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Ice Recordings
(Not to be confused with Black Ice Recordings or Ice Records; neither of which have any association or affiliation with Ice Recordings.)
is the record label of singer and entertainments personality Sharron-Idol
(Real name: Sharron Field.).
It is one of a number of departments of her company Sharron-Idol, set up under her Ice Showbiz umbrella.

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In its early days, Ice Recordings (IR) was responsible for the limited release – on Sharron-Idol’s old website only – of tracks of cover-songs from Sharron-Idol, as well as a limited release of tracks sung by, and at times composed by, then-upcoming artist Becky Hill. These included Sharron’s remix, under her DJ name of DJ Shazzalive, of Becky’s cover of Paulo Nutini’s *Too Close*, as well as Becky’s original song *Pictures*. As the production techniques and resultant sound-quality improved with practice and the acquisition of further knowledge; IR began to distribute Sharron-Idol’s tracks to professional online-retailers including CD Baby and iTunes.

Ice Recordings remains the personal recording label of Sharron-Idol, mainly in relation to her own original releases as well as maybe a few covers, and the occasional remix, such as Idol’s remix of Aria Taylor’s song * The Winning Hand *, which was published on IR under the title of * The Winning Hand  (Sharron-Idol Extended Extacy Remixx) *.

Ice Recordings released of a number of Sharron-Idols tracks to online-retailers. These include: –

On With The Show – The Single

Deejay (Remix) 

{On With the Show: The Album; featuring tracks such as: – Daybreak [Golden Sunrise Album Trance Mix Instrumental], On With The Show [Celeb Version], At The Fair [Blue Waltzer Reprise],On Location,Rain Spell,Encore’… and others.}

Tributes mini-album

Light Up A Candle For Christmas 

Idol Instrumental mini-instrumental-album


Ice Recordings is a UK-based brand, and the laws of England and the jurisdiction of the UK courts and parliamentary-system are applicable in regard to any Legal issues relating to Ice Recordings. The laws of the relevant country or state are applicable, however, to those listening to the products of Ice Recordings in a country other than the United Kingdom.

Rev 06.05.16.


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