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The  EP * C’est La Vin, C’est La Vie * was created for the purpose of generating funds for the BBCs’ Children in Need campaign 2013. Every time someone makes a purchase all of the proceeds are donated to BBC Children in Need. – That happens all year round as an ongoing process.  –  It’s evergreen. So whatever time of year, or indeed whichever year, you purchase this EP, you can rest assured that you’re donating to BBC Children in Need by doing so.



My question is; who actually donates to BBC Children in Need? – Because I’ve asked everyone I know, and none of them do. I’ve launched this campaign too, in support of BBC Children in Need; to which I’ve had very little response, even less in the way of donations, and an accusation of playing a con to pay my gas bill… If somebody would like to pay to have me connected to the gas supply then I would have a gas bill to pay. – The last thing I need is yet another bill; so I’ll stay all electric.

* C’est La Vin, C’est La Vie *, is translated from French as “It Is The Wine That’s Life” or “This Is The Wine It’s life”, depending upon how one wishes to translate it. This track sets pulses racing and brings on the party mood with its upbeat tempo setting the scene for a small dose of rap with a few strands of remix popping up occasionally.

The lyrics are sung in a concoction of French mixed with English to seemingly give it a partially continental flavour; in tune with chateaus and vineyards producing the grapes for a good vintage of, for example, a fine red such as Beaujolais Villages with its distinct bouquet. The fast rhythm speeds ever onwards as a representation of the rhythm of life as the wine trickles and flows with the synthesized harmonics.

Once that number’s set the mood, we try a little more, a second aperitif; seasoned with Track 2.)  *Lemon Juice*.

This first and original version of a track on my album I’m a Person, Not a Genre’ , with its fast and sharp track keeps the blood pumping with all its acidic hallmarks as a multi-layered-beat, with harmonies in places, and takes the listener beyond the tang of beat-banging-paradise. Again its speedy beat continues the rhythm of life theme and the sour-notes burst forth as the strong citrus-flavour bites back with tuneful vengeance.

If you weren’t really paced-out by the proceedings so far; then Track 3.) * Post-Haste * will make you get a shift on: Again it’s fast, again it’s melodious, but this time along with its fast-paced rhythm it features countdowns, sirens, and syncopated synthesized harmonies: Prepare to be rushed off your musical feet by this number; because, even though you may be slicker each time, the Law always surround you and catch you at the end!

After all that wacko-motion and high-paced, fast-tempo motivation; you’ll be glad to relax the beat just that fraction and chill-back to a less-tempestuous, but nevertheless fast-flowing, rhythm – that just gives you the chance to kick back and slow the pace a little: Chillax to Track 4.) * Relax [Show Me Some Love] *. – Which, in a way, is a summary of the entire message and purpose  of this Extended Play release.

This EP is available for download and streaming from a number of sources, and is priced at only $2 Dollars US on CD Baby. Approximately $1.80 of that goes to BBC Children in Need. Other online retailers will have their own pricing structure, and any proceeds from such sources may vary, even on a case-by-case basis. All profits, even a fraction of a cent from a single stream, will be donated however.

You can purchase your copy of this release
from CD Baby
& from iTunes,
among others.

“Download / stream Sharron-Idol’s 2013 single for BBC Children in Need: * #charity C’est La Vin, C’est La Vie *.”
Tweet: Download / stream Sharron-Idol's 2013 EP for BBC Children in Need: #charity * C'est La Vin, C'est La Vie *

Show the UKs’ underprivileged children some love, by shelling out at least a couple dollars more. 🙂

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