Officially Announcing the Impending Release of * Cosmic * EP( 'Takes about 6 minutes to read. )

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Cosmic EP AdYes it’s time to officially announce the impending release
– on Friday 28th June –
of my EP * Cosmic *.

It’s a pain in the ass writing these articles as the search engines like them to be written: My usual writing style is totally different. Considering I went to school before the internet was a global phenomenon, it’s hardly surprising!

It’s now the beginning of July 2017, and I think I’ve pretty much got the main part of the * Cosmic Q * album created; just got to do the picture artwork and then all the administrative shit – which is in a way just as hard.

We really did have a blazing June in the UK this year… Well the middle of it anyway, right up to and including Midsummer’s Day. The heat in the studio; which the air-conditioning managed to move from point A to point B but not to drop the temperature, was excessive and certainly not conducive to hard work.

I’m now going to talk abut an individual track of the album; that being a track entitled
* Red Tape *.

Going back to August 2013; shortly after my musical career first started, I produced a first draft of a song which I’d written the lyrics to on 30th July 2013. The song was my never-yet-released track * Red Tape *.

I didn’t like the first draft at all at the time, and neither did a colleague who heard it. – So it was basically left there, and eventually the hard drive that it was on became supplementary and was put into storage…

But the (1TB Saisho) hard drive came back into use recently, when I rigged up a small NAS server using a SATA to USB kit, my existing router, and the aforesaid hard drive.. Do excuse me talking so geeky; but I’m a natural geek, so it’s my prerogative.

There was a lot of data on the drive, and I didn’t notice the track until it appeared in a backup after I’d transferred the entire usable content of the drive to another drive.

I played it and realised why it had been abandoned; but it was just a case of bad audio mixing and synchronisation of the vocal track. The vocal track itself, as a separate entity, needed remaking. – But the musical score, again composed and recorded in 2013, was to a large extent very much the type of thing that I am using for the album * Cosmic Q * – So I’ve decided to include it with a re-engineered and remixed vocal track, dubbed again but correctly onto the musical instrumental score. ( You see although I  claiming that my style is changing; it’s something that I’ve toyed with for quite a while. – PS.: I’ve done a neat trick with the synchro.)

Illustration Courtesy of Facebook < Do excuse me for borrowing illustrations from Facebook: I’m always a little uneasy with exactly which illustrations I should use. – This will have to do for now. Don’t worry Facebook; I haven’t broken the copyright. I changed the image slightly and unnoticeably in minute detail. – Anyway, back to the script: –

Back then, in late June 2017, I hadn’t drawn up and modelled a first draft of the album yet; but I was originally intending to have 10 tracks on it. If I include this it’ll make 11 tracks in total. – But having odd numbers of tracks on an album just doesn’t seem right to me.

– Now one of the intended tracks that I already had lined up; specifically one of the title tracks, has like an A and a B attribute about it: That’s like the old single you used to get on 7 inch vinyl back in the 20th Century; with an A side and a B side. – The B side being complimentary to the A side. Even a double-A-side might be appropriate here… Are you still with me?

Well this track in question – * Q * – is like that; in other words it’s 1 track that is actually 2 tracks. – or 2 versions of 1 track if you like. – So it can be included as 2 tracks – making a grand total of 12 tracks.- And that to me, sounds a nice number.

I would describe the music on my forthcoming album as “technotronic”: As always with my albums there are a couple or more instrumental tracks… In fact there is one HUGE instrumental scheduled as one of the instrumental tracks:-

On my 2015 EP * Afterglare * – A derivation of a track title used by my fav artist Becky Hill in cahoots with Dutch DJ Oliver Heldens in Summer 2014 – The 4th track is Movement 3 of * Karibean Coffee Carumba *.

In the EP’s notes I promised to release all of the three movements of KCC in due course… Well on this album I intend to do just that, and include the full 27 minutes and 26 seconds of the entire work.

So plenty to look forward to on this forthcoming album, and it wasn’t until; late June 2017 that I decided that I think I’ll title as * Cosmic Q * – Because I like the sound of it. 12 tracks of high-quality technotronica; with and without lyrics.

But first my 6-track EP * Cosmic * which presents the album’s other title track; namely * Cosmic *, is scheduled for release on Friday 28th July 2017. – And I’m expecting to release my album * Cosmic Q * in August 2017.


The festivals may be dying off by then; but you’ll still have something new to listen to. 🙂


Yes having droned on about the album I’m saying never mind the album for now: There’s my multi-track (6 if I remember rightly.) EP coming out at the end of July… And that will preview one of the title tracks of the album; as well as give you some other great tracks to listen to…

…But let’s do this properly: –

More officially then; I’m excited to announce the almost definite impending release of my EP * Cosmic * on Friday July 28th. – And at some time following that; most likely in August, I hope to release my third album – entitled * Cosmic Q *.

It’s happening. 🙂


* Added 1st September 2017: I cancelled the release of my * Cosmic Q * album in August: I want to produce something with more of a storyline if I am to produce an album. – In fact I’m re-thinking my entire strategy. – I came in to this business without much of a clue initially. I listened to the so-called “experts” and realised that they either didn’t have a clue, were copying internet marketers; many of whom are themselves clueless, or that they wanted to get all aspiring artists to meld into the sea of camouflaged talent and vanish.
I’m not listening to those assholes any longer, not even the ones who claim to help out major recording labels, despite having no major achievements themselves, no major fame, and no celebrities having ever heard of them… I’m striking out for myself without the “help” of fakes and losers. Get ready; I’ve a strategy to plan…


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