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I’m addressing this article mainly to people in the entertainments sector; but it will possibly apply to many or any other people wishing to start their own business while considering network

As a musician/entertainer or a group of musician/entertainers you’re a business or you’re a part of a business. A business exists to do business; to sell product and to make money, and you’re no doubt looking towards doing exactly that, with a view to making a living doing so. You have probably approached an existing marketer or marketers for advice; particularly with regard to online business.

The phrase “ network marketing ” may have even popped into your head or popped-up in conversation at some point.  Many of those (network) marketers will advise you, in the initial stages, of a ‘three-step-strategy’: –

  1. Brand yourself and build an audience.
  2. Familiarise yourself with your audience and introduce yourself to them, building up a relationship with them.
  3. Market to your audience.

adviceThey’ll also probably advise you to interact with and use a marketing system which assists you with your marketing efforts; even to the point of providing prewritten capture scripts, and providing you with the products to give as a part of your lead-magnet. – Maybe even more…

Welcome to network marketing, in one of its forms.

Remember that, in network marketing, as you strive to get rich the people “helping” you are getting richer from your efforts, as well as from the efforts of everyone else in their downline; so it’s in their own interests to “help you out”: Not because they like you, but because their business depends, in part, on you, and because you’re in essence working for them.

Yes; your upline want you to work for them by working for yourself. They’re not interested in your selling your own entertainments-related product (Although you might be able to do that as a side-line and get away with it?): They care about you selling their product and selling them. They want to subtly ‘own’ you and your market.

You can’t sell your music or other product in network marketing; but can you use what you learned from these people in the form of marketing strategy to help you to sell your music or other product?

Well yes, in a way: But you can learn more from what they don’t tell you than what they actually tell you.

They tell you to brand yourself and build an audience; in other words brand yourself and start up an emailing list. When thinking of branding yourself please please don’t prepare a roaring fire with a white-hot-tipped branding-iron in it. Your brand is how people see you and how they identify you from other marketers.

– So you create a brand-image and you build up an audience.

Your upline aren’t really interested in your success.

They want you to feel like you’re getting somewhere, they want you to make at least the odd sale. – If you’re making a few sales and their other downlines are also making a few sales then they’re in clover and they’re raking it in. Just like with working in a 9 to 5 job; you’re giving of your best to make someone else wealthy!

What is this ‘3-Step-Marketing-Strategy’ thing anyway?

There is also a whole lot wrong with the 3-step-marketing-strategy: The 3-step-marketing-strategy is old-school; it’s the hardest, most labour-intensive, and slowest, marketing strategy. Why? Because, if you practice the 3-Step Marketing Strategy, you aren’t in business from square 1. In fact, according to the structure of the 3-Step-Marketing-Strategy, you don’t actually do any business until you’ve decided that you’ve built up and become friendly enough with your audience. Until then – starve, lose your home… Who needs food? – It just makes you fat. A roof over your head is for wimps, right? You can worry about all that when you’re a millionaire…

Er no. Doing things the old (wrong) way can take a lot longer than you think.: The gurus say to go out on social media, get page likes on the social-media platform, and attract people to your site. They say to read and comment on blogs, to guest-post, get involved with forums, post daily on your site, work yourself to death to organically get a couple of people a day onto your list until you have a decent number of people on it. (Remember you’ll be doing this without eating for weeks or months as your final eviction notice arrives.)

A much better way would be to generate an income as you build your list, and this page, which I wrote earlier, will tell you exactly how to do that.

By following the advice on the linked page you’ll have combined the three steps into one, not gone hungry, not lost your home, and will also have hopefully made at least some profit from it.

Relationship marketing

You have to keep a relationship with your existing customers and the people on your list as an ongoing process – because this is relationship-marketing: Remember when  you had no idea who they were and they’d never heard of you? They responded to your ad, you gave them some value for no charge, and they became your customer. They discovered that you were a genuine person, that you knew what you were on about, and that the value that you gave them was beneficial to them. As a result they came to know you and began to like you. – That’s why they bought something from you.

The people on your list and your existing customers won’t keep buying if you just become complacent and ignore them. What will happen is they’ll start losing faith, losing trust in you, and they’ll eventually ignore you and unsubscribe from your list. This is where the existing marketing company, the network marketing people would and do come in useful, as they stay totally in touch with your customers and keep touting their own product, while you concentrate on getting yourself and them new business.

– At the end of the day, then, you could probably build your list faster, and you could well find it easier to keep customers loyal with network marketing. As for selling your own product or entertaining and self-promoting while network-marketing. – I doubt it.

Are there any entertainments-related network marketing companies? ‘None that I know of. Could you sell your own product along with network marketing to the same customers? ‘Probably not, and it would be rather awkward even if you could.


Have you noticed something? – Of late; network marketers don’t openly pose as or advertise themselves as network marketers.

Many pose as, to all intents and purposes, at first sight, independent business gurus – who lead you to believe that they intend to help you to achieve financial independence and start your own business. The thing is that many of them are trying to subtly get you involved in a network of some description, so that they can benefit from your efforts. In short you’re owned (pwned) if you get into network marketing (Of any form.), and ”your” company isn’t really yours; it’s a subsidiary of theirs, of them, and in effect is totally dependent upon them. – So it’s not financial independence, neither is it your own business.

Network Marketing ReligionIn a way it’s a bit like a cult religion:

Not just cult religion either. – In fact it’s very like any religion: –

It lures you in with huge promises that sound almost too good to be true, and usually are. – And then you’re find you’re a part of the “family” (1 Corinthians 12 verse 26); fighting the good fight in the knowledge that your master-company’s product is the right one, the best, and that it’ll win through above all the rest. – You have total faith in it; you believe sincerely in it, and you know that you’ll never reach the true enlightenment of bounteous riches and financial independence without the company’s product. Hail the product! Hail the Company. Praise the Company for the Company family.

You also know that “faith without works is dead” (James 2 verse 20). – So you must always be sure to be actively promoting the product at all times. (Acts 1 verse 8) – Amen.

Network marketing is not classified as a religion; but there are huge similarities.

Do entertainers want or need to get involved with network marketing? Definitely not. – Not even Scientology.


You’ll quite possibly find the answer to what you’re looking for; not in someone’s network marketing downline, but at
Blog Marketing Academy. < ==Check out the link.



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