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Hi. – I’m singer/songwriter and producer Sharron-Idol.

Have I lost the plot? I have an issue with my work to date strangely enough: Until now I’ve been expressing my personality in my music; but there’s not been a real journey or story as such in it, even in the albums. Maybe I’ve lost the plot?

Yes the first album * On With the Show – The Album * was a representation of my joy from at last being able to musically express myself as had been my lifelong longing, and the second album * I’m A Person, Not A Genre * expressed my displeasure at being told by music marketing “gurus” that I had to pigeonhole myself and stick robustly to a certain single genre of music in order to gain any type of recognition.

My coming EP entitled * Something New * (<–The link is live AFTER the EPs release.); which will be released in just a week from today, on Thursday 12th May 2016, is at least in part skirting around echoes, memories, from the past, my past – also maybe what I should have done/wish I had done. Perhaps I didn’t put enough into it, and that subject is an album’s worth…

sound-engineerThat’s such a huge thing – because if I’d pursued mainly music and the arts, rather than mainly technology way back in the 1980s, I’d be a totally different person. I may well have had fame in the UK charts during the 20th Century, but I possibly wouldn’t be a tech geek. Would it have been worth the sacrifice? Maybe. Maybe not? I love tech and I love music. Would I have changed the main thrust of my career from a celebrity/musician to a tech geek, rather than from a tech geek to a musician, in 2012? Would I now be catching up on digital electronics, revising Boolean logic, Nyquist diagrams..? Would I regret it if things had happened that way round? If I had the chance to go back and change it all; would I? Should I?

Something New AdThe soon-to-be released EP is, again, me trying to be modern, to be 21st Century; like some fossilised prehistoric sea-creature trying to blend in with the shoals of new and young marine life in a 21st Century ocean… But I’m not creating a false image as such; I’m being who I was, and in a way I still am. – The fun-loving in-it-for-a-laugh, let’s-make-the-best-out-of-it-and-party-hard-type that I used to be back in the day. I’m older now; I’ve settled down a bit. I suppose you might say that I’m more staid and reserved in a way. That must sound really awful to many younger people; but we all grow up eventually. – But I still want to make you get up and dance. I still believe in doing things to excess once in a while, I want to be there to at least assist you to party-hard all night until the morning-light. I also want to try to make music with you. – If you love music I really don’t mind if I end up as the sound-engineer at the end of the day, if we just don’t make a good musical act together. – If you can put up with me being old, and disabled, and somewhat obstreperous, cantankerous, stubborn too – but great entertainment at times just by being who I am.

Maybe I’m too esoteric in my music, and what I’m expressing doesn’t, up to now,  come across as clearly as I’d like it to?

Maybe I’m too esoteric in my music, and what I’m expressing doesn’t, up to now,  come across as clearly as I’d like it to? Maybe I should pull on heartstrings? – I’m so not a heartstrings-type-person these days. I used to be quite romantic; but life killed that off in me. Maybe I just need a better plot? Maybe I’ve totally lost the plot? You might find it a good idea to stream or purchase the tracks from my new EP when it’s released in a week from date of publication: 12th May 2016 – even if it’s only to help confirm your suspicion that I have indeed totally lost the plot. Or maybe that I just need a better plot? Who knows; you may even like it so much that it gets so many sales that it ends up in the UK charts even. – That would be nice, and I won’t be complaining if it doesn’t go straight to No 1. Smile – but then again I wouldn’t complain if it did either.

Yes I do live in the real world; but we’re all entitled to our dreams: Sometimes dreams become reality.

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