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Old Star

A long way away, another place and another time, long ago, a star was born. As it flickered into luminosity and illuminated its surroundings it shone exactly like all the other stars in the galaxy. This star had something special though.

The new star saw a number of the other stars outshining the rest, spreading their clearer light further than most of the others, which got them noticed.

The new star thought “I can do that too.” and summoned up all of its resources in an effort to accomplish what the brightest stars were doing.

What the new star didn’t realise was that at that time in that particular galaxy’s history the brighter stars, the ones that were noticed, were in clusters around older bright stars, and the older bright stars were blowing nearby clouds of gas and dust away from the bright clusters with their solar-winds. The new star was inside the clouds of stellar dust that the older brighter stars were clearing from their vicinity; and consequently when the new star shone brightly she just added to the glow of the dust, already partially illuminated by the other stars, and nobody really noticed.

The new star kept shining, but was able to shine in a different way, and she was eventually noticed as the gas and dust around her began to clear. As she was pulled along and into different environments by the massive forces from the centre of the galaxy, she began to collide with and envelop many objects such as asteroids, which she incorporated into her structure. She picked up elements from the dust-trails of comets, she even gained stardust from other stars, many of which were far brighter and older than herself. Her resources started to become vast as she neared middle-age, and – now that the gas and dust had almost all but gone – she could see many more stars around her starting to shine brightly, and still a few of those were noticed.

She was becoming an old star; but she had the resources to shine brightly and in a way that could get her noticed, even though there were brighter stars around her nearby, and some of those had significantly more resources. She thought that she might be close to becoming a red giant; but she shone brightly all the same. She shone with differing colours and began to resound with the music of the cosmos. She sang a melancholy song of her life to a joyful and melodious tune – and the rest of the universe caught notes of it, as she seemed for a fleeting moment as if to sing in harmony with them all, while her colours flashed against the background of the space/time continuum and illuminated the skies of many planets with multi-coloured comet trails, her notes raining down from the nethersphere like pieces of light shattering upon the surface of worlds.


I am the old star, bringing the fire.
The artist maturity that you desire.
I bring the tune and the musical light.
I radiate outwards and bring you insight.

A middle-aged star near worn-out at the core.
Quite old and too big; but I bring you much more:
Take note of my beat as I burn ever on.
‘Cos I’ll still have heat when your embers are gone.

I’m in your vicinity; I’m in your face.
I just drifted by to bring life to this place.
Pay heed to my tune to the whole Human Race.
For I bring new music to Earth and to space.

I’m here to bring joy and I’m here to bring fun.
I tune to your moon and bring warmth to your sun.
My gentle red glow warms ‘celestial plane.
The float of my notes makes you happy again.

I am the old star, a star getting old. –
A musical star of whom legends are told.
I bring and I sing and I light up the night.
My music, in truth, is quite awesome. – All right?

– Poem Written by Sharron-Idol; February 2014.

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