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When the country was in lockdown due to COVID19; I would see and hear people complaining about having little to do. They longed to get back to their 9-5 job – It was all they had in life. – Not necessarily because they liked it, although some did, but because they had a massive hole in their routine left by the absence of a decent destiny and their secular employment that needed filling.


I suggested to them that they start their own business and become self-employed: In control of their own destiny.

A buzz broke out, which seemed to almost turn to panic, before many of them uttered ghasps of “Oh I don’t think I could do that.”.

“Why on Earth not?” I enquired. “You wanted something to do: I suggest you do something that will further your success and strengthen you as a person. – Yet you react as if I’d just suggested that you embark upon a suicide mission.”

“Oh but don’t you realise how hard it is for self-employed people in these times?…” Came the reply.

I told them that the difficulties with self-employment are amplified if the person in question has a physical bricks-and-mortar business rather than a virtual business trading information. Of course people in business with huge overheads were going to face problems in the current climate, if they weren’t doing so already… But minimise the overheads and trade from a virtual premises which costs very little.


“What do you mean?”

I enlarged upon the matter, stating that the business primarily existed online.

I watched as the person I was talking to from 2 metres away stood open-mouthed with a baffled expression on their face.

“Online as in cyberspace,” I continued. ” using a computer…”

It was at this point that nearly everybody that I was talking about this to then interrupted, emphatically: –

“I’m no good with a computer!”

“Computers confuse me!”

“I couldn’t do that if it involves a computer!”

Observing the look of amazement and surprise on my face due to their verbal ejaculation of negativity; they then followed up in most cases with something like: –

“Oh I can browse the internet, read email, do Facebook, and that kind of thing. – But my son/daughter/ niece/nephew/grandson helps me out if I need to do any more than that.”

My Generation

This is my generation. This is the generation that pulled us out of a path towards a technological dead-end of the nuclear family functioning traditionally with male domination while the men strove to invent devices to make the work easier for their female slaves/baby machines while they sat with their feet up in front of a roaring fire expecting their food to be served on time every day.

This was the generation that created the late 1970’s and brought us the New Romantics in the early ’80’s. We were the original yuppies. We invented the file-o-fax and the mobile phone. We drove Thatcherism to make it a force for the advancement of society. We cleared away the inefficient industrial monstrosities of yesteryear and built the world a capitalistic economic base for growth.

..And most of us are frightened at the thought of operating a computer. We shudder at the suggestion of taking control of our own destinies. – We’d rather just rely upon luck to deal us a good hand by random chance. (That rarely happens in real life.) Most of us recoil in horror at the thought  of becoming successful, wealthy; rather than selling our days to some fat cat to make them richer while they pay us a pittance.

Destiny Give Me A Day

I thought we were a special, gifted generation. We are in a way; but to no greater extent than any other generation. – Yes; when I was a teenager I thought that my generation was the next progressive wave that would lead innovation and take technology and society to the next level. In a way that HAS happened; but in many other ways nothing has changed since the dark ages.



And now that lockdown is ending and a lot of people can go back to work; those people are delighted to spend all of their days as if chained in servitude to their masters once again. – Thankful that they now have regained purpose for their sorry wasted lives.

The black and white illustration shows what used to be the local workhouse. – In more recent times we don’t enslave those not born with blue blood and a silver spoon in their mouth to a short life of menial work in the workhouse any more. – These days we keep them healthy and let them exist in the community; so that they are more productive, live longer, and give greater servitude. – And the remarkable thing is that they’ve somehow been conditioned to enjoy it too! They can’t wait to get back to making money for other people who don’t need it.

Your Role

It’s time for a change. When the morons manage to control their fear of technology, success, and learn to like learning something new, rather than being terrified of it. – Then that change will happen.

But in reality the tide of human stupidity is unstoppable. – Society will never stop playing master and servant.

So as the world continues to play this farcical game; the question is:

Which one are you?

Are you someone who chooses to be a master; in charge of and responsible for your own destiny? – Or do you choose to be a servant: Controlled and exploited by the whims of people who consider themselves superior?

Do the sensible thing: –

Take control of your personal destiny; start an online business.

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