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There have been a lot of deaths in the entertainments industry in the last few decades, and this one too. Many people believe in an
afterlife. – A worry-free place of paradise and serenity that they supposedly inhabit after death.

( This article was originally written November 2015.)

That title should probably read “One Reason Why Sharron-Idol Is An Atheist”; but what I originally chose will suffice for now.

crossBut what’s all this about Heaven? Is it, as Christians would have us believe, some wonderful paradise we go to when we die, provided that we fulfil certain basic criteria in life? – Or is it a complete fabrication of the truth; designed to enslave us to a certain way of thinking and behaving while we’re on Earth?

Is it a mechanism to stop us from fearing our own mortality? A way of tricking us into believing that no matter what type of life we have here on Earth, it doesn’t really matter because there’s something vastly better awaiting us in Heaven?

It is a mechanism with which those in power can get us to do anything ( for them ) and not fear death when doing it. – All they need to say to the believer is that it’s “God’s will”, and twistedly interpret some Bible-passage to confirm it.
Yes; exactly like Islamic State do with their religious views & literature.

Anyway, if it were the case that we go to Heaven or Hell when we die, then to what ends would this scheme operate? Who runs it anyway?

My personal view is that there are people in control of this myth; this fictional infinity dreamt up to avoid facing mortality: The people I’m talking about are behind every government who truly wield the power.

For all you conspiracy theorists; forget the Illuminati and One-World Government: That’s already happened – hundreds, maybe even thousands – of years ago.

What do the power-brokers need to stay in power? Subservience. What kind of threat to their supremacy would a whole planet-full of Humans all reaching their full potential ability pose to them? A massive threat. – So what do they use as a major tool for the purpose of keeping the people in line, of distilling progress, of breeding ignorance and providing people disincentive to think for themselves? – To dumb them down and keep them in their place: With delusions of grandeur but those delusions being illusory in nature? What is one of if not the main method they use to accomplish this?

– You guessed right: Religion!

But lets go a bit more in-depth into Christianity and examine how utterly weird and ridiculous its teachings actually are.

I find it saddening that there are still people who believe in the absurd notion that at least some folks go to this place “Heaven” when they die. I find it even weirder that a God of Love supposedly sends people who haven’t solved His divine puzzle correctly to be tortured forever!

It’s a little strange that a lot of people are really evil to the core, but they go through all the motions of accepting Jesus and become a reformed character on their deathbed in the hope of going to this place rather than the alternative they’re taught about.

This is all supposedly arranged by God… Which God? I don’t know? Some people would say that He’s the mysterious Jewish sky-god who hides Himself away, and the only reason for knowing His existence is “having faith”.  – That’s a weird notion, because having faith proves nothing and is totally useless in the absence of facts.

Having faith is NOT evidence.

If it were that easy I’d have faith that I’ll be given a million pounds UK sterling. – This career would be totally for fun, as I’d never be short of money because I had faith. – But we all know that things don’t work like that in real life; only in fairy-tales.

Rockin'JesusThere’s also this idea of being “born again”. What happens there is you give (dedicate) your life to Jesus, who is God – in one of His disguises – as His Son. You then train yourself to think in a certain manner and call the results “The blessing of the Holy Spirit.”. – (The Holy Spirit is again God in another disguise.) Some people go on to train themselves to hear voices from God, and/or they’re simply schizophrenic anyway.  Others, having trained themselves to think in the certain manner I mentioned, follow their heart and head and say that they’re following God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. – What they don’t realise is that they’re following themselves and the person whose spirit is in them and knows them so well; the person who they have “a relationship with”, is themselves. – it’s not God. In some cases it may be one of their voices, but it’s still not God.

But they fear their own mortality; so they cling to their new belief that they are going to Heaven for accepting a Bronze-Age rebel who supposedly – like a million others at that time – claimed to be the Son of God.

You see – so the story goes – God, disguised as Yeshua – who we today call Jesus – because that’s the Latin translation and it’s easier to say – created this planet first, followed by creating the Sun and then all the other planets and stars. That was a rather difficult way to do it… But the Earth was here before everything else and it was covered in water. – Yes I’m telling you what the Bible says; because it’s kind of “the handbook” of Christianity; and a lot of them say it’s infallible. Why is it infallible? Because although it was written by Bronze-Age men it was inspired by God. How do they know this? Because the Bible says so…

Isn’t circular logic a wonderful thing?

BibleI didn’t say I believe any of this myself, but I’ll just paraphrase it for you so that you get the idea of what it says. The Bible is taken to be the Word of God because it says it is.

We have no proof that is is anything but the ramblings of Bronze-Age men, some of them no doubt on drugs – other than that it says inside the book itself that it is the Word of God. Some of its historical recordings have been proven true, many others are in serious doubt and some are impossible.

In fact we have no proof that there is a God even. – All we have is what is written in the Bible; which says that it is the Word of a being that only the Bible itself introduces us to the concept of. If it weren’t for the Bible we would never have even heard of this God being.

