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Perfection: Is ‘ Perfect ‘ Attainable, & Do You Need To Achieve It?( 'Takes about 8 minutes to read. )

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The perfect double-edged paragraph

Today I read a paragraph online – in fact in a daily email from Blog Marketing Academy. – I thought what it said was very true; yet after thinking about it further I found it rather worrisome and perplexing.

The content of the article in the email that I was sent from Blog Marketing Academy related to an overactive tendency that a lot of people have – ‘self included – to strive too hard and to reach too far in search of perfection.

The headline in question was: –

“Have you ever gotten into a seemingly endless loop trying to make something perfect?”

– – – – – – –

The point, the message of what was being said, was that there comes a point where you’ll have to say

‘STOP – That’s good enough; that’ll do.’.

I mean, let’s face it, if you go on striving for perfection eternally it’ll become a never-ending quest which will prevent you from actually getting anything completed: You’ll be tweaking forever in search of the ultimate – which you’ll never reach.

– That would be rather tragic; to die partially-fulfilled, yet only have a single unfinished piece as your life’s achievement … And that I agree with…

But there was one particular paragraph following on from that which led to mixed feelings.

The particular paragraph that I’m referring to is this: –

Your market will never know that you don’t think it is perfect. 🙂 They will literally never know. All that private wrestling you were doing in the background to try to seek this hidden standard…. it isn’t recognized by them. It won’t cross their minds.”

From a normal internet marketer’s standpoint ( The paragraph was written with internet marketers in mind. ) there’s nothing wrong with that paragraph, and nothing potentially ominous. When it comes to us entertainers though; what it says rings on a different set of notes.

You’re An Entertainer? You’re a marketer then? – At least; you should be…

Let me continue by saying, in regard to us entertainers, that as entertainers we’re marketers. If that doesn’t apply to you as an entertainer then there is something critically lacking in your career if you’re entertaining on a paid/professional basis.

As entertainers/marketers we use the internet – so we’re also internet-marketer-entertainers: Again, if that doesn’t apply to you as an entertainer then there is something critically lacking in your career. – Yes really: unless you’re an internet marketer as well as an entertainer you’re missing out on a massive marketplace, and a chance among other chances to grow your business; no matter how many tours and gigs you play.

It’s true that – or it should be true that – as internet marketing entertainers; we’re striving to achieve as near to perfection as is reasonably possible – both in our marketing and in our performances on stage.


Of course we’ll never achieve total perfection. – We don’t know what total perfection is for a start; and to recognise that we’ve achieved something, we have to know what it is that we’re trying to achieve in the first place. Since we’re not capable of achieving total perfection, we’re also unable to define total perfection, and therefore we wouldn’t know we’d achieved it even if we ever did achieve it. – Which is near impossible if not totally impossible anyway in all probability.


The audience don’t care about the impossible, or about how good or bad you think you are.

… Our audience want what they consider to be perfection. In fact they demand perfection. They’re constantly judging our performance for their estimation of perfection all the time, and they expect 100% flawlessness according to their standards.

We know that our performances aren’t 100% perfect. – Everything can be bettered. – but – (Apply quotation from earlier.) “Your market will never know that you don’t think it is perfect. 🙂  – They will literally never know. – All that private wrestling you were doing in the background to try to seek this hidden standard…. it isn’t recognized by them. It won’t cross their minds.”

The audience assume that you think that your performance is perfect. If you suck – even if you know that you suck – they will think that you think that you’re the greatest entertainer ever. If you have a bad day and do a sucky performance as a one-off even, and you know it sucked, they don’t care. ‘Makes no difference: It wasn’t good enough in their eyes and you’ll get shit for it.


You might get away with it

If you have a reputation as a good performer they will probably let you off a few mistakes. If you’re a newbie every mistake could well mean that you’re pretty much screwed: You’ll have to as good as go back to somewhere near square one and try to restart everything on a better note. – Or just ride the tide and hope they eventually accept you as a better performer than they imagined.


Online, you’re judged just the same

All the above applies to your online image and your website too: In exactly the same way, if your image and/or your website is second-rate it’ll attract ridicule and criticism. It’s true that you can’t please everyone – that’s something else that’s impossible – but you must give everything that you do the best of your efforts at all times, and you must let your public see that you’re giving your all at every available opportunity too… Because as an entertainer it’s expected of you.

Always give it the best you’ve got

So stop striving for the ultimate in perfection: Just be sure that what you show the world is the best you’ve got – because that’s what your audience, the public, think you’re showing them: They don’t know that you think you suck – or they don’t know that you think you’re doing a great job. They think that what they see you doing right now, at this precise or particular point in time, is the best you’ve got. – So your job as an entertainer is to make sure that it is the best you’ve got, at all times.

Here’s Something You Might Not Like To Hear…

It was at this point that the original draft of this article ended; but I want to go further on the subject. – Because not only do we have an extreme self-image to uphold, but we also exist as an example of “how it’s done” to our fans.

‘See as entertainers with fans, we’re not just popular people among those fans; we’re actually style-gurus and role-models to those fans too. Anything that we do is sure to be copied by someone, or maybe even more than one person: The more famous as individual performers, or even a group of performers, we are; the more this applies to us individually.

You’re Responsible…

So along with being famous to whatever extent comes a leadership-role of equal extent; and along with leadership, unavoidably, comes responsibility: Your own extra bit of personal responsibility. – Because if you’re a leader of any kind – like it or not – you’re to a certain extent responsible for those that you lead, again to an equal extent to the extent of your leadership role.

Just to clarify then: Whilst your responsibility to yourself is to give it the best you’ve got at all times; you’ve also got a degree of responsibility to your fans, proportional to your fame, to lead them and support them in return for the support that they give you, in the best way possible. Yes; support goes both ways, just like friendship, trust, and communication… And you never for one moment imagined that things were quite this difficult!

Sadly, many extremely famous people in the past have shirked this responsibility as much as they possibly could. – And this is, indirectly, a great part of the reason for a large amount of dysfunctionality within society… But all this is another article’s worth. – ‘Another website or book’s worth even. I thought it a good idea to touch on it before concluding.

Concluding Paragraph

This, then, is the point at which I’m going to knock this article on the head. – Hopefully it’s given you not only some guidance, but also something to think about as you go forward with your career.
Here’s wishing you good things with that. 🙂

– – – – –

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