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Sharron-Idol loves to communicate; with her fans, other artists, other geeks, and many more people…


Reaching Out(This article was adapted from an article which was originally written in 2012 on the old website.)

Apart from having her own piece of internet real-estate in the form of this website, Sharron-Idol also has a presence on social-media, particularly Facebook and Twitter. You’re most welcome to join in with her in social-chit-chat as well joining in with her promotions, announcements, and also – bearing in mind that she’s a tech-geek as well as an artist – getting into geeky conversations about aspects of electronics and computing if you so desire.

There are two places that you’ll find her on Facebook: The first is at her personal-page, which has already been linked. The second is at her music page at http://www.facebook.com/sharronidolmusic . On this page she announces developments related to her music career only, including releases, performances, relevant chat, promotions, etc.

– But Sharron-Idol isn’t limited to Facebook, Twitter, and other social-media sites: You can find details of Sharron’s awesome releases on her CD Baby page, her page on Amazon, and her iTunes page too.

There are plenty of other links on Google, a number of pages of them, that are about or related to Sharron-Idol too; so why not check them out?Entertain & Communicate


Sharron-Idol isn’t “aloof and unreachable” as an artist; she’s just incredibly busy and doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands.

– By her very nature she loves to share her work and her interests. – She likes to be very much a part of the online-community, and provided that the community consists of reasonable people, the offline community too. She loves intellectual discussion and to share her many talents. She loves to help to entertain you in the main, as well as to help you to solve your tech-related issues to a limited extent. She loves the limelight, as well as the people who power it.

Yes the pictures on this page are fairly old, and Sharron has slightly shorter hair that was still damp from washing – swept back over her ears and behind her head.

– There is something not quite right with communicating on social media.

Social media is a tiny piece of webspace, loaned to the user by the company which owns the site, and governed by their rules. It can only be customised to a certain extent, and it can be withdrawn from the user by the company at any time, for any or no reason. – So at the end of the day it’s all very well communicating on social media; but I never know whether I’ll still have an account next time I attempt to sign in. – Neither do you. With such massive uncertainty to be accounted for it’s surely much safer to develop a fanbase on a piece of webspace that I own – such as this site for instance. – a site that I do own and can use as I wish. Social networks are here-today-gone-tomorrow. – Look at MySpace.

Facebook’s day will come soon enough, and probably Twitter too perhaps. (Although I originally wrote that last sentence in 2012. It’s now 2016 and both have grown significantly since.) The others seemed to come and go as fads in 2012. Some have survived and stuck around from those days; such as Snapchat and Pinterest for example. I’m still here too, after starting my career in earnest in 2012. My old website outlasted many a social network, and this new one which you’re reading now, and which I officially launched on New Year’s Day 2016 will last a while yet.


I’ll tell you what I want – what I really really want..:

I want you to come back to this site; because there’s loads of info for you to peruse, because there’s often something new published here… That auto-linked, because it’s the title of a recent release of mine. – So I’ll leave the link where it is and you might like to click it and hear some of my recent music. Whatever the case I’d like you to return to this site: This site is a part of my career, I need as much traffic as I can muster, and I need to maintain an online presence. I need to give you a reason to return.

So the way we do this, as is the generally accepted method online, is I set up a mailing list – which I’ve already done – and you join it. I’m supposed to give you something for free for your trouble, so how does almost half an hour of instrumental mix grab you? Look for the opt-in below this article thingy. (I’m allowed to say ‘thingy’ now, as well as ‘dubries’ or ‘doobries’ or however you spell it – I am middle-aged, so I plead impending geriatricity ( Yes that’s now a word.).) – You’ll get a long musical mix for opting in.

As a result of opting in we’ll stay in touch, and I’ll send you details – sometimes in advance – of my latest offers, releases, and anything else of interest – be it selling, buying, achievements, or just general chit-chat. That makes sense to me and I think you’d agree.

So do join my mailing list and we can stay in touch and I hope to see you back here presently.


Let’s use this internet-phenomenon of the 21st-Century to its fullest and communicate! Smile



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