God rest Ye Merry Dubsteppers

* God Rest Ye Merry Dubsteppers * by Sharron-Idol: Album Notes( 'Takes about 3 minutes to read. )

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This is the display of the transposed and updated album notes for my single release * God Rest ye Merry Dubsteppers *; which is available on CD Baby only. –  You won’t find it anywhere else; not legally anyway.


* God Rest Ye Merry Dubsteppers * - Available at CD Baby only.


I really feel that I should add more to this item; because when I originally wrote it I didn’t have a lot to say, as well as the fact that I was short on time. I obviously produced this with Christmas in mind, and it’s  sung to the updated dubsteppy-beat of the traditional Dickensian Christmas carol of a similar name.

Although the title mentions “God”; I’ve never really believed in the Christian god’ not since age twenty something. – Ten years later I became a Pagan.

That didn’t work out, as again it was mostly faith-based; even though it is a much nicer religion: No vile doctrine, hate, repression, bigotry, et cetera… But it still lacked substance. Eventually I concluded that gods and goddesses are an invention of primitive Humans that survives to this day, and I became an Atheist in August 2015, after 12 years as a Pagan. There is no god, no Christ, no supernatural big-daddy. There is, however, a need for personal responsibility, a civil society, and consideration of others. – Even more so in fact in the light of that conclusion.

How to lose an audience: Start talking about religion.
– So I’ll stop.

Departing from the subject of religion, or not as the case may be, I noticed, at the time, that CD Baby had started to allow their customers to produce single releases at no extra cost – but said singles could only be sold by CD Baby themselves and not distributed anywhere else. This tune and a basic alternative-version of the lyrics had been playing on my mind for years – even before dubstep had been invented. It was too good an opportunity to miss, and I couldn’t help but write a dubstep-version and add a beat.

That’s the added bit, above: The rest of it – what there is of it – is what was written when the single track was released.

What [more] can I say? Not a lot in truth. Take a listen; the preview covers the entire 2 1/2 minutes of the piece. Form your own opinions, purchase it if you like it, whatever. Here are the lyrics: –

* God Rest Ye Merry Dubsteppers – Available from CD Baby only.  * – Lyrics
– Copyright Sharron-Idol + Ice Recordings 2013


Verse 1: –
God rest ye merry dub-step-pers; let nothing ye dismay.
Re-mem-ber that this awe-some beat was made upon this day.
This tune will take the world by storm: That’s what some people say!
Oh ti-dings of dub-step and joy; dubstep and joy.
O-oh ti-dings of du-ub-step and joy.

Verse 2: –
-… Merry dub-step-pers; let nothing you dismay.
Don’t let the stan-dard pop mu-sic or soul get in your way.
This shade of e-lec-tron-ic bliss is what is “in” to-day.
So bles-sings of dub-step and joy; com-fort and joy.
O-oh bles-sings of du-u-ub-step and joy!


Synthesized voice (Spoken): “God rest ye merry dubsteppers!”




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