Idol’s Backup PC – Another Necessary Computer – Part #1( 'Takes about 4 minutes to read. )

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I’m still fully intending to build the Idol Tower personal computer, as previously set out both on Facebook,

and also on my website.  – – –  Also see this link.

The thing is that I need a computer to perform a small operation or set of operations constantly

That’s like 24-7, 365 days a year. That job is administrating and handling my backups.

AvP Raptor Case   PSUThe job is fully automatic: Very little if any Human interaction is required, but a computer is required to be running at all times.

Why do I need a computer to handle my backups?

Well my entire network backs up to a single partition of my backup drive. That backup includes system images etc. Also my website backs up to Dropbox ( + I store other files on Dropbox too. ) When a new website backup is automatically added to Dropbox it uploads to another dedicated partition of my backup drive. The third partition of my backup drive is used for on-site storage of other files.

All of the contents of my backup drive are then uploaded to an online backup.

All this requires a single small computer to power the operations.

I’m currently using an old laptop for this purpose – which has the benefit of a battery acting as a UPS – but otherwise is really unsuitable for the purpose.

(It gets rather warm at times and has to be lifted above desk level by blocks in order to maximise airflow and assist proper cooling.)

Ideally I need a proper dedicated PC, not a laptop, for this purpose… And I’m going to build one – very cheaply.

I’ll be using a motherboard with a processor already fitted. (Factory-fitted.)

Gigabyte GA-E3800N

– An SoC. (System on a Chip.) – But this board is important, and it has to run at all times, so I want quality – and what better quality than Gigabyte Technologies?

Gigabyte make such a motherboard, as described above, with a quad-core fitted AMD processor. – I’m going to use that.

Ideally I want to keep costs to a minimum. While I don’t want this unit to malfunction for a long time, I’m not building a showpiece: This unit will sit somewhere unobtrusively and just work without being noticed.

Yes it will have a screen: I’ll use an old Dell square monitor. I also have some cheap disposable USB wired mice. I’ll use one of those, and somewhere I must have an old spare keyboard lying around.

So I’m using a dirt cheap case + PSU bundle: It’s probably one of those cases where the sides are paper-thin, and the fitted 500 Watt PSU is overkill… But I can always change that in the future if need be. I don’t want it to use much electricity; the price of UK electricity being as astronomical as it is (because British people face being conned by greedy companies with a stiff upper lip… I know: Twats.)

TP-Link TL-WN851ND Wireless-N300 PCI Network Adapter

I only have a single expansion slot on that motherboard,

and it’s a PCI slot. Why no PCIe slot? Because this is a dirt-cheap board, despite the fact that it’s made by Gigabyte, and the low retail price leaves no room to budget for a PCIe controller chip. That’s OK because I don’t need a graphics card, I don’t need a sound card, and there are enough USB 2 and 3 ports on the motherboard’s I/O and on the case to provide all the USB connections I’ll ever need. All I need is wireless; and a PCI wireless card ( As opposed to a PCIe wireless card. ) is included in the parts list.

The motherboard uses laptop memory. I was going to see if I can find any DDR3 1600MHz memory in an old laptop that I no longer use. That idea failed, as the laptop memory in an old Acer Aspire is 1033 MHz DDR3. – So I’ll have to order 8 gigs of Crucial DDR3L 1600 as pictured.

Patriot BURST 240GB SSDI’m going to use a 240GB SSD for the C: drive.

I can easily fit an operating system plus programs etc on that size of drive. I’m fed up with slow drives. I want things to respond before the next day.

Crucial 4GB DDR3 1.35v 1600MHz Laptop

Now you may be saying

“Sharron-Idol must have quite a bit of money to be planning all this – TWO new computers etc…”

What if I told you that – even when I’ve bought the 8GB (4 + 4 GB) of new RAM, I can still get a hold of all the parts for under £200UKP?

Yes it means a little extra financial juggling; but no biggie.

I’ve included the parts-listing in this article. –

‘Basically 5 components as supplied by the manufacturers This listing is probably what I’m going to go with when I order. I’m intending to order parts in the next week following publication; and I’ll build shortly afterwards. It won’t be a huge job by any means.

Like I say; this computer may seem really inconsequential, but it’s really also pretty much a necessity for me. I might also use it as a workstation – You never know?


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