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The Official Sharron-Idol Wallpaper( 'Takes about 3 minutes to read. )

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Sharron-Idol wallpaper – ? – WTF!?

It’s what it says on the tin. (Tinned wallpaper: Now there’s a product that nobody’s thought of yet!.. Or have they?)

– It’s wallpaper. Use it for decorating your computer screen, or for papering your walls with if you really want to do so and can afford to print and create the real wallpaper for the papering of your walls.

Why am I creating this? – Because no other artist that I know of has done so: They create T-shirts which cost the customer a small fortune, and they have to  be shipped or posted to a physical address – or they may sell a few at a gig. Either that and/or they create a weird fragrance that costs the customer even more of a fortune, a product that stays as a popular niche-product for a year or so, and fades into obscurity, leaving many boxes of unsold stock that deteriorate eventually and end up in landfill.

The problems with the above: –

They cost the customer money; but does the customer want to pay?

Well at the end of a gig a number of fans might buy a T-shirt as a reminder, if they liked or hated your gig. The smellies are a real niche-product, and unless you have a cult-following it’s doubtful you’ll sell that many.

But what’s being offered here costs the price of a piece or pieces of paper and printer-ink at most.

And it’s at this point where I guess I should advertise HP Instant Ink: –

HP Instant Ink


If you have one of the latest HP printers, it’ll monitor your ink levels, and when it’s near to running out it’ll notify HP – who send you more ink via the postal service.

… So my product is financially efficient, energy-efficient with a low carbon footprint, and a niche-product… Well I guess some things are unavoidable.
– Best of all it’s free!

So to the product, the wallpaper: –

I’ve created templates that will print near-enough in A5, A4, and a rather large A3-size. (I once had an A3 printer, so I didn’t waste time on creating the A3 image: It can be printed.) If you’re using them as background wallpaper on your screen then follow the instructions that came with your operating system.

I currently have only 1 wallpaper pattern out; so let’s call that the original pattern; or to give it its full title: ‘Original Official Idol Wallpaper’.


What you see above is made up of hundreds of miniature Idol logos; with a pattern overlaid. When any number of these sheets are put together, it creates what I call a ‘do your head in’-type pattern.

The above tiles are available in: –

There are also lower-quality, compressed downloads available: –

There is only currently this one design available; but I hope to create more in time.



Oh – incidentally; this is what happens when you join 16 of these tiles together: –
16 tiles together

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