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I’m seriously trying to put some more music, some new releases , together for you all. The thing is that I started so many projects last year; some of which came to nothing, others are unfinished still, and a few are in draft form but essentially need re-recording.

Catch Me I'm FallingThe studio’s been on fire (not literally) with technical stuff this year so far: I’m optimising everything so that I can get a few excellent recordings accomplished this Summer, and then later in the Summer or start of the Autumn (Fall) I’m going to be looking at getting some new computer and audio equipment in. What I’ve got is a couple of main computers in the studio that are dual-core units which are basically optimised to full capacity already.

They work fine, but they’re getting to be on the old side of life and I just can’t do much more with them any longer. It’s going to eventually end up in a situation where I’m regularly replacing parts that in some cases will end up costing more than better components in current usage. Also as technology progresses they’re going to get slower and less capable of running things like present-day browsers. The audio equipment is also a bit Heinz-57-Varieties/Heath Robinson. – All types of everything get connected together in a “Thank f*** that worked” kind of set up.

Body Releases MusicAs far as music for release goes – I touched on this in the header-paragraph – I have things in the pipeline; but have a bit of re-recording and sound-editing to get done yet before I have something of the quality standard that I’d feel was good enough for general release to the public.

I know it’s been quite some time since I last released anything. It’s actually coming up to 7 months shortly.

Over the last few months I’ve been discovering additional styles of music by studying other artists, as well as building a website; which is built to last a while and which gives you people some of the very best that the modern internet has to offer. I know that I’ve been announcing each new build since way back, and some of them have been utterly crap if the truth be told, but that project is now pretty much complete and also pretty much fully-functional. – It had to be done: There was no way I could go on fighting the old site and patching it daily just to keep it up to minimum standard.

Fallen ArtistRemember I don’t have a team behind me: I have me behind me, and in front of me too in some cases. It’s as if I need to be in several places at once at times; and a pair of hands sometimes feels like it could do with a few more. – But I’m so stubbornly independent. Probably at some point I’ll have to hire jobs out to other people and sources; but until then I’m managing.

The real thing about doing it all myself is the intense learning curve. – I love it. – I feel like I could take on the world and win at times; but I mustn’t get too buzzed-up and ahead of myself.

– So I’m expecting to have something out by Summer time or in the Summer. I’m not going to leave it as late as July though or it’ll be a whole year of blank: I owe my audience better than that.

Stay tuned: Things are happening.

Finally here’s a bonus for you: This is one of my early tracks; created and recorded originally in Spring 2013, although this version had to wait until 2014 to be released on my album * I’m A Person, Not A Genre’”.

– This is * On With The Show – Celeb Version *. Enjoy:

      1. OnWithTheShowCeleb

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