-man not a tu-u-une.
I’m an off-screen en-ter-tain-er; but I might be on your screen soon.
I’m a song –writer and a fight-er who is fighting for a cause:
To bring peace, co-op-er-a-tion, to a world that’s mine and yours.

I am the organ-grinder, not the monkey, building to a song.
I sing this for your en-ter-tain-ment, as I’ve been doing all a-long.
Yeah I’m u-nique, pro-active, and dis-tract-ive. ‘Sing in many styles.
So if my songs are ug-ly… or a-ttract-ive, ‘know that they’re worth-while.

If the beat’s u-nique and ‘makes you freak, then I’m asking for this chance:
If you’ll listen to my mu-sic may-be you’ll get up and dance?
If it’s sombre, mel-low or slow-tem-po, then I hope it makes you chill.
For if you lis-ten-to my mu-sic close-ly; you might get a thrill.

You’ll hear a rhythm, a crescen-do, and a beat that’s out of sight.
If you listen to the end oh you’ll be sure to feel all right. –
Be-cause I write the songs which right the wrongs. – Well – at least I hope they might;
‘Have a true sym-pho-nic mel-o-dy – which sets the world a-light.

– So if you’re as-king for a mir-a-cle; I cannot pro-vide I fear:
But if you let me en-ter-tain you, may-be you’ll get some-thing near.
Please lis-ten to my mu-sic now – and – I’ll pro-vide the song;
No matter what you’re loo-king for – I’m sure it won’t be far wrong.

Well I’m a per-son, not a gen-re’; yeah I’m a hu-man not a tu-u-une.
I’m an off-screen en-ter-tain-er; but I might be on your screen soon.
I’m a song –writer and a fight-er who is fighting for a cause:
To bring peace, co-op-er-a-tion, to a world that’s mine and yours.

– I’m a song –writer and a fight-er who is fighting for a cause:
To bring peace, co-op-er-a-tion, to a world that’s mine – and yoooooooours.


And so, on to Track #2:

*Numero Treize* – Number Three, even though it’s the second track. – Let’s up the tempo and warm up the electronica with this fast-flowing instrumental combination of musical subroutines and bridges. Bang out some notes and roll the rhythm as we cascade down to a beat and fade out in preparation for the next track. – Are you ready to get this party started? Yeah! – Let’s do this: –


Track 3 *Put Your Hands In The Air*:

‘Sound familiar? – Great. Let’s keep this party rockin’ in the manner in which we intend to go on doing shall we? These are the lyrics: –

Put Your Hands in The Air – Lyrics by Sharron-Idol: March 2014. Copyright Ice Recordings 2014.

Party people put your hands in the air
– and party-hard like you just don’t care.
Move your hooves into the groove.
– Y’all check the deck and raise the roof!

Party people let’s raise the roof:
– It’s time to start this party off.
Flashing of the lights and a flicker of the strobe;
Let’s party hard across the globe!

Party people put your lighters in the air;
Light up night from ev-‘ry-where.
Get down to the sound of the MC beat;
Let’s rock to the rhythm and-a move your feet.

Party people a-cross the globe;
Shine bright like the lights and twerk to the strobe.
Black, white, rich, poor, Ill-u-min-ati;
Yeah– let’s share – let’s rock this party!

Ev-’ry-body put your hands in the air.
A-bound to the sound like a rockin’ affair.
Girls, boys, let’s make noise ev’rywhere.
Rock it with ‘em to the rhythm, we’ve life to share!

Party people put your hands in the air;
We’ll all shine bright to-night I swear.
The beat’s u-nique: It’s ev-‘ry where.
This sound a-bounds; it’s here – it’s there!


Moving on to Track #4: It’s Lemon Juice. – This is the Illumi-Mix.

If you listened to my EP * C’est la Vin, C’est La Vie * you’ll have heard the Bon Appetit Delight version. This remixed enhanced version definitely gives it extra zing with its’ lyrical additions and extended bars + harmonious intonations. Let’s cook: –

(Interestingly Masterchef was on BBC1 television in the UK at the time I was writing these album notes, and for some reason I was unusually getting into it. When I can to *Lemon Juice* my mouth started watering at the thought of lemon cheesecake, lemon-meringue pie, flambe’d lemon… I have to stop: I’m drooling already. I do like my food, and I can cook though I’m nowhere near a chef. My figure, or lack of it, isn’t really worth maintaining – but I only have to look at food and I blimp. Therefore despite my love for gourmet delicacies etc I have to eat with extreme care; and even then I get it wrong and things go literally pear-shaped at times!)

