On With The Show - The Single

On With The Show – The Single( 'Takes about 7 minutes to read. )

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This single was intended as a preview of the title-track of my forthcoming album in 2013. It was my first effort at production on a professional level.

OWTS-singleArtI added a bonus instrumental-piece that I put together a while back to the end of the track, and the sound quality of that extra piece of music is shit. –‘Sorry about that. The actual main piece is in the format of a mini-concert-performance – with a few realistic-sounding audience-sound-effects.

– It’s basically two pieces on a single-track; a bit like a train with two carriages:

Two sections joined together with a front and back end, a separator of sorts in the middle, and crammed with personality and sound… It’s just not quite so uncomfortable to use: In fact it’s quite pleasurable; well the front-end is. The other carriage on the back end is, in all honesty, 3rd class.

The good thing is that this recording is free on CD Baby. – That can’t be bad.

So why am I making this available for free download?
(Note: Some companies may still charge for a download; but it shouldn’t cost you more than 99 cents if I’m right.)
– Let me explain: –

When I released this – my first single – I was soon to release my first album.

Good for me eh? 🙂
You’d like to buy it, right?
Well you would; but who the hell is Sharron-Idol?
I’m Sharron-Idol; ‘pleased to meet you. 🙂

What’s my music like? – You ask.

– Well my album; entitled * On With the Show: The Album * by the way, has some varying styles: It contains grunge-like music, and some jazz, and some electronica… Well a combination of all three to varying degrees I guess you could say: – Yes it’s fairly varied to a degree; but it’s all definitely my personal individual style: I kind of made it so I suppose it would be in a rather sweeping manner of speaking.

In fact I scrapped the album which I was going to release, because I wasn’t happy about it,  and re-did it: That cost me quite a few $.

What music or songs have I published before?

By published do you mean like put out for free download as an unofficial download on my web-space… or do you mean professionally published, as on CDBaby.com or Amazon or iTunes-type of published? The second one eh? – Well I must be honest with you and reveal an exact figure to you: My total professionally-published musical works, up to and including February 2013, in total, amount to exactly – um- zero.

– So you now see my dilemma:

Apart from a few fans I’m largely unknown; and let’s be honest: if you had 10 dollars and had a choice between my album for $9.99 and Britney’s album, or if you don’t like Britney’s music another star’s work that you know and like, for $9.99 – we both know which you’d choose, yes? – Not mine right?

Why not? :

Because you’ve already heard Britney’s music or whichever star you’re thinking of in this example’s music: Whoever your favourite star is; they are very famous, a superstar, and you know that you’ll get good music from them, yes.

I’m an unknown quantity though: you’ve no idea what I sound like. – Do you like my voice? – You don’t know because you’ve never heard it before. Do you even like my music? – Same answer, yes?

You might love my voice and/or music; then again you might hate both. – If you buy my album you’ll find out; but that will cost you money; money that you could have put towards buying your favourite star’s music. – And you’re going to be very pissed-off with me if you buy my album and you hate my voice and music, yes? You might be glad if you really like me on the other hand, but why bother? You’d rather put my album back on the shelf and buy a star you know you like.

– You see I am in a no-win-situation…

But I’m going to do us both a favour: – I’ll give you this single at no cost: Really – it’s on me, all you need to do is to download it.
(Note: Some companies may still charge; but it shouldn’t cost you more than 99 cents if I’m right.)

If you like what you hear then you might like to consider buying my other music.

If you don’t like this single just delete it and you’ve lost nothing: Heads you win, tails you can’t lose eh? – You’re in a win-win situation either way. I’ll take the gamble as to whether you like my music or not at my own expense. – I can’t be fairer than that. 🙂

(Note: Some companies may still charge; but it shouldn’t cost you more than 99 cents if I’m right.)

But I’d ask you a favour in return:

If you like it then tell your friends, and if they like it perhaps they’d be good enough to tell their friends. – Thanks. 🙂 – Oh and, subject to the following paragraph, feel free to share this single about a bit in your circle of friends if it cost you nothing. I’d prefer it if they ordered it via the industry as it lets me keep a tab on the number of listeners and the number of people downloading it, but hey; I can’t have everything. – Really I may own the copyright and all that, but free publicity can’t be a bad thing; so I won’t be suing anyone for sharing this single so long as you leave it in its original format when you pass it around. 🙂

*Note: This is not a legal notice and I will not be held responsible for any action taken in any way by the music industry or agents thereof against any third-parties including yourself for any omission in paying due royalties or maladministration/misunderstanding of copyright procedures, should any be due or should any occur under specific circumstances of any kind.

– ‘Just covering my own ass there; maybe you might like to consider this before doing anything unofficial despite my best intentions: I don’t want to encourage you to get into any kind of trouble, so please do find out if anything you do is legal and/or ethical before you do it. – That’s personal responsibility, which is always a good thing.

“Download or stream the single * On With the Show – The Single * – by Sharron-Idol – from iTunes.”
Tweet: Download or stream the single * On With the Show - The Single * - by Sharron-Idol - from iTunes: https://ctt.ec/3elg7+

OK so what am I giving you here?

– Well I’m giving you a full-preview of my album’s title-track so that you can hear my voice and decide whether you like it or not. I’m also giving you a bonus-track which doesn’t appear on the album and is a terrible recording which was a mistake to include on this single, so please ignore it.

What more can I say?

– Not a lot really, other than download and enjoy: It costs you nothing but a tiny amount of time.
– Oh, and whether or not you like my music; I send you my best wishes and thank you for your effort.

Kind regards
Sharron-idol. x

Sharron-Idol Certified 24-Carat GoldOh and just before I disappear…
Here are the lyrics to “On With The Show”: –
[Written as sung in the single]

On With The Show – Lyrics Written by Sharron-idol.
© Ice Recordings 2013.

On with the show;
The show must go-o-o-o on.
On with the show – a-o-wo-o;
The show that goes on.
On with the dancing. – o-ah-ah –
On with the rhythm. – wo-wo-wo-wo
On with the who-ole thi-i-i-i-ing.
On with performing.

On with the show; – wo-o-ho-a-ho
The show goes on and on.
– So on with a-all you know-ho-ho;
Although the glamour’s gone.
Wooo – On with the sho-o-o-o-o-ow;
Off with the dre-eam.
The fame, the fo-o-or-t-u-u-u-une,
Aint what it seems.

On with the show:
Did you think it was easy?
You strive to reach the to-op;
It makes you dizzy.
– This is the sho-o-o-o-o-ow – o-oh;
No time to take a rest.
Through all the hi-ighs and the lo-o-ho-o-ows,
Go out and be the be-e-e-est.

This is the show-wo-wo-wo-a-wo:
This is your curtain ca-a-all.
This is the show-wo-wo-wo-wo-wo – a-wo-o-o;
‘Here goes; let’s do it a-a-ll.
This is my sho-o-o-o-a-ow.
This is my pageant.
Oh this is my de-e-e-mo-o-o;
This is my talent.


“Download or stream the single * On With the Show – The Single * – by Sharron-Idol – from iTunes.”
Tweet: Download or stream the single * On With the Show - The Single * - by Sharron-Idol - from iTunes: https://ctt.ec/3elg7+

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