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It’s been a long time that I’ve been trying to convey the reason that my website is what it is. – And I’ve had everyone, including the experts, confused as to exactly what the purpose of the site is.

That almost sounds like a boast; but of course it isn’t.

When you see a musical artist refer to something on her website, you expect it to be what you’d usually find on a musical artist’s website: Some type of promotional material or some random facts about that artist, whatever. The Last thing that you’d expect to find is a technical how-to, or business-related-information.. And that’s where I differ.


Many artists are full of themselves:

up arrowThey are possibly quite young and they have only a short time to build their career, as an entertainer, to achieve the heights in the hope of burning bright as a star for a few years before they retire at 40 or younger, or go and live life for a number of years and then make a comeback.

I was a tech geek at least half my life. I embarked upon a career in music at age 48. – ‘Long after some in this business had retired in terms of age. I could do sound engineering, build computers, run my own studio.


– If it was technical in nature I was probably pretty good at it.

I could also sing, but I hadn’t really put my singing to any use since my teens and was fairly rusty. Four years plus later, and I’ve pretty much regained all that had been wasting away and was lost through lack of practice.

I now know pretty much most of what I need to know, after a crash refresher course in the music industry – which had changed one heck of a lot since my teens. I’ve already produced a number of tracks/releases; right from the initial idea for a song, through the creation of an RTM master recording, up to its distribution for sale.


I wasn’t rushing to become a star before I was 30 – I’d already missed the deadline from the word go.

IF I became a star at any point on my journey then so much the better. If I didn’t then I’d make do with wherever I managed to make it to. Whatever the case I was in it to win it, and I had no time limit except for death. – That might come at some point, and it’ll be a bummer as it’ll stop me progressing any further. – So time is limited, but I’m not working to any definite schedule by default. (Having said that it is still, nevertheless, necessary to employ a system of time management.)


I realised the necessity of having my own unique and personalised website as an entertainer in the 21st Century

I also realised that it needed to be good; to stand out and have that unmistakable air of showmanship, combined with a lot of me. I was the product, in addition to everything else leading up to the product. When it came to creating a website, it was more than just a simple matter of putting product out there and selling it, as the online business gurus taught. They became confused when I attempted to explain things to them as I saw it. – It was to a great extent also a matter of image, of identity, of design, and of art; in addition to business, product sales, turnover, traffic, et cetera.


I realised that I had embarked upon quite a journey, and being the kind of person that I am I thought it would be a good thing if I were to share that journey with other artists.

Whilst it’s true that a lot of people, including people who are artists – as well as people who aren’t artists, and aren’t even prospective artists for that matter, are so far up themselves that they wouldn’t take any notice of my advice even if their life depended upon it; and I feel that that situation is getting worse as time progresses, the fact is that I have this knowledge, and that it’ll be lost to the planet when I’m gone. – Therefore I might as well share it. It’s not all-encompassing knowledge that surpasses everything. – I’m still learning, and will be until I can learn no more. – But what facts I’ve gleaned are useful to other people as well as myself. That doesn’t mean that I’ll share everything for free: I have to make a living somehow; but share I intend to do.


It’s with the above in mind that I’ve placed the following in the header of my Home (Welcome) Page: –

While I was trying to be artistically creative in a pictorial sense; I designed a piece using a design that I’d created in 2014, known as “Idol and the Goblet of Fire” which was used for a promotional campaign, at each end of a long rectangle , with an ellipse with the word “Welcome” inside it positioned in the centre of the rectangle.

I’d positioned this piece in my Home Page’s header, and since I’d placed it there I kept thinking that the particular position of the ‘Welcome’ ellipse would be an alternatively ideal location for a decent explanation of what the site was really all about. – Because people came here looking for an entertainer’s personal site, and they found business-related-articles, and tech-related-articles, as well as an entertainer’s personal site… and it confused them, it even confused some of the ‘experts’.



So I redesigned the artwork in question.

I got rid of the “Welcome ellipse” and replaced it with text:

All musicians and entertainers NEED an online aspect to their entertainments business. On this website, Sharron-Idol sets out, not just to promote herself as a musician, but to share – with other entertainers – tips & tricks related to business, related to website-design, and related to hands-on technical help, on a practical level.”

And that’s what this website is. – Yes it’s all about me. – It’s also all about being an online entertainer and all that being such entails. Enjoy it. Don’t be confused.



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