Do I really need to include a lyrics sheet with this? The vocals aren’t exactly difficult to learn. If you want to sing along just get the timing right and you’re away.


Track #5: It’s *Old Star – Calitopia Mix*.

If you follow me at all you’ll be fully aware of the release of the Original Version of this track back in February 2014, on my Ice Recordings label, ‘same as this album. Long-intro to verse, through verse to bridge and falloff, drop and rise again into verse, minor crescendo, and fade. – This follows the same pattern with a lyrical addition and a few extra bars and harmonies: After the bridge in the middle we’re taken to San Francisco, California. This time round the appearance of the Old Star is causing a rumble: “…Shake the Earth in San Francisco. Shake the world in California…”
I know it’s inevitable eventually that there will be major earth-tremors in that area resulting in a large catastrophe. I know that it’s not a tasteful subject, and that people are putting it out of their minds. “Enjoy the good times while the good times last.” – And why not? After all where I live will eventually end up somewhere near the North Pole – though I’ll probably not see it happen in my lifetime… Anyway I wrote those extra lyrics not with catastrophe in mind: The tremors I was thinking of were caused in a world entertainments capital by emergence of the successful career of me; the ‘old star’, and my rise to fame with my message of peace, co-operation, and personal responsibility.

We’re now moving into the territory of the next track somewhat prematurely. – So before we do so, and without further ado, it’s lyric sheet time: –

Ice Recordings. Old Star Lyrics by Sharron-Idol. Copyright Ice Recordings 2014

O-old sta-ar, o-old sta-ar,
O-old sta-ar, o-old sta-ar,
O-old sta-ar, o-old sta-ar,
O-old sta-ar, o-old sta-ar.

Old star – you’ve come so far.
Old star – you’re here to shine.
Old star – Now bathe the Earth,
Old star – in star-light di-vine.

Old star – ye-ah, old star – ye-ah.
Old star – ye-ah, old star – ye-ah.
Old star – ye-ah, old star – ye-ah.
Old star – ye-ah, old star – ye-ah.

Old star. – De-nied from birth.
Old star. – From the start of time.
No-one – re-a-lised your worth.
No-one – a-llowed your light to shine.

O-old sta-ar, o-old sta-ar,
O-old sta-ar, o-old sta-ar,
O-old sta-ar, o-old sta-ar,
O-old sta-ar, o-old sta-ar.

*(Harmony – dual-lyric dub:-
Shake the Earth in San Francisco. Shake the world in California.
Shake the Earth in San Francisco. Shake the world in California… Etc.)*

Old star – glitter in the night.
Old star – come and en-ter-tain.
Old star – with your name in lights.
Old star – come light up your name.

Old star – ye-ah, old star – ye-ah.
Old star – ye-ah, old star – ye-ah.
Old star – ye-ah, old star – ye-ah.
Old star – ye-ah, old star – ye-ah.



‘Moving on… Track #6: *Illuminati (Bohemian Grove Mix)*

First of all let me state that the New World Order and the Illuminati I’m referring to here has nothing to do with Satanism or any other religion – as portrayed on you tube. – ‘Same goes for me. I’m Pagan – which isn’t a religion; rather it’s a non-Christian belief structure that was around in various forms long before Christianity.

This track has, at time of release and publication, just been featured on my *Illuminati EP*. – You didn’t hear it? ‘Not to worry; it’s on this album too. The EP was a part of the preview-campaign leading up to the release of this album you see. Although this isn’t the title-track, it is one of the most important tracks on this album: ‘See this album isn’t just a party where you can enjoy yourself. – This album, at least in part, has a message attached to it. – It’s the very same message that was attached to the *Illuminati EP*. Allow me, at the peril of repeating myself, to say it again: –

*We Need a New World Order: Fact.

Politicians and world leaders are corrupt and greedy and have failed us.

Religion has constantly failed to deliver and has at best held us back from progress as a Human species.

Our technology has advanced fast while our evolutionary maturity has lagged behind: We stopped fighting each other in the trees and started warring on the ground; first with stones and clubs, then with swords, spears, and knives, then with bullets and bombs.

There is a better way.

We need to get rid of the current greedy and corrupt world political system who are stopping us from advancing technologically and in evolutionary terms so that they can profit from our loss. We need to meet with the people from other worlds that our leaders prevent us from knowing about and share their superior experience and knowledge.

