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This Illuminati EP single,
[I call it an EP single as it
is basically only 1 song.]
is another forerunner to my
album *I’m a Person; Not a Genre*: It presents one of the tracks in many forms.

Why do this? – Because I can. – My mission, besides encouraging personal responsibility in all things, and uniting humanity with words and music, is to help to entertain you… Well that stands to reason doesn’t it? – I’m an entertainer. If you hear 1 version of 1 single over and over again you eventually get bored with it yes? In theory; having all these different mixes makes it last longer – in terms of playing time and/or entertainment value, before the “I’m bored with this” factor sets in, as it inevitably does in all cases.

Illuminarty…So what’s with the Illuminati thing? Katy Perry was promoting her Prismatic World Tour on Facebook while I was composing tracks for my album. Looking at the comments section it divides into 3 groups: Fan replies, spammers, and anti-Illuminati – in equal measure.

[ Tin-foil-hats on please people: Let’s do this: – ]

The fans are doing their idol-worship (It’s great having a stage-name like Idol; no matter which star they adore, all the worship go-eth unto me. 😀 ) as expected.

Weird & wonderful.

The anti-Illuminati posse which is generally made up of American redneck Bible-Belt Christians, is still claiming that the Illuminati is a representation of their mythical Satan, on Earth, and that it operates mainly through the music industry.

This is not an evidence-or-fact-based-matter: Rather – just like their Christian faith – it is mythical and something that they choose to believe because it tickles their fancy.

The Anti-Illuminati lot are all rattling on about how their mythical Jesus (single-handedly and post-mortem) is going to sort out the Illuminati, amidst insults, abuse, hatred, and language and terminologies unheard at even most of the Satanist groups, who are also evidently counted as their “enemies” and “evil people” by these “I’m holier than thou and going to heaven – Shoot the f–king unbelievers down!” types.

It really is sad that a false, man-made control-doctrine such as religion, has taken over their very being and driven them to acts of bigotry and hatred. – But they allowed it to happen and only have themselves to blame.


immense publicity

-So what’s missing? Well although Katy Perry has never said she’s Illuminati, nor has Jay Z, or anyone else, the Mark Dice brigade have decided that they are – and it’s bringing these big names immense publicity as a result – although in many cases negative publicity.

Either people don’t believe in or give a shit about the Illuminati, or they absolutely hate the Illuminati. No-one actually LOVES the Illuminati or paints a positive image of them. – Until now: Ladies and gentlemen I bring you the New World Order. (No I’m not trying to be Jesus or Hitler or anyone similar.) I bring to you cooperation and peace by means of YOU exercising personal responsibility for your every word, thought, and deed.

Forget the bullcrap taught to you by the media, the religious institutions, the power-hungry governments, and all other corrupt Humans (and aliens too if you know any). The ONLY way that we as a Human species are going to survive is by each and every one of us being personally responsible for everything we do and say. – The New World Order of personal responsibility.


We NEED a New World Order

We NEED a New World Order; the old existing world order is riddled with corruption and violence, disease, poverty, and suffering. If you’d rather stay with that then there is something wrong with you as a person. If the Illuminati are going to bring in a New World Order then I say “Bring it on!”… But hang on; who, exactly, are the Illuminati?

The term “Illuminati” was coigned in the latter part of the 20th Century by David Icke, a one time BBC Sport presenter from the UK. Icke had a sudden enlightenment that a race of reptillian aliens known as the Anunaki were trying to corrupt human society in a bid to take over this planet. Later the redneck Right-Wing Christians caught on to this and tried to make it their own by replacing the Anunaki with fallen angels [from their fictional beliefs].




Surely This Is All Bullshit?


The reality, in short, is that the Anunaki are [possibly] real, [Although I have no concrete evidence that this is the case. The following account is made up from pieces that may be subject to wild supposition and speculation, with drizzlings of imagination. – But then again it’s not impossible.] and are an extremely old and technologically advanced species. They’ve had colonies on Earth for as long as Humans as we know them today have been around, if not longer. If they meant us harm they have wiped us out long ago. They are just watching us develop and sharing this planet but not revealing themselves much. There are other alien species besides the Anunaki. All that have visited Earth are, unsurprisingly, more advanced than we are. Most of these species are either harmless or friendly towards Humans, although a few are harmful and/or hostile to Humans.

