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…But that seemed to do the trick.

Idol FTW.

Today – well, yesterday by the time I actually get round to it. It might even be the day before by the time this gets published. – On Monday I won something, and I thought that I’d better post about it; because the blog section of this site is currently rather small compared to the number of pages. Idol FTW.

First I need to get things in perspective:

I’m using Windows Live Writer 2012, because I prefer it to the WordPress editor. I like to keep the WordPress editor set to HTML only, but when I’m writing, compiling, designing, and formatting posts; I like to be able to see what I’m doing and to get some idea how it’ll look when it’s published.

So because of the awesome theme I use; originally made awesome by the WordPress Team, and then customised and given added awesomeness by my good self, is so incredibly awesome and fairly modern; the 5-year-old Windows Live Writer takes a look at it, decides that it cant handle the theme’s PHP structure, is unable to recognise HTML5, and gives me what amounts to a blank unformatted page, as if to say “ You fucking sort it out, smartass!”

I thought it a good idea, nevertheless, as a content filler if nothing else, to share with you how I get around this. You see; what WLW2012 gives me is a full-page-spread to work with. – It looks like my old website, and I have a brand new custom-mobile-responsive-theme on this site; rather than a prehistoric theme that’s brought something like up to date by a plugin as on my old site.

I have a way of manually altering the above when I create posts and pages with WLW; and here’s how I do it: –

image of WLW's crappy pageWLW gives me this. If I were to design my page on that template that’s not even a template it would look nothing like I’d intended it to when I upload it to my website which has a writable area of 493 px wide on a desktop display; which I use as a benchmark.

So the first thing that I need is to get everything wrapped in a window that’s 493 pixels wide. To do that I use a table with a width of 493 px. I create a table of that width by flipping the WLW display over to HTML, generating the table on the very first lines of the article – even if there isn’t an article to wrap at this point,

table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" width="493" border="0"
td valign="top" width="493"

then cutting off the closing statements such as </table> and placing them at the end of the article.

/td /tr /tbody /table

I think I’m making sense. – I’m making sense to me; I hope I’m making sense to you too.

I now have a working framework to write within;

but the table is left-aligned, and there are no aesthetics as yet. To counter this I add the following lines at the very top, above the table, and at the very bottom, below the table’s close: –

div align="center" class="white"


I’ve pre-set a CSS class called “white” to set anything within it on a white background surrounded with a yellow border; but that’ll only work on the site – not on WLW as WLW only reads HTML and can’t understand my theme so it can’t create a template.

WLW image2So now I’ve written in this HTML; WLW will render anything that I write within the table in a center-aligned strip which is 493 px wide.

There is something that I have to remember, and I must confess that I often forget; at least at first: When the page as I design it displays on the website; the display width changes for different devices. – However the table that I’ve created sets the width at 493 pixels, and unless I change that; my theme is unable to vary the width and displays at 493 px on all devices.

To overcome this I go into the WordPress HTML editor, after I’ve transmitted the page to the website via XMLRPC, and change




so that it can vary with the display’s output, but always remains at maximum width and covers all available space.

Now where was I? ‘Sorry to blow your mind with geekery; I just thought I’d let you know. I was going to tell you about a win I had wasn’t I?

Okay it’s at this point where I realise that I’m going to need a video. – It just makes the article better. I’ve already made the video; but now I’m going to have to upload it to You Tube as I don’t want to store too much on my web space, and since I have a You Tube account where I can store it for free and stream it here in a player it’s pretty much ideal. – So I’ll do that.

I’m just going to upload it to You Tube after I’ve made myself a coffee. It’s 01:40 AM – I’m a night-owl, but I do need to get on with this; so I’ll be back in a tick.

There’s the player, ^ , 491 pixels wide so that it fits within the framework. The table will cause it to shrink and grow with the size of the end device’s display.

Now I’ve made that into a video-jingle; but as you may guess, I’ve won a prize draw.

Idol FTW… And SEO too lol.

Salisbury PC Doctor

I’ve written before about a local device repair service called SalisburyPCdoctor , run by Luke Wilkinson. I even take my PC or laptop there when it would be too time consuming to do it myself. I also sometimes buy devices from Luke too. I’m in the process of buying one such device currently – so it was a bonus when I discovered that I’d won the latest promotional competition.

Luke has a rather awesome method of promotion to tell the truth. He promotes mainly on Facebook, although he has a company website as well. What he does is publishes adverts for himself on his page and in his stream. He them posts to his existing customer base and tells them that every ad of his that they share gives them entry to his latest promotional competition. The prizes in such competitions are usually between £30 and £50 GBP. All the entries go into a pot at the end of the competition, and a winning name is drawn.

I usually enter by sharing a few of his ads; but don’t consider that I have a chance of winning. He has thousands of existing customers, many of whom make multiple entries.

I think I shared 3 of his ads over a 1 week period – so I had 3 entries – and from the size of the pot it appears that not as many people as usual entered this particular draw… Anyway by sheer luck and coincidence it appears that my name was drawn and I won £30 GBP – which will be applied as discount on my device purchase by my request. Idol FTW.

Yeah it’s no biggie by any means; but believe me, when you’re on the ultra-tight budget I’m on for the first half of this year at least; even a bonus of £30 GBP is most helpful.


This section is, in a way, a continuation of the last one – but it has nothing to do with Salisbury PC Doctor: Just so-called fans who are hovering around in the hope of being thrown a freebie.

It would be nice if the people who say “Sharron’s music is awesome; but it’s not free, so I don’t own any of it.” – You know who you are. – were to splash a few cents or pence of the cash – which you don’t mind spending on getting drunk and buying drugs – on buying my releases. It’s no big ask, and I don’t see why you’d rather pay money to rich pub landlords, and to criminals, in order to obliterate your own reality and shorten your life by means of substance abuse because you’re unable to handle that life, than pay me anything at all to hear great music which you even say you like and which would in at least some way enhance your life. In short: Fuck you too.

But it’s not your fault: Maybe I need better fans, and maybe I need more fans? I know that if I were backed by a label you’d buy me. I know that if I ever charted you’d buy me. – And then I’d be able to have a bigger budget to work with.

Honestly there is so much money moving about these days, and it’s actually rather hurtful to know that some people who say that they’re fans would rather burn their money and piss it away, than give anything to me for my music that they like listening to but “cant afford”. – BULLSHIT! You can plead poverty as much as you want for as long as you want; but I’m still never going to give you my tracks free – which is your objective. – Remember I’m too old and too wise for your silly games. – Idol FTW.


I’m doing rather well so far aren’t I? I’ve geeked out, I’ve used a story to promote a local business – That’ll be another £10 discount please Luke. Winking smile – And I’ve got a gripe off my chest that’s been festering for a long time. What else can I do?

Well at gone 3AM I think I’ll turn in. Maybe I’ll crash out on the studio sofa? It’s a handy solution for when I get over-tired.

Do splash out a few cents or a few pence on some of my music why not? – You might even like it yourself.

Until next time.

Peace. X.

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