It’s time that we, the people, became the Illuminati, the chosen ones.


Not long to wait…

The New World Order Shall Rise From The Ashes Of The Old.
Not by death, fire, and destruction; but by growth and enlightenment.
All shall live in prosperity; all existing peacefully.
At one with the sun and in tune with the moon – with full responsibility.

I’m fed up with this negative-smear-campaign on something that, although based upon historical fact, is not much more than yet another conspiracy-theory perpetrated by extremists from a particular organised religion; yes Christianity again, to scare the young, the gullible, the insane, the mentally vulnerable, into its dwindling congregations.

The conspiracy-theory of ‘The Illuminati’: Yes they’re saying that the elite, led by the music industry, are going to bring the world to ruin!
~ What are we going to do? Sing you to death? ~

As usual with this kind of thing it’s based on hate and fear; strong negative emotions that have been fuelled by the media in recent years, primed to be used by radical elements of mind-control.

It’s time to kick out the demons of fear and hatred; it’s time to learn to live again and to love again.

No god or manmade authority is responsible for your actions, your thoughts, your deeds:-

YOU are responsible for your every word, thought, and action; responsible to yourself and your fellow Humans.
YOU are responsible for YOU: You owe it to yourself and to Humanity to exercise that responsibility in all things.

I’m FED UP with negativity: It’s in the papers, on the television. – Death, destruction, fear, depravation, wars… It’s all some people ever talk about; maybe all they ever think about. It causes distrust and hate, violence, and it enslaves you. – It eats you up from inside and turns your heart cold as ice.

…So here is something positive: I’m giving the Illuminati publicity; because I love the New World Order. – Because we need the New World Order.

You’ve just read about the old world with its negativity, fear, hatred, oppression, injustice.

Is that what you want? NO!

Is that what you want your children to inherit? NO!

The world is already being brought to ruin by conspiracy theorists touting their negativity and inciting hatred. – ‘Same goes for organised religion, ‘same goes for the media!
Let’s put the positivity back into life and enjoy life rather than fear it.

I was Pagan at the time I wrote this; it’s not an organised religion… Apart from Wicca. – It’s a personal belief system which encompasses a lot of the good things I’ve been on about, plus religiously-based personal doctrinal substance of an individual structure. – I’m not saying here that you should be a Pagan; neither am I trying to “convert” anyone.

I will never say that there are no gods, despite the distinct possibility that we may have brought them into existence; but they are not responsible for YOU: – That’s YOUR thing;

it’s your responsibility to be responsible for yourself

– and that does mean, to a certain extent, for the welfare of others too.

‘Back to the Illuminati: Whatever crap you’ve heard; forget it. No-one is going to nuke the planet because no-one wants to live in a radioactive environment for ten thousand years. No-one is going to kill people off in a mass cull; but as a species we MUST do something about out birth rate: We cannot go on expanding like we do until those in power, by whatever means, allow us to learn the secrets of proper faster-than-light space travel. – It is totally irresponsible to create so many humans by giving birth that our planet can’t feed them.

Our friends from other species on other planets will help; but we as a people, as a species, aren’t ready to leave Earth yet. – And not all other species are friendly towards Humans either. Most are; but not all.

STOP HATING: Hating is old world order now. This is the New World Order; love the New World Order – because the New World Order is love, is caring, is peace, is advancement, is YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

‘You catch my drift? If so then that’s a start.

Hail Horus; blazing one. King of the Earth, eye of the sun.
All hail Queen Isis of the moon. Behold my Queen; accept my tune.

Thou art the soundless, boundless, bitter sea; and all things endeth in thee.
Thine is the Kingdom of Persephone’; the inner earth where lead the pathways three.
Thou art the star that riseth from the sea. In all things thou bring’st men their destiny.
The changing tides of mice and men; which ebb and flow, and ebb again.
Thine is the power of eternity: Isis, Ictii, Persephone’.
(Poem based on an idea by person or persons unknown.)

Lyrics follow: –

Illuminati. – Lyrics by Sharron-Idol March 2014. Copyright Ice Recordings 2014

[Thou art the soundless, boundless, bitter sea;
All things are seen in thee.
Thine is the kingdom of Persephone’;
The Inner Earth where lead the pathways three. – |*Piece exempt from copyright]

I wanna be – Illuminati. I wanna be – one of the chosen ones.
I wanna be – Illuminati. I wanna be in when the New World Order comes.
I wanna be – Illuminati. I wanna be – one of the chosen ones.
I wanna be – Illuminati. I wanna be there when the New World Order comes.