Fortunately more alien species like us than not, and those that do are more powerful than those that don’t. (Two of our major allies are the ‘Greys’ (Not the “TALL Greys”) and the ‘Pliaedians’. (I’m not sure I spelled that right.)) The Anunaki are [just observers and] not a threat.

The Maitre and a few of their allies are [a serious threat]; but the other races allied to us have the situation in hand.)

That’s all very well if it’s true; which I believe it [could well] be, as it’s based on documented evidence; but who are the Illuminati? In my opinion they are mostly-humanised descendants of an alien/human hybrid species created by the alien race who visited Earth thousands of years ago and founded ancient pre-dynastic Egypt, + Mesopotamia & Sumeria too.

You want me to name names? I can’t. Am I Illuminati?
I could tell you; but I’d have to kill you afterwards. Winking smile

If you ever come face to face with an alien the best thing to do is leave; particularly if they are under 3 feet tall and possibly look like elves, or are the same size/bigger than you and have thin necks and possibly blue/turquoise patches on their skin (Maitre). Don’t assume that they’re hostile just because they look ugly, weird, or dangerous, (One of the fiercest-looking and most threatening-looking races is actually totally harmless and friendly; though possibly quite shy.) and don’t assume that they are nice because they look nice either (The ‘Elves’ look nice and cool and sweet, but they’ll capture you and enslave you.). If you’ve seen similar creatures to the ones you witness portrayed as hostile in blockbuster films, don’t treat them with hostility. Just greet them calmly and verbally, and leave. If they want to have contact with you they’ll let you know. – Otherwise leave them alone.

You came here looking for music; not to hear [weird] alien theories.

‘Sorry. – Ladies and gentlemen.

I give you 6 tracks of “Illuminati”: One main track but 6 different mixes. –> No negative publicity, but love for the Illuminati. A desire for a New World Order; not of greed and poverty but of sharing and plenty as we individually exercise our personal responsibilities for ourselves and for our fellow Humans. (And maybe for our allies from other extra-terrestrial species too.) Not a New World Order brought in by death and destruction, but one brought on by responsible birth-control, by healthy fair competition, and by responsible and ethical leadership.

Love, Peace, & Flowers

We need love and peace; not hate and violence – and if the ‘Illuminati’ [whoever or whatever that means] can help us achieve that as a species then so much the better. This EP is all about unity, about ending hostilities towards everything that we don’t understand just because we’re fearful through our own ignorance, or because some idiot Human is stirring up a cauldron of hate and making money from doing so.

Here’s to a New World Order; because it can’t be much worse than the old one!

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The Lyrics are fairly simple: –

Illuminati Chorus. – Lyrics by Sharron-Idol March 2014.
I wanna be – Ill-u-min-a-ti. I wanna be – one of the cho-sen ones.
I wanna be – Illuminati. I wanna be in when the New World Order comes.
I wanna be – Ill-u-min-a-ti. I wanna be – one of the cho-sen ones.
I wanna be – Illuminati. I wanna be there when the New World Order comes.

Count Me in; I’ll join the party: ‘Be there with Illuminati.
‘Save the planet, save the day: ‘New World Order; ‘only way.
No more warfare, no religion: No more hatred, no derision.
People living happy, free, in a new so-ci-e-ty.

One gi-gan-tic Human nation; u-ni-versal in-te-gra-tion.
No more sha-dy pol-i-tics. Alien spe-cies in the mix.
Peace will join pro-sper-ity. – Wealth for all hu-man-ity.
No more hunger, po-vert-ty: Ev’ry-one is happy, free.

Is David Icke right?..
– That’s a good question.

IF the Bush’s, Obama, and the British Monarchy… Even Donald Trump – are lizards (Anunaki), + IF there is a god, + IF David Icke is that god’s representative as he claims; then he possibly might be on to something…

In short, then; The answer is NO.

Are there really aliens visiting Earth from other planets? Probably yes; although there is, as yet, no solid concrete evidence of this being the case.

“Download or stream Sharron-Idol’s EP * Illuminati * – on * Ice Recordings * label – from Apple iTunes.”
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