New Year Launch of Sharron-Idol’s New Website( 'Takes about 3 minutes to read. )

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Having survived Christmas we now come to the lesser part of the Holidays: New Year… And there’s something else happening on January 1st 2016 too: –

BAOTVYes it’s the official launch of Sharron-Idol’s new website: Possibly the site that you’re reading this article from.

It’s not going to be a huge do, with feasting and revelry: That’ll be part of the New Year celebrations. Spare a thought, nevertheless, as you fill your faces and drink so much that cirrhosis of the liver becomes a real danger, for this awesome new website.

The site was in development for a number of months prior to its official launch, and in fact started life as the WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme.

In some of the first builds I tried using Optimize Press as a theme; but it made the entire site look too sterile and sales-y. Yes the site is about sales of product to an extent; but Optimize Press screams internet marketer. – Although one of my functions is indeed internet marketing; it’s not my primary function. – As in: I’m an entertainer, rather then an internet marketer. There was no getting away from the sales-y-ness of Optimize Press, so I abandoned it as a to-be-customised theme in favour of the Twenty Fifteen default theme, which was also to-be-customised.

Although the Twenty Fifteen theme was rather good in its original form, it nevertheless required alteration and enhancement. New templates needed to be added to the theme in addition to the existing ones –  . Also most of the existing templates required an update; particularly the content.php file, which initially, before modification, listed all posts in full chronologically, one above the other. The modified version lists post titles and snippets rather than post titles and full listings; after all it is still a blog, but the posts are individual posts, not a scroll-job.

404Page-UpperNew templates added include four custom-footers, three custom headers, and several extra custom page templates. The 404 page was originally the usual dull boring page that nobody ever really bothers to customise. I saw it as an entertainment 404Page - Lowerand advertising opportunity and made it bright and colourful. – And it still, of course, gives the visitor the message that they got something wrong.

I even saw opportunity in the maintenance-page: Hardly anyone sees the maintenance-page; but it’s an advertising opportunity all the same. – So, since the site is temporarily out-of-function while the maintenance-page is showing – I showed ads for the Facebook page and others on it. Yes I do still need to include cross-browser support for it, which may well appear in a future build, but at least it’s more than it was before.

– So I could yatter on for ream after ream about what’s been done to the site to make it look different; but I’d bore you to tears eventually and I’d miss the entire point of this page – which is: –

A reminder that the official launch date of Sharron-Idol’s new, mobile-friendly and secure, website, at or – which redirects to it – is on Friday 1st January 2016. It would be nice if you dropped by on the day and browsed.

Other than that; I’d like to wish everyone a happy New Year for 2016…

And don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do:
– But if you do; don’t get caught! Nyah-Nyah


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