Count Me in; I’ll join the party: ‘Be there with Illuminati.
‘Save the planet, save the day: ‘New World Order; ‘only way.
No more warfare, no religion: No more hatred, no derision.
People living happy, free, in a new so-ci-e-ty.

One gi-gan-tic Human nation; u-ni-versal in-te-gra-tion.
No more sha-dy pol-i-tics. Alien spe-cies in the mix.
Peace will join pro-sper-ity. – Wealth for all hu-man-ity.
No more hunger, po-vert-ty: Ev’ry-one is happy, free.

I wanna be – Illuminati. I wanna be – one of the chosen ones.
I wanna be – Illuminati. I wanna be in when the New World Order comes.
I wanna be – Illuminati. I wanna be – one of the chosen ones.
I wanna be – Illuminati. I wanna be there when the New World Order comes.


Next it’s Track #7, in logical consecutive numerical order; *Why Don’t You..? (Remix)*.

I released the original back in August of 2013 but it suffered from a serious lack of pre-release and post-release promotion, as I was so intent on completing my album ASAP. – Therefore it got very few sales and little recognition. I did put out an original remix on Soundcloud earlier; but this has been seriously further remixed for the purposes of this track.

The track is my dance floor number and it’ll have you up and boogieing in no time. Check out the heavy club beat.

I’ve changed the bridges and added extra accompaniment, extended some of the rhythmic pieces, and altered the timing somewhat when compared to the original, in addition to other remixing and sound engineering. It’s had a complete digital re-mastering on different EQ and compressor settings, yet still retains a lot of partial resemblance to the original. I know you’re gonna love this, so get on out on that floor and move your hooves into the groove’.

WDY – Lyrics by Sharron Idol May 2013
(Music composed by Sharron Idol May 2013)

Why don’t you…
Why don’t you want me an-y more?
Why don’t you…
Why don’t you need me any more?

I gave you…
I gave you my heart and my soul and my life.
You gave me…
You gave me heartache and trouble and strife.

Why don’t you…
Why don’t you want me any more?
You left me…
You left me blistered and broken for sure.

‘Can’t you see…
You were the one for me all of my life.
You missed out…
When you cut me like the point of a knife.

Why don’t you…
Why don’t you love me any more?
I took you;
Into my arms and I held you for sure.

I loved you;
I made your life so complete and ha-ppy.
Paid me back;
By multiplying the cheating on me.

Why don’t you…
Why don’t you want me an-y more?
Why don’t you…
Why don’t you need me any more?

Why don’t you…
Why don’t you find somebody new?
Why don’t you…
Leave me and make some-one else’s life blue?


Next is, surprise surprise – would you believe it, Track #8.

Elven Princess was the second to last track that I wrote for this album. I was originally intending to create it in the style of Ultravox; although I’d never be able to sing or play quite like the fabulous Midge Ure. The tune of Reap The Wild Wind was playing in my head as I scratched out a prototype lyric sheet on my computer screen, before realising it would have been better to type it. (Fortunately it was an old CRT monitor with the thick curved glass screen, and would you believe it I even had a spare 28 inch CRT tube for it; so I changed the tube and I’m actually looking at that monitor while I’m typing this.. ( It needed changing anyway as the old one was on its last legs.))

When I’d written the first draft of the lyrics they didn’t fit the tune of Reap The Wild Wind, but was a very close fit to the rhythm of Vienna. I was about to start composing along the lines of Vienna when I realised that I already had a beat composed which it would fit nicely – with a slight timing change in the lyrics and a change-up in tempo. So if you want to play it then here it is: Ladies & gentlemen; this is Elven Princess…

Here is the lyric sheet. Again it maybe doesn’t look like it’s been written by a genius, but I kept it simple stupid and it worked: –

Elven Princess – Lyrics by Sharron-Idol March 2014 Copyright Ice Recordings 2014.

A living legend in the lights; she writes by day and sings at nights.
She’s there; she’ll share the sounds the sights – of syncopated new delights.
In elven clothes at dead of night – she dances round the campfire light,
The fairy gold drips from her hips – and down onto her ankles.

With pounding beat and gypsy-strain – she tumbles into sweet refrain;
The passion grips her once again – It pulls her down and sets her right.
In bright and colourful sa-rong – she sings out her enchanted song;
Which chatters in quick time to tiny clinkings from her bangles.

