Mary-Jane by Sharron Idol – Lyrics( 'Takes about 3 minutes to read. )

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Mary Jane – Lyrics

From the album

*I’m A Person, Not A Genre’*

Written & Composed 8th February 2013 at 16:56

by Sharron Idol.

Copyright Ice Recordings 2013.

All 9 verses.
Are-you-ready-now? – A-1-2-3-and…


I met a lady called-a Mary-Jane.
The scene from the green it had captured her brain.
She was a full-time space-cadet and hitching a ride –
To the planet of Skinupticus – the other side.
– Living on green, she lived in her dreams – yeah.

She took me to a friend of hers along the road:
He was an urban hor-ti-cult-uralist a-growing a load.
The oil from the soil sent him out into space;
The tide-a from the cider bottle caved in his face.
It was-a just Mary Jane and me down by the sea – he hee.

She was out of place in outer-space and testing her yield
When the man-thing led her camping in an out-of-time field.
She was a-kneeling with a feeling she was growing quite old
With a Winter wind upon her skin and feeling the cold.
She was chuck-ing in a buck-et with a tear in her eye,
And the piece of meat from W. street was making her cry.

It is a multi-plastic substitute in singular form.
Though I’m freezing while I’m singing this I’m growing quite warm.
I’m a slippin’ and a trippin’ while I’m down on the weed:
‘Caught up by a dandelion. – I was in need.
And her name’s Mary-Jane; let me sing it again ye-e-eah! – oo-oo-oo

She was a sing-sing-sing-u-lar a-singing a song.
She played the dingle-dangle-dingular like nothing was wrong.
She was a-burnin-yearnin-churnin-chic-a-turnin the tide.
In the Dorset doorwood forest down there by the sea-side.
She accompanied me to the vine-yard by sea – yey yey yeah.

– So she made it to the beach, at least, she jumped off the pier:
And she woke up in the rub-a-dub or somewhere quite near.
She had sapped the tap that drained the apples under the bar,
– And the cider side inside of her was taking her far –
To the smell of crushed grapes and the sound of a de-mo ta-a-pe.
– Or Sev-er-us Snape?

Well this stoner is a lamer; so wherever you roam;
I’m-a leave with this disclaimer: do not try this at home.
I’ll just go on with my journey seeking fortune and fame,
In the bright-lights and the hot-spots I’m promoting my name.
– And in future I am gonna try ‘avoid Mary Jane.
Let me say it again: Just remember the name. – Sing –

Mary-Jane is a woman with a large claim to fame.
She is famous, international, ahead of her game.
She is strong and so sophisticated, really insane.
She will never be your heroine, she’ll damage your brain.
Well her name’s Mary Jane – let me say it again: –

Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane.
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane:
She’s illegal in most countries where she’s banned in the main.
One more time here’s her name; and I’ll sing it again.
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane. – Ye-e-ah.


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