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In my comparatively short time as an entertainer, I’ve come across some real fly-boys – and a couple of fly-girls too for that matter – selling an online musician’s course.

Be very wary if you see an online musician’s course that promises to – something like: –

  • “Take your music career to the next level.”
  • “Increase your audience and have fans literally begging you for more.”,
  • “Put your music marketing into overdrive and have you promoting your music like a professional.”

…And similar huge promises.

Be very wary; particularly if there’s an up-front payment of several hundred dollars required.


In such courses you’ll learn: –

  • How to set up a basic WordPress website – on dodgy hosting, using the course owner’s affiliate link to Host Gator, or some other low-quality hosting owned by the same monopoly; namely AIG – who pay their affiliates handsomely, but provide a terrible hosting service.

    You’ll be doing this, and quite possibly using the marketing and page-buiding tool that can be used as either a plugin or a theme; known as Optimize Press. Although you were told that the course fee was all you’ll have to pay; you’ll probably have to also pay for Optimize Press, even though you were told otherwise. – The course-owner will quite possibly be writing your material for you… Actually they’ll be copying and pasting from material written by little-known American musicians back in the 20th Century – which they put together like a collage, complete with American spellings, and provide for you to copy and paste to your own website… “So that you don’t have to waste time which you could be using to create music on writing copy for your website.”.


  • You’ll also be taught the free amateur way to create low-quality web-graphics using Pixlr. (The course-owner is teaching you their own ways.) They’ll teach you how to use AWeber – the monthly subscription to which is going to cost you even more expense, despite being told you wouldn’t have to worry about any more expense than the course fee, and the course-owner probably told you that they’d “give you the software”. – “The software” turned out to be AWeber – which is good software which I use myself – and said ‘there you are: Start paying for a subscription’. (Via their affiliate link.) – This is their idea of “giving” you something. AWeber software is used to capture the email addresses of visitors to your website.

    They also teach you how to set up a marketing funnel or two. – Both of which you’ll be taught how to do, and which are pretty much the only things of any value that you’ll get for your money. You’ll be taught the basics of how to use Facebook for marketing, including how to split-test ads. This is also a useful thing to know – if you’re taught to do it just right. I doubt you’ll be taught the finer points of Facebook marketing, which are necessary to avoid wasting money.

    You’ll also be taught a few other things; some of which will be relevant and useful, most of which will be a waste of time: –

Things like making unattainable promises to your fans; such as “Join my emailing list and receive all my music, free, for life.” – AKA “I want to be eternally penniless and offer something I can never deliver on in the hope of fooling people into becoming my fans.”.

+ Things like offering your buyers twice their money back if they are unsatisfied. ( – The buyer buys, asks for a refund, sets up a temporary email address, buys, asks for a refund, sets up a temporary email address, buys… ad infinitum.)

Most of What They’ll Teach You is Not Only Mainly Crap; but Drawn-Out Crap


* The above will be stretched out over around six months in a series of lessons, possibly hosted by the course owner as unlisted or private videos, aka without cost, on You Tube.

You see the course owner is another of the many freeloaders who are trying to work the music industry for free. – And the course owner is succeeding in doing so, having used a large amount of intuition, to a certain extent – for now. As long as there are gullible people there will always be con-artists.- If you fall into their trap you’ll be assisting them by financing them to keep conning other people.

– That’s what you get for your X hundred dollars, plus six months of waiting, in vain, for the promises to be fulfilled.

It’s actually rather upsetting after all that time to discover that someone who might say they’ve just risen to popularity by using what they just spent 6 months telling you for a small fortune; someone who also tells you that they help major record labels, and they feign a professional music career, is in fact untraceable, and nobody’s ever heard of them unless they themselves saw their adverts for the course. These course owners usually operate from back rooms or basements. The real-world postal address that they use on their materials may not even exist. It would cost them to even hire a mailing address.

>Despite charging hundreds of dollars for their product, (Many use the US Dollar as currency in order to hide their country of residence. – Many of them live in UK, although a few are genuinely American. These people probably lead a shady existence close to the poverty line; living hand-to-mouth, pillar–to-post, on whatever they can scrounge, steal, or beg, plus their internet earnings; which don’t add up to all that much in the bigger picture. Often the Paul Young lyric of “Wherever I lay my hat; that’s my home.” is true in a sense in their case.
– But not because they’re on tour: The reason is that the house owner/landlord hasn’t kicked them out yet; that’s why.


Twat-Test Before You Buy: If the seller is a twat; don’t buy the course.


Before you part with your money; ask the person trying to sell you the course to show you some of their successes, along with evidence that they have achieved their claims.

You see if anyone knew how to actually ‘take their music career to the next level’, ‘increase their audience and have fans literally begging them for more’, and ‘put their music marketing into overdrive…’ – while at the same time advising major record labels… Then why the fuck are they trying to rip people off with a low-value course, created for virtually nothing, hosted for free on You Tube? Why also are they not chart-topping artists, and why has no celebrity ever heard of them?

Ladies and gentlemen; you have probably just realised that, by buying the course and not cancelling in the allotted time, you’ve been had by yet another internet con-artist.