Her spirits fly, her ardour falls: exploding loud with tuneful lores;
A vapour wafts upon the breeze; the odour from her cauldron soars.
The rolling clouds of colour cause – a mo-ment-a-ry tuneful pause;
As Nature rings her loud applause – from forest glen to lakeside shores.

Her song cascades in glorious rhyme – which slips her in and out of time;
The colours; smashed against the sky, are raining down in pieces.
The notes are scattering like light; her tuneful muse fades out of sight.
She vanishes into the night, which leaves a sullen silence.

Elven Princess don’t give up this groove. – A-ah – come on down and move.
Let’s dance, advance, just me and you, so swiftly mo-ti-vated.
Sweet angel of the golden night, please pick me up and out of sight,
Yeah dance with me and set me free to music syncopated.


Track #9: *Storm [Remix]*.

I previewed the original version on you tube in January. I’m not expecting a prize for lyrical content: –

“Rain – it falls on my head – it makes me wet. Rain – it falls on my head.”

This beat was created after the Christmas storms of 2013 in England. It didn’t go down too well, because the storms didn’t stop occurring until March 2014 and England flooded. – However I wasn’t to know that this was going to happen as I sat composing it around the New Year period.


It seemed that I somehow missed out Track #10. – But it’s OK…

Tracks #10&11:

*Unseelie Rade* feature a new artist; namely poet and author Mogs.  Mogs dropped by to give me a hand with spring-cleaning my home studio one day. She heard a beat that I’d created while we were doing this, and said that she’d written a poem that would go nicely with the tune… So we got the studio opened again and collab-ed on the new project: Mogs slightly adapted her lyrics while I became sound engineer and rigged everything up for a recording sesh.

What transpired was a sleepover and the creation of quite an imaginative and creepy-sounding track with lyrics of folklore. The title “Unseelie Rade” is fairly unusual in that not many people have a clue what it means. I have to admit that I was stumped at first; but Mogs explained that “unseelie” means the opposite of everything good and wholesome, while a rade is a troop of faeries.

Just after Mogs had left after a weekend of collaboration and musical creation, I decided that, as I was still sitting in the studio, I’d remix it. We’d recorded a separate vocal track which I’d kept on disk as I do – “Record everything” being one of my mottoes, and a useful one at that. – so I ended up creating an entire new and scary musical mix around the vocals. Syncing wasn’t painless, as I find a tempo of 60 a trifle slow, but eventually the “Shazzalive Deadbeat Mix” was born, and ended up as Track #11.

[I’ve no idea why I never published a lyrics sheet. – ? ]


Track #12

is a humour-based track, originally written in early 2013, to a beat by 1960s/70s musical legend and poet extraordinaire – the late Marc Bolan. The title; “Mary Jane”, is exactly what you think it is. –

Marijuana. I’ve tried to sing this with a voice that sounds like I’ve just had a massive blast of strong from a bong; therefore affecting my vocal chords. – I’m not sure if it worked or if it just sounds awful? 😀 You decide.

Before I go any further I will state that I am in no way promoting or supporting the illegal or the legal use of marijuana for any purposes. I am not condoning it, and neither an I condemning it. If any person chooses to use the substance, legally or otherwise, then that is a personal decision which is between that person, their supplier, and the local Law Enforcement authorities in whichever country such usage occurs.

I wrote this lyrics-first, with the Marc Bolan tune I mentioned firmly planted in my brain and playing in my head while I wrote. As I was writing the first verse I noticed that I was formulating lyrics in my head which described an earlier situation which had happened to Mogs and which she’d related to me; indeed which I’d semi-knowingly been a part of to an extent – so I decided to continue writing in that vein.

Having completed the lyrics in February 2013 I filed them away and forgot about them. In the October 2013 computer-disaster that befell me, in which my entire system including a lot of the hardware was ruined, I noticed, while re-designing and rebuilding everything, that I’d lost the lyrics file for *Mary Jane*. Some time later Mogs reminded me that there was a draft copy of the lyrics in my Facebook notes.

I re-wrote the lyrics a little, and then set about composing a tune for them, based on the Bolan beat that I’d originally envisaged them being sung to. I ended up re-composing a beat to put the lyrics I had written to: It was a fairly simple repetitive-bar-type tune which I enhanced a little with some audio processing, then dubbed the lyrics onto. The result is Track #12.

Mary Jane – Lyrics

Written 8th February 2013 at 16:56 by Sharron Idol. Copyright Ice Recordings 2014

I met a lady called-a Mary Jane.
The scene from the green it had captured her brain.
She was a full-time space-cadet and hitching a ride –
To the planet of Skinupticus – the other side.
– Living on green, she lived in her dreams – yeah.

