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New items of particular interest may well first be notified to my mailing list, then posted on this notice board, before being posted a while later on social media
– including – maybe – my fan page.

– So if you’re one of those people who refuses on principle to join my mailing list because you think “email’s not cool”, or you’re convinced that I’m going to steal your email address and sell it to Vladimir Putin for millions of Ruebels, then this notice board is the place to look.

I won’t be posting your
advertisment here.

When I first designed this page I wanted to keep advertising of any kind off it – I didn’t want to post any ads here – even my own – unless they are truly awesome.

I then closed the noticeboard and gave up on it as a bad idea; then I opened it on the Home (Welcome) page. I know it wasn’t really definitely necessary to create this page in the first place; but I have the hope that it might at least be slightly convenient for some readers.

Now I’m duplicating it here – when I get a chance to manually update it – on its own unique page for easier reference purposes; but I’m still limiting advertising, and I won’t be selling advertising space. Any 3rd party ads I do run will be as a favour to a colleague or as payment only.

There are probably dedicated Facebook groups with more traffic which would be far more suitable for that purpose; so if you want to post an ad – use one of those.

The opt-in form below the notice-board stays: I want more people to opt-in to my mailing-list, and that includes you. – Do scroll down a bit further and check it out.

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Notices posted here are purely items of possible interest.
They may or may not bear any relation to entertainments.


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Sharron-Idol's EP * The Show Goes On *.

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