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The 80/20 rule is a rule used in business. It states that you spend 80% of your time achieving 20% of your results.



As you’ll appreciate: As a musician/entertainer, or even if you’re professionally something else on a self-employed level; you’re a business, or as a band or company you’re jointly a business. The 80/20 rule applies to you too.


Think about that a second: If you work full-time; 8 hours a day on your music career – that’s 480 minutes – then statistically, using the 80/20 rule, you’ll achieve 80% of what you’re trying to create in only 96 of those minutes. – One hour 36 minutes.


That means that the other six hours and 24 minutes are in a way wasted: In 6 hours 24 minutes you achieve one fifth, or 20%, of the progress you make in just one hour 36 minutes.


As we know; life is short. I’m sure you as a person don’t want to spend 80% of your life achieving only 20% of your career goals. I certainly don’t. – So how can we improve things?

The 80-20 Rule on its Head (Reversed)


If we’re getting most of our achievements from a fifth of our time then we need to identify what we’re doing in that fifth of our time that is bringing results. We also need to identify what we’re doing with the other four-fifths of our time that is achieving very little… Because if we could turn things on their head and spend 80% of our time fully productive and just 20% less productive then we’d get 320% + 20% of the productivity we’re getting out of our working day currently: That’s 340% more results; 3.4 times our current achievement.

But how do we turn the 80/20 rule on its head?

Oh it can be done: Why are some musicians/entertainers stars and others nobodies? Are the stars getting 3.4 or more times the results of the nobodies? – It would appear so.


Am I just being a fantasist here? Not at all: Everybody has 24 hours in a day. You don’t imagine Lady Gaga or Beyoncé somehow manage to make every day longer than anybody else’s do you? – So it appears it’s not how much time we have as much as what we as musicians do with that time that matters.



So how exactly are we going to turn the productivity-loss on its head and turn it into a productivity gain?

The key is to identify the areas in our working lives where we are having the most positive effect on situations and our environment. Analyse your working patterns and do less of what produces less and do more of what produces more. – It really is as simple as that. Having analysed intently, and upon discovering what the practices are that create the best and most productive effects, the more you do what makes you the best – the better and more efficient you’ll be. It may be that the less productive practices that reduce efficiency are still necessary to carry out. If that should be the case then assign as short a period as is reasonably possible to utilise in blitzing the task and getting it out of the way in ,order that you can concentrate upon something which provides more value in the way of results.

It really isn’t rocket-science, and no PHD is required; it’s just a matter of logical time management and utilisation of the working hours in your day.


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