What the con-artist fails to teach you is… well actually most of what you paid for. I could be more specific, but to avoid making this article rather massive I’ll skip the listing in this case. – Save to say that they promised to teach you how to: –

  • “Take your music career to the next level.” – They failed.
  • “Increase your audience and have fans literally begging you for more.” – They failed.
  • “Put your music marketing into overdrive and have you promoting your music like a professional.” – They failed.

What they actually did was they taught you the basics of online marketing, they made some commission off of your efforts, they wasted 6 months worth of training sessions – in which time you could have learned vastly more than you did, and to top it all off they overcharged you for the privilege.

Have you ever heard the phrase “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”?
Partial knowledge of any subject can often do you more harm than good if you put it into action. – Because it’s only partial knowledge; and there is something you’ve missed out because of that fact that is going to cause you grief. – And you see they’ve taught you the basics of marketing; but they haven’t taught you anything in depth; no training on safeguards, or pitfalls that you should avoid… But they don’t care: They have their money, and as far as they’re concerned, what you don’t know can’t hurt you.


And now……


All this talk of negativity is maybe  starting to bring you down. – It’s certainly  starting to make me feel uneasy, and I’m writing the article… So let’s dwell on something more positive from this point onwards.

How about an online membership course that costs you around the same price per year for unlimited access to the training materials as the con-artist’s course did for 2 hour-long training sessions per month over 6 months. That’s right; the con-artist gave you 1 hour-long session on You Tube every 2 weeks for 6 months: Total 12 hours ‘training’. – What would you say to an online course with a monthly membership fee and unlimited access to hundreds of hours of audio and video training materials that aren’t hosted on You Tube, plus also many pages of written training materials, and live tutorials as well,  that adds up over the course of a year to approximately the same price as the con-artist charged you for 12 you-tube sessions over 6 months? I think you’d agree that it’s a better deal, yes?

Differences:  –


There are yet other differences though: This positive online membership course doesn’t make any promises. Any results gained from it are up to you and dependent upon the amount of effort, graft, dedication, and determination , that you’re prepared to put into it. One musician from Germany owns a successful guitar tutorial business; but this course isn’t for musicians and entertainers only. This course teaches you how to conduct online business with the focus on a blog/website, and how to do it successfully. As  a result of that we have not only successful musicians on board; but also a successful scientist who owns a multi-figure business teaching US High School Grads organic chemistry! – There’s proof, if you needed it, that the possibilities are virtually endless.

So this positive, non-rip-off course, is a business course; but not a specific niche of business: This course caters for all types of (online) business – including the music and entertainments business.

This course won’t teach you to be a better entertainer or musician; but it will teach you how to deal with the business aspects of the music and entertainments scene. – It’ll give you a chance to meet other business people of many niches too.


How much does all this actually cost?


That depends on how long you stick around… That’s the great thing with a membership course like this; you pay a monthly fee and you have unlimited access to a vast plethora of training-materials for that month. When you feel you’ve learned enough or you get bored or whatever then you stop paying and your membership and access ends.

Many people, including myself, have been around for years, and are like veterans of the course. – Don’t worry; there are newbies too; so you’ve no need to feel alone when you join.

David Risley


RisleyGodOfBlogging1The guy running all this is David Risley. – David Risley is someone who I describe as the ‘God of Blogging’: He pretty much invented it. – He was blogging before there were any blogs. He started a website called PC Mech in 1998, and he sold it a few years back. – BMAflaskBy then he’d started davidrisley dot com in 2008 – which became the Blog Marketing Academy – The positive site I’m referring to herein. He learned a lot of important business lessons from his years of running PC Mech, and he started to teach those lessons plus others that he learned to others by means of his new site: Blog Marketing Academy was born.



This article is getting huge: I started off warning you against con artists selling music career courses that made fantastical promises which they failed to deliver on; and now I’m talking about a rather awesome thing called Blog Marketing Academy. – For some reason I always seem to end up there: ‘Probably because it’s such a great place to be. I’ve known of David online since somewhere around 2003, and actually known him online since around 2006 when I was setting up a computer white-box building business. I used to bully him into making live pitches after that in the early days. I even appeared online and got him a shoutout at IzeaFest in 2008. – He was in the audience in Florida USA; I was at home in the UK, online. I posted on the live Twitter feed that I’d noticed him in the audience… They read the tweet and called for him to identify himself: Instant fame!




The first thing I noticed about David is that he knows what he’s talking about; he’s not a bullshitter like a number of people I’d come across online. – He was also a massive nerd and he talked geek – therefore we spoke the same language. I hadn’t taken up music and entertainments as a main  profession back in those days; but  I guess it was hearing his friend and co-worker Rich Menga on guitar that initially got me dabbling in it again. I’d wanted to be a pop star in my teens,  and I’d taught myself how to sing, as well as how to build my own sound equipment: Even as a teenager I was geeking out!

I really must stop writing or I’ll end up having to pay for extra server space. If you’ve read all the above; thank you and well done: – Now rest those sore eyes; but do bookmark Blog Marketing Academy. – I think you’ll like it.

– – – – –


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