So a Bronze-Age book tells us of this fictional being who you can only get to know by imagining Him and hoping that He exists. That same Bronze-Age book tells us that it is the Holy Word of this super-being that it tells of. It also tells us to kill, to rape, to make other Human Beings into our slaves, and much more besides.

There’s something very wrong with that. If we as a species had never seen this book we’d never know all this… Unless we read the Qu’ran; which is equally as sadistic and bloodthirsty. But nobody would have heard about this God who commands people to go to war and kill one another and then tells us not to kill each other or He’ll burn us forever. – A super-being who hides from us and tells us to commit genocide, rape, murder, torture, slavery, bigotry, intolerance… And then tells us not to or we’ll pay for it. – Unless we say we’re really sorry to Him and accept Him, as his Son, into our lives and believe in Him – not by proof: There is none; none whatsoever – but by faith.

Are you in anyway freaked-out yet? Does this sound a little weird and unconvincing?

Talking SnakeSo, going back to the start of the story, God; being the original male chauvinist, created man. He deliberately created him with a fault, and since God allegedly knows everything that there is to know, and a lot more besides, God KNEW that his creation would fail a test that he was about to put Adam and his new partner to.

Imagine that: Would you create something that you knew was going to fail? I’m not talking about for a practical joke : This is supposedly God’s crowning achievement; His best product ever. It’s like spending your life’s’ work on a project that you were 100% certain, even years before you embarked upon it, wouldn’t work properly … Something like, for instance; time travel using a cheese-grater… And then burning the cheese-grater forever because it didn’t travel through time when you told it to.

– I’m getting a little weird-sounding myself there lol. –

Back to the Biblical story: He then put  man to sleep and took one of man’s ribs and made woman. He woke man up and said: –

“Here’s a servant for you. ‘See that thing between your legs? Use it on her – I’ve programmed you so that you instinctively know what to do – and make more of your species. – It’s fun doing so.”

Later God said to man; KNOWING that man would not do as he was told: –

“Don’t eat fruit from this tree. If you do eat it you’ll know everything.”

– I’d seriously like to be able to genetically re-create that tree! –

So man wanted to eat fruit from that tree.

Later a talking snake… Please do try not to laugh – I know it sounds like a nightmare fairy tale. – Like some dream you’d have after a bad acid-trip, but do bear with me here… A talking snake told man that the fruit of that tree tasted great and eating it would make man properly Human [“like God”]…. Yes I know this sounds utterly stupid: I didn’t write the original story. – Stay with me a while longer if you can bear any more of this crap: –

Man asked woman “What do you reckon?”

Woman said

“You can try it or not; I’m not your keeper.” – So man eat it, and then so did woman.

Later, God asked “Why did you eat it?”

Man pointed at woman and said, in typical male fashion: –

“It’s her fault!”…

So because God created a creature that he KNEW would fail a test, He had to come to Earth in the form of Yeshua or Jesus, and die by crucifixion, so that He could pay Himself for man getting it wrong – which He KNEW was going to happen anyway. He had to pay a ransom to Himself so that He could accept us as he made us to be. – Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? – But because He did that, everyone who apologises for not being like he wants them to be and says they believe in Him under his disguise of Jesus gets a “get out of jail free” card and goes to heaven when they die,  no matter how evil, useless, lazy, whatever, they’ve been in their Earthly life.

Everyone who doesn’t have faith in this ridiculous story is allegedly sent to a place called Hell to live forever in agony; no matter how good, resourceful, and productive, they were in their Earthly life

It sounds a bit far-fetched to say the least eh? But note that you MUST believe – out of FEAR…
Unless you have common sense of course.

It’s plain to see that the story is a load of rubbish, a badly-constructed ancient fairy-tale. If I sat with you and told you the above would you believe me?

– Well if you’re a Christian then the above is what you not only believe, but also what you’re prepared to die for.

~ And that, in short, is why I, Sharron-Idol, am not a Christian. It’s also similar to the reason why I’m not any religion. ~


I’ve got as much chance of going to Hell when I die as I have of going to Heaven; i.e. none. – So I’m not honestly bothered about either.

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The Bible Condones & Encourages: –

1. Rape: Zechariah 14:1, 2 Samuel 12:11, Deuteronomy 22:28
2. Slavery: Leviticus 25:44, Exodus 21:7, Deuteronomy 22:28, 1 Peter 2:18
3. Torture: Revelation 9:4, Revelation 9:10
4. Child Abuse: Genesis 22:1-1, 10, Exodus 12:29, 2 Kings 2:23, Psalm 137: 9 Jeremiah 19:9
5. Death to Witches: Exodus 22:18, Leviticus 20:27, Deuteronomy 13:5
6. Punish the Innocent: Romans 9:11-22, Genesis 3:15-17
7. Genital Mutilation: Genesis 17:10
8. Human Sacrifice: Judges 11:29, Hebrews 10:10
9. Genocide: Genesis 6 & 7, Numbers, 21, 24, 31 Deuteronomy 2, Joshua, 6, 8, 10, 11, Samuel, 15

See also: THIS LINK.

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