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On this page, Sharron-Idol answers 14 of the main [invited] criticisms of the initial design of her new website at .

Comments & criticisms’ sources are left anonymous; because I do not have permission to reveal them.



1. “A mess”.

–  Oh you mean not laid out with perfect symmetry and military precision? – That is so not Sharron-Idol.

This site is all Sharron-Idol: It’s a representation of Sharron-Idol.

‘Not exactly to your taste? OK fair enough; you’re not Sharron-Idol.





a. “Loud”

b. “Wishy-washy graphics”

c. “Fuzzy-images”

– Have you ever heard of art? – I guess not.




3. It kind of looks like it was built in the 90’s or something. Especially animated gifs. I have not seen any animated gifs in so long and I have been around since the 90’s so it really is reminiscent to me.

Yes I use a couple of animated .gifs. – Debauchery! – I’m obviously a throwback to the 1990s:
Believe it or not a number of professional web-designers still use animated .gifs in 2015.
– It adds something called movement to the design, thereby providing another aspect of the artwork.




4. “Why the dancer though?”

– Why the Hell not?




5. “I quote from some text I saw:”You are looking at blah-blahblah. This site is designed with intention to be html5 compliant.”
I mean, who cares? If you are trying to promote your music I don’t give a flying crap about html five: Most people do not even know what it means. This is the kind of stuff that -when you are a geek and you are living inside your own head – you say these things because you think they are cool.“

Actually I displayed that text in the initial pre-opening of the website.
Remember that this site isn’t actually officially live until January 1st 2016:
It’s still officially in the construction-phase, in geek-speak; a beta, until that date.




6. “Sharron has an interesting mix; in the fact that she is doing this music – but at the same time, she is really geeky! She loves talking about tech stuff.“

Yes it’s a part of what differentiates me from other artists.
It makes me unique as an individual in a profession where there are millions of ‘clones’ in the industry, all striving for recognition.
It’s true that is doing a very similar thing; but he’s a different race, and male.



7. “Does your target audience give a crap about dynamic or condenser microphone?”

Should You Use a Dynamic or a Condenser Microphone?” was the title of one of the first posts on the blog.
Do my target audience give a crap?
I hope so; otherwise when they come to create a professional recording, should they do so, they’ll have some serious issues!




8. “Unless this is the blog that is specifically catering to really geeky lovers of your music who are just as geeky as you are, this [other] stuff does not matter. And that… Hell, that could be. I do not know who Sharron’s audience is.”

An argument from ignorance – ?




9. “This background is really loud.”

‘Sorry to wake you up.




10. “Another thing you might want to do if you want to sell some of these [tracks] is allow [the prospective customers] to listen to these tunes on the site.”

– Hence the reason that there are links to samples under each “download now” banner on the Home (Welcome) page.
+ There are a number of videos available on the site featuring some of my tracks in total.
+ There is a Lyrics section where you can actually read many of Sharron-Idol’s lyric sheets…




11. “Yeah, it is a lot of stuff on here like, we come down to the footer… “Join Sharon Idol’s email list, blah-blah-blah”… “copyright”… nobody cares what it is powered with; nobody needs to see their IP address, they don’t need to see your address, they don’t need to know who made it; they don’t care about CopyScape…”

And yet if I didn’t ask people to join my list then very few would ask me to allow them onto it.
Probably nobody does actually care what it is powered with; but it’s a footer, so I’m just giving due credit.
Nobody needs to see their IP address; but some people need to be reminded that they’re not quite as anonymous as they think.
Many people complain when they don’t see a physical address for me, and seeing such an address gives them more confidence in my products.
Nobody needs to see who made it; but it’s a footer, so I’m just giving due credit.
They don’t care about CopyScape – unless they’re plagiarists.




12. “It looks like this site was designed primarily from inside Sharron’s head, not necessarily with the perspective of the target marketing in getting [customers] to what they want.”

In fact it is deliberately designed to get customers to what they want: –
People come here looking for entertainment and new music. – That’s exactly what they get.




13. “You tend to take a theme and you like really make it weird.”

Aren’t I clever? Smile




14. “I’m told that buggerallon tv equals ‘there is nothing at all on TV’. Maybe it is a British slang, I am not familiar with it.”

I apologise to non-Brits: –

I see millions of Americanisms all over the internet; and I’m expected to understand every one of them instantly. – I am familiar with many now, to a large extent. – Yet when I use an equivalent British expression, many non-Brits just say:

“Hey buddy I have no idea what in tarnation that there ‘buggerallon’ means. – So I ain’t gonna bother to find out, nor to visit.”

– That’s close to racial favouritism and discrimination if you ask me.-




– So do keep on dropping by this site to get a glimpse of how things are coming on.

As I say; this site is in beta until 2016; so it’s by no means the finished article yet.

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