She took me to a friend of hers along the road:
He was an urban hor-ti-cult-uralist a-growing a load.
The oil from the soil sent him out into space;
The tide-a from the cider bottle caved in his face.
It was-a just Mary Jane and me down by the sea – he hee.

She was a-out of place in outer-space and testing her yield,
When the man-thing led her camping in an out-of-time field.
She was a-kneeling with a feeling she was growing quite old;
With a Winter wind upon her skin and feeling the cold.
She was chuck-ing in a buck-et with a tear in her eye,
And the piece of meat from W. street was making her cry.

It is a multi-plastic substitute in singular form.
Though I’m freezing while I’m singing this I’m growing quite warm.
I’m a slippin’ and a trippin’ while I’m down on the weed:
‘Caught up by a dandelion. – I was in need.
And her name’s Mary Jane; let me sing it again ye-e-eah! – oo-oo-oo

She was a sing-sing-sing-u-lar-a-singing a song.
She played the dingle-dangle-dingular like nothing was wrong.
She was a-burnin-yearnin-churnin-chic-a-turnin the tide.
In the Dorset door-wood forest down there by the sea-side.
She accompanied me to the vine-yard by sea – yey yey yeah.

– So she made it to the beach, at least, she jumped off the pier:
And she woke up in the rub-a-dub or somewhere quite near.
She had sapped the tap that drained the apples under the bar,
– And the cider side inside of her was taking her far –
To the smell of crushed grapes and the sound of a de-mo ta-a-pe.
– Or Sev-er-us Snape?

Well this stoner is a lamer; so wherever you roam;
I’m-a leave with this disclaimer: do not try this at home.
I’ll just go on with my journey seeking fortune and fame,
In the bright-lights and the hot-spots I’m promoting my name.
– And in future I am gonna try ‘avoid Mary Jane.
Let me say it again: Just remember the name. – Sing –

Mary Jane is a woman with a large claim to fame.
She is famous, international, ahead of her game.
She is strong and so sophisticated, really insane.
She will never be your heroine, she’ll damage your brain.
Well her name’s Mary Jane – let me say it again: –
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane.

Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane:
She’s illegal in most countries where she’s banned in the main.
One more time here’s her name; and I’ll sing it again.
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane. – Ye-e-ah.


Bonus instrumental Tracks #13 and 14 are remixes of the first track on my earlier album *On With the Show: The Album*.

I wanted to give my listeners a little extra on this album. Having originally scheduled 12 tracks and having set a release-date around Midsummer 2014, which I’d worked in to my schedule, I didn’t exactly have time, apart from causing myself to rush and cut corners, to create another couple of tracks from scratch. – So I thought I’d just remix an existing track instead. *Daybreak…* from my previous album had proved to be quite popular , so I decided on that. That gave me 13 tracks, and I was ready to roll with that, when I suddenly discovered a previous remix of that track that I’d arranged around Midsummer 2013 in an obscure folder on my hard drive. I included that too, as Track #14.


– So in short that’s the story behind this album.

I do hope you enjoy listening to it and that it brings you pleasure, stimulates your listening experience, and adds to your entertainment.

Remember that my overall message is peace and harmony to Humanity; to have the whole planet united as a Human Race so that we can take our place as a mature member of the local group of civilisations on planets revolving around various stars in our local sector of the Milky Way galaxy. Maybe at the present we’re not ready, as a whole society, to have general full-on involvement with other, more advanced civilisations from other worlds yet. Maybe we have a lot of growing-up as a society to accomplish before we’re ready to progress with such achievement. – OK, fair point: So let’s make a start now by ending all this pathetic squabbling over land and religion in our civilisation. Let’s unite as a species in full personal responsibility for our every unique individual action, word, and deed. – Doing so will be an awesome beginning to the future.

Are you with me on this?… >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Then let’s do this. 🙂 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Peace. x.


*Ice Recordings is my personal record label and is a sub-division of Ice Showbiz; my personal music creation and artistic platform.

Other sub-divisions of Ice Showbiz are Jank Kenner Films, Cup of Coffee Media, and Positive Self Images. If seeking the publisher of this album/any of the tracks on it and/or any other recorded works in mainstream preceding it on the Ice Recordings label, the publisher shall be the songwriter or songwriters of the particular track or tracks concerned.

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